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  1. Is there a forum for applescript similar to the FM Forums? I have an applescript triggering a FM script that works on a timed basis. The problem is that it goes at seemingly sporatic times also. The part in question is "set TS to time string of mydate if TS contains "9:4" and TS contains "AM" then set BS to true else if TS contains "12:4" and TS contains "PM" then set BS to true else if TS contains "3:4" and TS contains "PM" then set BS to true else if TS contains "7:4" and TS contains "PM" then set BS to true end if if BS then tell appli
  2. The Script reads show all records sort[ Sort Order ...., No Dialog] Export Records [filename: "ECCNRECD"; export order ...., no dialog] go to record/request/page [last] The script is called when the file is closed. I developed the file on a Mac. The server is a Windows 98 machine running only Filemaker Server 5. Most of the machines running the file are windows. From the server I did modify the script and reselected the server to store the file on. Still no luck. Thanks Doug
  3. Further Info: It appears that the the file can be exported only from the computer that generated the script. If I go to another computer and redefine the storage location from that computer, I can save the file to that location only from that computer. It will no longer save from my computer. Filemaker must save the file not from the host computer, but from the client's machine. This appears to be another scripting shortcoming of Filemaker in that the path is not fully described by the script.
  4. I have a Filemaker file running on a server with Filemaker Server 5. When the file closes a text file is supposed to be written to separate server. When anyone else uses the file, the text file is not written to the other server, although the script appears run. It works fine for me on my machine however. How can I get Filemaker Server to write the text file from all of the users machines?
  5. I am trying to find a range of dates automatically in a script. When I execute the script I get a question mark in the date, and a statement that no records match the request. The script reads: . . Enter Find Mode [] Set field ["date","Date(Month(Today),Day(Today-5),Year(Today))..Date(Month(Today),Day(Today),Year(Today))"] Perform Find [] How do I go about scripting this to find the last five days?
  6. I am trying to export records to a comma delimited text fields to be imported into another program. The exported records have quotation marks around the text fields. Is it possible to export these records without the quote marks? Filemaker is putting them there.
  7. I want to get all records beginning with the letter 'I' to sort first. In that field I started all records beginning with the letter 'I' with a space. When I sort they remain in the alphabetical order. I tried selecting custom sort and sorting by ASCII instead of English but no luck. It seems to me that I could do this with FM 4 or perhaps before I installed OS 9.1 Is this a FM problem or is it an OS problem or am I doing it wrong? Help please
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