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  1. This is probably very simple but I can not figure it our. I have a global field called temp, that I want to use to search the index field called company and I can't get it to work. My script is as follows show all records set field (Temp) enter find mode [] set field ["Company name"] Preform find [] go to layout ["Main"] Show all records all I cwant is someone to enter a company name into the global field temp and it take them to the correct record with the same comany name. Thanks in advance for any help
  2. hank you so much, I finnally realized I have to set field tehn also specify to get the "company","temp" criteria. Again thank you
  3. yes I have the problem is the movie isn't ready at the time of the database creation. The database file is made then a movie is encoded and put in a location on a web/ filemaker server. The movie takes about 30 min to encode and finish and we don't want the operator to have to wait around to add it to the record, can file maker look for a file on a share and then import the file?
  4. I am currenty using the open URL script to bring up a movie but of course it opens up internet explorer then either puts a plugin in windows or a seperate window on a mac. Is there a way to tell Filemaker to do an open URL in Quicktime Player. Of course Cross platform
  5. I have a script button that is used to open a url that is created from 2 fields in the database automatically. The script button doesn't work in webcompanion is there a way get it to work? ------------------ David Reaugh IT Manager WNCN NBC-17 http://www.videonet17.c om
  6. I have a scrit that collects certian data, I call them media_encode, media_title, media_URL etc. I have a database that coresponds with this data. what is the applescript phrase to create the record tell application "FileMaker Pro" open file "macintosh HD:StoryDatabase" create new record {cell1:"test"} end tell I can't get this to work thoughts?
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