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  1. Also the FileMaker Event log shows the same information - backups are normal until February 16 when an abberant backup runs shortly after a normally scheduled backup and records the date of March 16.
  2. I have FM9 Server running on Windows Server 2003. FileMaker is configured to run three automatic backups daily. Every night a Windows script copies the days backups from the default FileMaker backup folder to another folder. Worked fine for a few months. The when I reviewed the last few weeks backups I noticed that the files in each days folder were identical and that the files had a timestamp in the future (March 16) According to the Windows Application Event log, the first two of the daily backups ran and are recorded correctly in the log for February 16. However, one hour later there are entries showing the databases backed up again, but the event log dates the entry one month in the future (March 16) and the backed-up FileMaker files have that date. After the strange FileMaker event, The Windows Event Log then shows normal system activity with the correct dates for processes other than FileMaker. But from Feb 16th on FileMaker did no new backups. My understanding is the Windows event log simply reports information passed to it by the application. This would place the blame for the entry of the incorrect March 16 date on February 16 on FileMaker, as opposed to a bug in Windows. So why did FileMaker stop running backups after February 16? I assume the reason is it looked in the default FileMaker backup location and saw files dated March 16 and quit, thinking it would overwrite newer files if it proceeded. Has anyone else seen FileMaker run a backup and date the files with a future date? Both FileMaker and the Windows server are fully patched and there were no patches applied, maintainence, or anything else done on the system that could account for the unusual behavior on February 16. Thanks. Will
  3. I have some FileMaker databases currently served on FM Server 5 on a PC. I need to connect two OS9 Macs and one OSX Mac. It looks to me like I need to buy three FM 7 Pro licenses which in turn allow me to install FM Pro version 6. Do I have this right? Thanks. Will
  4. Ben - You could try deleting the filemaker pro fonts.fmf file in your user profile - in Windows 2000/FileMaker Pro 5 (and probably XP) it is found at C:Documents and SettingsUSERNAMEApplication DataFileMakerFileMaker Pro5.0 The file will be recreated when you start filemaker. Will
  5. Will

    Mass Mailing

    Re: BCC = Spam I think Leb is implying some email servers or client-side spam filters will automatically mark a message that has only BCC recipients as Spam - this may be true but in my limited testing I have not seen it. I do know that if you are using Outlook 2000 and only list recipients in the BCC field then all the recipeints can see all other recipients anyway - to prevent this you must place at least one address in the To: field and then put all the rest in the BCC. I usually put my address in to field. Depending on how much feedback she wants on her email marketing strategy, you could recommend an email program that will track if the client opens the message and also if the client clicks on any hyperlinks in the message - Campaign by arialsoft is one package and there are also hosted solutions. Will
  6. Are you saying you have FileMaker Server installed on the Terminal Server? Or is the FileMaker client on the Terminal Server and FileMaker server on a different server?
  7. I found the text pasted below at this link - http://www.filemaker.com/downloads/pdf/TechBrief_sever7_0704.pdf "In general, the same best practices as for FileMaker Server 5.X are still valid, but with more emphasis put on the quality of the hardware: memory, hard disks, processor, network cards, and switches." I thought there was an updated version of the Server 7 best practices but I may be imagining that I saw it. If there is not one then FileMaker needs to create one. Will
  8. Here's the basic idea - there should be documentation on the FM Server CD you can refer to for specifics - Install FM server Copy your databases to c:program filesfilemakerfilemaker server 5 Go to a PC with FileMaker Pro and use the FileMaker server CD to install the server administration tool - use the tool to open and server the databases on the server. From the server you can configure automatic backups, etc. I'm not sure about your scripts - in the interim user can access the databases fro the client side using the "hosts" button - if the databases don't automatically appear then the IP of the server will need to be specified. Will
  9. It appears you are saying you have tried hosting the files on both a Windows XP and Windows 2000 PC. Since it doesn't appear to be OS dependent and the solution used to work fine then maybe - *something has changed on your network * a database(s) could have a corruption problem * something has changed on the client side - browser settings etc.
  10. Will

    Mac Remote Access

    VNC is a program that allows you to remotely connect to the desktop of your Mac from any other Mac (or PC). It is free. There are other options such as Timbuktu and Apple's remote desktop that offer more features and better security. http://www.apple.com/remotedesktop/ With the above products you install a part of the software on the computer you wish to connect to and on the computer you will connect from. So you could connect to the office computer from home and actually "take over" the office computer as if you were sitting in front of it. If you have a firewall at your office network then it may need to be configured to allow you to connect with the products described above. You can access files at your office from home directly with FileMaker although the performance might not be great depending on your network connection - the above options are more responsive. And you may have firewall issues as well. If your data is of a sensitive nature (medical, financial etc.) then you might consider paying someone to help you get this configured. Will
  11. At one point I had trouble printing to an HP 4100 - I installed the 4000 PCL drivers and it seemed to work ok.
  12. Which version of Windows? Is this a new issue or has it always happened with your current configuration? What do you mean FileMaker "quits?" You mean it freezes? Closes?
  13. Since some users can connect then you need to narrow down what's different between those that can and can't connect. What error message(s) do they get when they try to connect to http://ipaddress:591? What happens when they ping your IP address?
  14. You said the FileMaker files are hosted on a Mac but what about the client(s) that needs to connect to upload the databases? If it is Mac to Mac you could use this to close and open the databases. http://www.apple.com/remotedesktop/ If its PC to Mac (or mac to mac) you could use some flavor of VNC. Will
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