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  1. and 7 will be able to cache/queue requests to slower DB's....
  2. RE: [Process: (Variable: 'ComBinedVariableName')] u dont need to process this.... you want to process the inline with the vars (ie the search criteria) added....... one to think about
  3. OSX users may want to have a look at Whistle Blower and an APC master switch(s).....very very good for checking all of your LAN and public servers are up and running. http://whistleblower.sentman.com/ WB can disable checks based on the results of others e.g. you don't end up restarting your webserver because of missing content when your DB client or server has crashed. I run two OSX.2.3 FMPro U 6 clents with no problems.... OSX FMPro server 5.5 had two installs before it would run properly... Why?..... who knows. It works fine now tho. File names seem to be very important. The Apple front end allows you to use extended charaters in names of files. As soon as the underlying UNIX has to access the file you could have problems.... if it is being accessed by an application or daemon you could have a nasty crash and possibly corrupt files. We keep filenames short (less than 31 chars. and only use a to z
  4. It's all to do with the order in which Lasso processes stuff you may have to look at your approach to this........ have a look into processing an output tag..... info about process and output tags can be found in the LDML reference that comes with Lasso NB don't forget those escape chars ( ) have a go NB I would recommend setting variables with the user's search choices and putting those in the output tag.
  5. Moving to Lasso and mySQL from WebCompanion and FMPro will be far more significant to the power and reliability of your web applications than the difference between Mac and PC (as long as you stay as far away from IIS as you possibly can ) This is drifting away from the point of your original post, but needs to be said again! It is a myth that Macs are not any good for business use, your boss obviously hasn't tried MS's latest attempt at an OS: XP pro. After using OSX 10.2 using my XP machine is painful, i mean how many dialogs are needed to accomplish something! It all becomes a bit concerning when you try XP pro on an average 2 year old PC.... it goes backwards! A 2 year old machine in any company should have at least a year of productive use left - OSX works well (once it's booted yawn ) on any RAM'ed up yosemite or slot iMac G3 and c.
  6. For "Server" read "FMPro U client"
  7. RE: Why do I always seem to find the problems no one else is having? two reasons: 1 Every solution is different and therefore is effected differently even if the reason for the problem is common. 2 Because most people who use WC alone will be using Web Security Databasse, You can state access privs based on username and password or all users. FMPro access privs should only be used if you have middleware that will handle the security for you - such as Lasso.
  8. spread your databases amoungst multiple folders - in your schedule instead of all databases choose the folder name from the drop down - do a schedule for each folder and you stagger the backups. Can you run the backup at night or early in the morning ... our logs show that between 5am to 8:30am our traffic is very low - we do not get much international traffic, c.10 a day at peak and mainly europe so only 1/2 hours out. We perform a backup early in the morning and at end of office hours about 5:30pm. If it takes 15 mins for you to backup 1.5gig you may need to look at why your system performance is so poor aswell. Our "biggest" LAN DB server backs up 790Meg in c.1 minute. NB lose the backup warning for the web client.
  9. I've had it running for about two weeks with no problems on OSX
  10. check you have updated your web companion to 5.5v4 when you ran the app updater ...... the application updater may not do WC 5.5v4 it has a seperate d/l. If this is only happening to one file i doubt it would be caused by a system i/o problem but rather the application or more likely that particular file. Strip a copy of the database right down ... remove all relationships and images etc and run it along side ... see if the db's behave differently. If the stripped down version is more reliable put stuff back until it goes tits up, then you know where to start looking for a solution.
  11. RE: Is the SMTP server open for sending e-mails from your FM IP after checking for the required CDML tags and checking the path to your txt file is correct this is a good thing to check. Your sysadmin should have configured your SMTP server to require pop login before you can send mail (no SMTP forward/relay). You will need to make an exception for the IP of your FMProU host, otherwise the SMTP server will return a "I dont relay" error to your FMProU host and not forward the mail.
  12. Which webserver are you using? WSC comes with a plugin for your webserver. I know that FMPro WSC doesnt work with WebSTAR V.1 but comes with a bundle for OSX Apache and stuff for IIS, I haven't tried WSC with Lasso V because I am running WebSTAR V, but I can't see any reason why you couldn't set the IP address of your WSC machine (webserver) as a FMPro host in Lasso setup. WSC will connect to WebSTAR 4.x and IIS (via a supplied plugin) and then to Lasso 3.6 (by setting the FMPro host in remote host to the IP of the webserver/WSC machine) but I never got it to work reliably for webSTAR... this probably had a lot to do with both classic's memory management (three apps on one machine) and Java support (or lack thereof )
  13. Formatting Code in text area: you will notice that on this forum the formatted response is not in a text area but text in the body of the page. To get HTML entered into a text area to display correctly from a Field replacement tag in the body of your HTML document look into encoding output. [FMP-Field: FieldName,Break] would probably be your best bet as this will replace returns with <br> aswell. Sadly the ability to control the format of text in a form object is very limited (IE) or practically non existent (NS). adding bbcode buttons as you said this is done with javaScript. you can get good free scripts from all over the web and adapt them to suit your needs, poaching script is also an option - but not from here of course ..... after all "research" is good for the soul
  14. Sorry I should have paid more attention to what I was posting yeaterday recordID is not required and should not be used for finds as it is an internal numbering system used by filemaker and can change if the database is closed then reopened or recovered. RecordID is only required when identifying a record for updating (-edit) or deleting. Try the code below - I have used the field forename u will want to change this to a field tht uniquely identifies the person to which you want to send the email. Notice also the { surrounding the intratag rather than the [ square bracket. [FMP-InlineAction: -db=database.fp5, -lay=Layout_1, forename={FMP-Field:forename}, -mailto=me@work.com, -MailFrom=someone@work.com, -MailSub=new entry, -MailFormat=mail.txt, -MailHost=smtp.jax.org, -Find] [FMP-CurrentError] [/FMP-InlineAction] Just for testing you may want to put some replacement tags between the opening and closing inline tags .... also include a [FMP-CurrentError] tag (as above) to see if there are any errors when processing the Inline.
  15. Try this: [FMP-InlineAction: -db=database.fp5, -lay=Layout_1, (I would change the layout name to one not containing spaces this shouldnt effect Inlines but can cause problems with NS when in URL's) -recid={FMP-currentrecid], -mailto=me@work.com, -MailFrom=someone@work.com, -MailSub=new entry, -MailFormat=mail.txt, -MailHost=smtp.jax.org, -Find] [/FMP-InlineAction] the -Find can actually go anywhere but i doesn't need to be paired with a value.
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