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  1. How do I delete the sample data? Thanks, Thomas
  2. I figured it out. I have never used the here-string before and looked it up. I just removed it from the calculation and that solved the problem. Thanks again!!! Thomas
  3. BruceR, Okay, I had a chance to implement the new applescript, but I noticed a problem... The here-string is generating the md5 for the actual text within myData, but myData refers to a file location and name that needs to be evaluated by md5. for example myData = /Volumes/Extended/tmp/_Alice's Restaurant Original Version.mp3 I want to evaluate that file not the text. Could you please help? Thanks again.
  4. Thanks very much, I would not have looked at it like that!
  5. I am sorry if this has been posted already. But the search system would not let me use those words. I am trying to enclose double quotes in a "send apple script", script. Here is my script. "¶tell application "& """ & "Finder" & """ & "¶set myTest to do shell script "& """ &"md5 -q "& """ & "/Volumes/Extended/tmp/" & Duplicates::Filename & """ &"¶end tell ¶tell application "& """ &"FileMaker Pro Advanced"& """ &"¶set cell "& """ &"Duplicates::MD5"& """ &" of current record to myTest¶end tell" "Duplicates::Filename" contains single quotes within the field, so I am unsure how to get that across to the terminal app.
  6. I had this problem also. Is there a way to disable storing in the keychain for this application?
  7. I just started using FM Dev 7 and the Database Design report is very informative. When I used v5 I could get a simpler field list that I could print out in 1-2 pages. I use it as a checklist so I can ensure that all the fields are in the right layouts. When I run that report in v7 I get the field information but now it takes up about 10 pages in a table format. I am using a MAC and tried to copy the table into Excel/Word to get the field name list out of the table but it pastes as a text file not as a table. I thought that I could just delete the columns I didn't need from the report table. I need it so I can make a checklist that is not so cumbersome. Is there anything I can do to make a list of the field names per table? If I have to do some manual manipulation without retyping each list I would be grateful.
  8. tomlepk

    Email Click-Thr

    I have a client that uses a service that does his mailing (email) list. I will automate that for him, but I am unsure how to register his clickthrus from the emails that will be sent out from his machine instead of that service. Can anyone help? I want to know how many from the emails actually got the click from the newsletter to his site.
  9. I just replied to bring this query forward again? An ideas?
  10. Why can't I get DBF file import filters after I create a standalone installation?
  11. I have created a field - checkbox(number) it is formatted as a checkbox with a value list of 0 (zero). I also have a field countcheckbox(summary) count of checkbox. All works well until I click checkboxes within that layout then the summary field goes blank until I click somewhere in the header, then the correct count shows. I have tried to refresh the summary field using a button command to force the check mark and then refresh the screen to get the correct count and still keep me in the same record but that doesn't work either. Does anyone have any suggestions. I just want a running count in the header of checked items, am I going about it in the wrong way? Thanx in advance. Thomas
  12. Yes Thanx! WOW! That helps me too, I've done it the hard way for sooo long. Win_Reg.zip
  13. No, the 'Show Message' script-step on would only show a message on the unattended server where the import script runs from.
  14. I'm sorry I should have elaborated. On the workstation running Filemaker Server I have Filemaker Pro 5 running a maintenance script that does the importing and keeps track of inventory levels. The importing does not happen on the individual workstations, When the import script runs I want it to send out a message to a user letting them know that it's about to happen so they can wrap up what ever they are doing. Because right now it just happens and it freaks them out.
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