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  1. What happens if you do a "Refresh Window" from the "Records" menu? Do this straightaway after the "New Record" action. This is to check if it is a problem with FM just not re-displaying quickly. If that is the case you may want to create a new record using a Script containing the "Refresh Window" step. All the best. Garry
  2. I firstly perform an FM Script (Export) then a System script. I am receiving a Status of "system script error" whenever my schedule runs! Even though the shell script performs fine when run from the Terminal. The shell script is just the "mysqlimport" command (with appropriate parameters). I have checked the Execute permissions of the mysqlimport command and all have execute rights. Any thoughts?
  3. Thanks Steven, I did read your article prior to writing the Script (Thank you). This is what I read: "...resolves to the Documents Folder in the root level of FileMaker Server...". The structure in the /Library/Filemaker Server/ directory looks like this: / Admin Common Data Database Server Desktop Documentation Documents Examples ..... To me the "Documents" directory here is at the "root" level of the FMS. However the path resolves to: /Library/Filemaker Server/Data/Documents as shown here: / Admin Common Data - Backups - Databases - Documents - Scripts Database Server Desktop Documentation Documents Examples .... Well that is how our install resolves with FMS 10. All the best Garry
  4. I was caught by a "gotya" with this today. The "Get(DocumentsPath)" is to "/Library/Filemaker Server/Data/Documents". I was looking for the file in: "/Library/Filemaker Server/Documents". Hope this helps somebody : Garry Claridge
  5. Has anybody found a way to workaround the fact that all fields are "Required" and not able to be changed in the EDS tables? I have had this problem with both MS SQL and MySQL. Thank you.
  6. Sounds like a Trial version to me also! Good Luck. Garry
  7. Another method may be to use a PHP script on the hosting server as "go-between". The PHP script can return purely text data that FM can do something with??? Good Luck.
  8. Remove the "ServerDataSource" from the ini file. All the best. Garry
  9. Got it : In the "Calculated SQL" I can use double quotes " around database objects; i.e. Table and Field names. Hence the FM calculation may look like this: "INSERT INTO "Web Long Description" ("Item No_",...... Garry
  10. Does anybody know how to get around the problem of accessing tables with names containing spaces? Usually, I would use ` character to delimit the name, however this does not seem to work with "Execute SQL". I cannot change the table names as it is Microsoft Dynamics : Thank you. Garry
  11. I've been successfully inserting into a MySQL database via Scripts without using "Commit". However, not too sure about using "Set Field" directly after the INSERT. Good Luck. Garry
  12. If you use a "Button" to go between Layouts you could use that Script. You may be able to prevent the Users from using the Layout Menu, and hence bypassing the Button, by removing the Layout from the Layout Menu. Good Luck. Garry
  13. If you are using a Mac you may be able to use AppleScript to load the file list into a table. The AppleScript may be able to be run as a Service and listen for an Event whenever the contents of a Folder is changed. Thus updating the table. This is only a guess. Good Luck. Garry
  14. You can also use ODBC for INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE via the "Execute SQL" Scriptmaker step. All the best. Garry
  15. The work-around we used was to delete any unnecessary fields from the shadow table. Garry
  16. Have you tried it with the "ExecuteSQL" step in Scriptmaker? This way you do not need a "Shadow Table". I have not tried this, it is only a guess. Good Luck. Garry
  17. You can use an "ExecuteSQL" step in ScriptMaker. Good Luck. Garry
  18. Whenever a table is added from MS SQL Server all fields, in that table, have the "Required Value" option enabled. We can "uncheck" this requirement, however after saving the change does not "stick". Has anybody else had this problem, if so have you resolved it? Thank you. Garry Claridge
  19. I wrote an FM to MYOB application about seven years ago, it still works fine I used a temporary table (as Fenton) suggested. This table had most of the fields needed by MYOB. The Script that wrote the data to the temp table and also inserted the extra lines. It then exported a tab delimited file. The Script then used an AppleScript step to import the exported file directly to MYOB. So, all done with one button in FM : Good Luck. Garry
  20. Yes you can extract data from FM with AppleScript. If you are familar with AppleScript you can check the Dictionary for Filemaker Pro to see the functions available. Good Luck. Garry
  21. Look for quotes ' or " in the data that maybe causing saving problems. Sometimes Carriage Retruns can cause problems. Good Luck. Garry
  22. Steven, It worked for us with the image stored in the Container field. The table should resize ok to fit the image. The IP address would the same as the one in "server_data.php". I believe it should be an issue for FM Inc. as this is not an isolated problem. I guess you have attempted the standard code: Good Luck. Garry
  23. Re: OK, so that is what I think I understand. (please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on any of that) That is pretty good So, now for my questions: the server has to have PHP and FX on it? The web mistress does not have to have PHP and/or FX on her computer? Correct the web mistress needs to know how to WRITE the PHP bits of code on the webpage in with the other HTML code on there? That is just the same as learning any other language (HTML, XHTML, etc.) Correct. Except learning PHP is a bit different to learning HTML etc because PHP is programming (with actions such as 'selection' and 'repetition'. is there a way to “test drive” the FMP data on a web page to see if it is what we want to do, without signing up for a server agreement? I believe Point-In-Space may have a test-drive service! Is the PHP and FX bits of code that the web mistress would write the same? Is the difference between PHP and FX just on the server, or is it a different code on the web page? FX is just adds some functionality to PHP. That is, it gives you functions for accessing the FMP database from within PHP. are there security issues with doing this? Can this db be the same one that holds all the client data, or should they be separate databases for security reasons? You can build in quite a bit of security. can the server that hosts FMP be different from the server that hosts the main website? Any reason to have them the same or have them different? Yes, it can be a different server (no problems with this at all). in terms of performing the search of the database (ex: show me all courses in Chicago, show me all courses in September) - can you point me in the direction of some good resources on how to code the webpage to perform that search. (I have looked at some PHP books, but was not sure when I was looking at them that they were exactly what I needed).... I’m sure that I’ll have to read around about this, but a good shove in the right direction would be most welcome. Try the FMWebSchool web site for tutorials and books etc. is there any problem with writing the page with PHP/FX using GoLive or Dreamweaver? Should be OK. However, a lot of people use a text editor. Good Luck. Garry
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