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  1. Thanks for confirming my concern. I will just go to town and rob a bank. Chris
  2. Am I to understand that FP 7 will not install on my computers running NT 4? If so it must leave many thousands as irate as will be if I have to add costs to upgrading my small 10 man business. FileMaker Version: 5
  3. CaptKurt, Thanks for the reply. Here is the fuller story. We maintain specification data on several thousand models of construction machine (like Caterpillar). Our databases contain up to 100 pieces of data on each model. So we have someting like 500,000 pieces of data. We are investigating two methods of on-line delivery of data. In both cases the user would be able to select a product type then select 3 or 4 models to compare. Firstly is our own website based on Filemaker. The second has been instigated by a client who will run his own website based on SQL server. For their system
  4. Does anyone know of a way to pass data from a FilemakerPro v5 database to a web site using SQL without using Java applets. Thanks in advance Chris
  5. Do you mean are NOT case sensitive as in my version of FMP? Chris
  6. Vaughan I have found out a bit more to this. If I make the file single user, it will open with the shift key to allow me to use the master password? Chris
  7. Neither. Just finding the file icon in Explorer and double clicking it. Chris
  8. I have numerous filemaker files which are protected by default passwords. All files are hosted on one computer and accessed across a network. If I wish to get into a specific file from my computer, which inot the computer hosting the files, I use the shift key to bring up the password dialogue so that I can enter the developers password. Everthing works fine, except that one file will not give me the chance of opening it with the developers password, it always opens in the protected format. Now- if I go to the hjosting computer I can get the Shiftkey/ Open funtion to work correctly. Anyone
  9. Thanks for these two replies. I fully understand your comments about the potential disaster of changing the structure of a file while others are using it. Making the file single user for the duration of making the change would be the answer. The reason I asked in the first place, was that I have a colleague who runs a system of multiple (25) related files that are in constant use, so he can never get into them to make changes, which are frequently required. At present he has to work after hours when everyone has gone home!! Thanks for your help. Chris
  10. Can one make changes to, say, field definitions in a file that is being hosted on FM Server version while others are using the file?? Thanks in advance Regards, Chris
  11. Bob, Bob I've had a play with your suggestions and while they both work, you may see from the following why I dont think they are the real solution. Let me start st the begining: We have 7 different, but similar FmPro v5 databases, one for each of 7 different types of machine (products). Each database contains up to 60 individual fields of data (attributes) for up to 200 separate records (models). Client wants data from us in an Access database. He requires a table where each record is made up of a single field of data (attribute) plus 3 tags to identify the "Product" "Model" and "A
  12. These both look like nice simple solutions. I will have a play with them both tomorrow. Many thanks for the quick response. Chris
  13. In order to supply data to a client in his required format I need to take data from my master database and create a new file in which each piece of data is a separate record. So in the master database lets say there are 100 records each made up of field 1, field 2, field 3, field 4. In the separate file I need to create four new records for each field in each record in the master file, so I will end up with 400 records. I would appreciate help Regards, Chris
  14. I have two related files - File A contains layouts with related fields and scripts performed by buttons; File B contains the data; the relationship is based on record numbers which are in both files. On startup, File A also opens File B. The user then presses a "start" button that runs a scrip that finds all records and sorts them. With no passwords in effect everything works well. However, if I define a passwords in both files that limits the user to Browse, Print, Export and Edit then when File A opens and I press "Start", I get error message "your password does not permit you to use the
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