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  1. Thanks It works perfectly! Peter
  2. I'm currently using a simple "Auto enter Serial number", but would like to use a more secure PrimaryID.(As in the article by captkurt!). How can I replace the old ID and still keep the relationships. Peter
  3. I have a calculation field in which I have: ID & "Management". I also have a calculation field: ID & "Employee". I use these to find all contacts belonging to either the Management or the Employee group. But I also want to be able to find both. How do you combine the calculation so that it picks up both Management and Employees.
  4. Hi I have a Customer database, a Product database and an Email database. In the customer database I have a portal with the email records. These email records can be marked using a pop up list. This works fine when I want to email to specific "marked" customers in a found set. But I would also like to be able to go to the Product database, find a specific product, which also is linked to a customer, and then go to the email database showing only the customer which had the product and who's email had been marked. Any good idea's Peter
  5. Its working perfect. A calculation field was all that I needed! Thanks
  6. My DB calculates a value. This value is based on 100% utilisation. But it would be nice to have a popup menu ranging from 10%-100% utilisation and the calculation then based on that choice. How do you create a script that calculates based on the choice and updates the value. Thanks, Peter
  7. Tak Claus But how do you set up a calculation field giving the value "CompanyID/YES"? and the the field in the Contacts portal marking them "Yes" or "No" would that be a simple popup menu... Thanks ("Dansker i New Zealand")
  8. I have a "company" database and a "contacts" database with a portal in the "company" database showing the contacts related to their company. I have a script that prints out labels of all employees from a found set in the "company" database. But what I would like, is to put the employees into groups, to mark them in the portal, and then only print labels for all company's with contacts that belongs to that group. Can anyone help? Thanks Peter
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