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  1. We are upgrading from FMS16 to FMS19. We let our license agreement lapse and now are having to buy new Filemaker 19 client licenses "for Teams" (with the server included). We previously had perpetual named-user licenses, but are now considering buying perpetual concurrent licenses (at about half the number of the named-user licenses). We use external authentication (active directory) for our named-user licenses. Please explain any differences, if any, between active directory authentication for named-user and concurrent licenses? How does it work for concurrent licenses? Is the FMS confi
  2. Thanks, Wim. Wasn't aware that FMS16 end of life was coming up so soon. Guess we need to upgrade. Thanks again ...
  3. I currently administer a Filemaker 16 Server and only use Oracle Java for the admin console (web publishing is turned off). We want to get rid of Java rather than start paying for it. Rather than upgrade to FMS18, is it possible to use OpenJDK instead of Java for the FMS16 admin console? If so, is there anyone that can provide some guidance on how to do that?
  4. The Filemaker folks tell me that error 959 is “custom web publishing technology disabled; XML is turned OFF”. After making some changes to the web publishing engine configuration (such as turning XML off, then later turning it back on), the Server Status Information page may list XML as "ON", but does not tell the whole story. You may still have to run the Deployment Assistant (the "Edit Server Deployement" link) to sync up with IIS.
  5. I am hosting a number of databases on FMSA 9. When performing the following query: https://myserver/fmi/xml/fmresultset.xml?-db=myDatabase&-lay=Data%20Entry&-find Firefox renders the following: Internet Explorer renders the following for the same query: The XML page cannot be displayed Cannot view XML input using style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later. The download of the specified resource has failed. Error processing resource 'https://myServer/fmi/xml/fmresultset.dtd'.
  6. Thanks to all who responded. Fitch, I think that will work for me. Thanks ...
  7. Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but here goes. I know how to make a record conditionally editable by using Custom Privileges in the Privilege Set dialog, but how can I make only one field conditionally editable? For example, I have a text field (Field A)and a numeric field (Field . I only want to allow editing of Field A when, say, Field B > 10. How can I do this? Thanks in advance ...
  8. Comment and SD: OK, I figured it out. Haven't worked alot with repeating fields until now. Comment, you were right about the 100 set field steps. I also had something broken in one of my relationships that I didn't see until I stepped through the script. Thanks for all of your help ...
  9. SD and Comment: Thanks for the quick replies. It needs to happen to on a single-record basis, but it will happen every time a new record is created. The DBCR Mod field will be editable by a privilege set that is not allowed to edit the DBCR Number data. The DBCR Number is sort of like an "as-designed". The DBCR Mod is like "as-built".
  10. Hello, all: I have a repeating field (DBCR Number) with 100 repetitions. In a second table, I have another repeating field (DBCR Mod), also with 100 repetitions. I want to write a script that copies the data from all of the repetitions in DBCR Number to the corresponding repetitions in DBCR Mod. I have tried using Set Field and specifying "100" for the repetitions of the target field DBCR Mod, but it only changes the value of the first rep. Can someone show me how to do this? Thanks in advance ...
  11. Can anyone think of any conceivable way that a record in a Filemaker 6 database hosted on Server 6 could be edited simultaneously by two users? I have a couple of users that both swear that this has happened, but I think they are mistaken.
  12. Steven: Thanks for your reply. I closed the file on the server and then tried what you suggested. When I tried to open the file I got a message to the effect that the file's security settings had been damaged or possibly tampered with, and to contact Filemaker. Once closed on the server, I was unable to get it to open again (on or off line). Fortunately, I had an older copy that was essentially the same as the original that I was able to press into service. The solution seems to be working OK now, but I would still like to know what happened to that other file. Weird ...
  13. I am seeing something in one of my solutions that I have never seen before (see attached graphic of Accounts & Privileges window). In the accounts/privileges setup, one of the accounts appears to have gotten corrupted during creation. No account name or privilege set is listed for the account. It was supposed to be an externally authenticated account, but the account type says "Filemaker" (the account type is the only bit of information listed for the account, and even that's wrong). Filemaker will not let me edit it, delete it, duplicate it, inactivate it or do anything else with it t
  14. This should be a simple problem, but I have been scratching my head about it for a good while now. I have a CDML application that collects survey information. There is a link on one of the pages that uses JavaScript to render the results of the survey questions as a simple bar chart. Currently, the link renders the bar chart for ALL records in the database because I'm using "-FindAll": Horizontal Bar Chart I would like the link to render the chart for the current found set, whatever that might be. I have tried replacing "-FindAll" with "-Find" (does the same thing) and "-View
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