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  1. thanks anatoli, that is very good to know. do you think you could give me some sample javascript to do this? i've tried and i'm having the same problems: works when not in frames, doesn't work when in frames. here's my code: <script> var expdate = new Date((new Date()).getTime()+1000*60*10); document.cookie="Searcher=hi; expires=" + expdate.toGMTString(); </script>
  2. Hey all, I'm trying to have Filemaker read/write to a cookie. However, the format files that do this are contained within a frameset, and the cookies aren't being created or read. When I access these files without frames, it works. In frames, nothing happens. Can anyone give me some advice about this? Tim.
  3. i think this may be a limitation of my understanding of SQL queries. lets say i want to insert a file named "simple.jpg" into a field named "image" of type BLOB. what is the query to do this?
  4. the field type is currently "image" should it be something else?
  5. i am trying to move some information from a filemaker database to an SQL database. i am trying to accomplish this by using the ExecuteSQL script. It works fine for fields that are text or numbers, but i am having trouble making the move for container fields. specifically, i am trying to move an image from a field named "thumbnail" any suggestions? anybody done this?
  6. hello all. a while back i looked into using a scripting language such as PHP or ASP to connect to a filemaker database. however, at the time i was told by many people that filemaker wasn't "trully ODBC compliant" and that going ODBC was a mistake or a "waste of time." i am wondering if this has changed with Filemaker 6.0. also, with the new SQL features, is it possible to execute SQL statements on a filemaker database, or only the other way around? thanks for your help, tim.
  7. yup. i did. and as i said above, the calculation shows correctly on the database, but not through the web. i have since used a javascript solution to this problem, but it still seems worth looking into. i know that you've used this particular solution before, did you not have these problems with it?
  8. Sharky. It doesn't work for me. It works fine when I'm doing a find all, but when I search for anything, it seems that the Current Record Number doesn't get updated. I posted a question on this in this forum. Thanks for the help, Tim.
  9. unfortunately, numbering is not all i need to do. i left details out for simplicity sake. but here goes: i'm trying to get my results to wrap after each 3rd item. to do this i have a calculation field that generates one piece of html if the current record number is mod3 and a different piece if the current record number is not mod3. that is why i cannot use [FMP-CurrentRecordNumber] i'm reading on different ways to achieve this "wrapping" thing, but as i've already built it using this method and what i've done SHOULD work, i was hoping someone may have encountered this problem b
  10. i have a field in my database that is a calculation. it calculates the records number in the current found set by using the Status(CurrentRecordNumber) function. it is set to not store the result and calculate as needed. on a results page on my website this field is displayed along with other information. it works perfectly when i only have one search parameter. however, when i have more than one search parameter it appears to still number the results as if i was only searching by the first parameter. in other words, my results should also show 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc., but inste
  11. heh heh, how did i know everyone was gonna say "what limitations?!?" :-P there have been a few small problems that i've tried to work around but couldn't. one example is formatting search results. in one of my databases i have a thumbnail image with each record. i wanted the search results to tile from left to right and then when a row is filled, continue on the next row. seems simple enough, but its hard in CDML. i posted this question at: http://www.fmforums.com/threads/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Board=UBB22&Number=38987&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=0&vc=1
  12. hi, that is exactly what i needed. i hadn't thought of the Status(CurrentRecordNumber) thing. thanks a million, tim.
  13. well, i'm very interested to see how the filemaker gurus respond to this one! i have been coming to the same conclusion, however, as i am already very involved in filemaker, the switch to MySQL would be painful at best. is there anyone out there that has done the ASP-Filemaker combo or the PHP-Filemaker combo? Furthermore, is there anyone out there who has found it works well?
  14. i'm performing a find and want to return the results. each result must be in an html <table> or <div> tag. thats just how it has to be, trust me. the problem is, i want to tile the results across the screen, from left to right, and then top to bottom. i cant think of any way to do this with any of the CDML tags. any help?
  15. do to some of the limitations of CDML, i'm looking into using another scripting language to process a few of my pages. i've looked at that new Viking solution, trying to get it to work. anything anyone can tell me about ASP and Filemaker or PHP and Filemaker would be extremely helpful. any advice? tim.
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