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  1. thanks...that worked like a charm...status(currentportalrow) didn't think it would be so easy... my only comment is why does the scroll bar not stay next to the record that was last...it is always almost at the top...but that's a minor thing...
  2. i've kind of got it to work with the troi plug in...For some reason, I have to dynamically import the image via reference each time. Also, when I quit and log back on, I have to clear all the container fields relating to the mac os reference files or else it won't work...?
  3. platforms windows and mac, filemaker 5.5 I've got an image database that has thumbnails and references to images on a server. In the client database, i've created a relationship for customer_id::images and customer_id::client So, there is a scroll down thumbnail list of client images when you click on a particular client. On the right side of the same layout, I created another relationship with customer_id&record_number::image = cusstomer_id&g_record_number::client. So, when someone clicks on the thumbnail image, an enlarged image is shown to the right via a reference
  4. filemaker server 5.5 on linux windows 98, windows nt, windows xp, mac ox x fmpro 5.5 clients all photos jpeg I've been using the troi file plug-in to create an image database whereby i have imported over 4,000 photos from the linux server using windows xp fmpro 5.5 as client. Thus, I have the pathnames to all the image files saved in a field and the images are saved as a reference in a container. However, now I need to make the MAC see the images as well. For the longest time I couldn't even figure out how to insert images from the linux server to mac but with the help of a
  5. filemaker 5.5 server on linux filemaker 5.5 clients on 2 windows nt, 1 windows 98, 1 windows xp, 1 mac os 10.2 Everything works great in windows. I have an image database where I import references to the images that are on the linux server. I do all the importing with the troi file plugin on windows. I know that the mac is not able to see a reference to the image but now i need a workaround for this. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the mac to even do an import or insert from the server. The server share does not show up on the window when I go to insert picture, qu
  6. i had the same thing happen to me... howeven i bit the bullet and bought the server version for linux.. i'm using it on linux 7.3 and it works great there is a solution reported for using it on linux versions newer than 7.1
  7. I've got filemaker server running on linux... Connected to it are a mac osx, windows nt, windows xp computers, and one mac performa 6200. (All have fmpro 5.5) I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for enhancing performance on the mac performa (operating system 8.1). The only program I want to work on performa is filemaker 5.5. All my databases are connected via relationships and menus and there are numerous scripts that run. On the performa, it is pretty slow. The performa has 64 mb memory, os 8.1, dave, and filemaker. I dont know what virtual memory cache
  8. was wondering if the trial version of linux on redhat was resolved... i got the same error about the version has expired thanks
  9. thanks for the post... i was thinking that my xp computer is being used as the peer to peer host computer...i am the one in the office that uses the most programs (quickbooks, word, excel, fmpro, ie, etc) can all be opened at once... i thought if i put server on one computer and didn't have any other programs running other than allowing people to access image, word, and excel files for their own purposes...it would make things easier and better all around... mallikai
  10. this may seem like a dumb question if i bought filemaker server (linux) and had it running on a computer... would i still need another computer to open the files and be the host and have computers log onto host computer or is the filemaker server computer the host computer and all single filemaker computers can log onto filemaker server via hosts and edit, delete, create records. also..is it impossible to use server computer also as a file server...will it be able to multi-task the filemaker records as well as allowing someone to open a word document on the same drive as filemak
  11. i've been able to filter a portal with a field that has 4 choices d1, d2, i, m so it can filter by each choice... is there a way to filter through a range... for example...i want to display i AND m or maybe d and m the primary field is client_code and the above mentioned field is type so the way it is now is client_code & " " & type (primary file) client_code & " " & g_type (related file) thanks mallikai (fmpro 5.5 windows xp/mac os x)
  12. i have a database of jpeg images which I have placed in container fields along with their pathnames in another field (path) I would like to be able to open any particular field path value with quicktime... I have tried every script command from send message, to dde execute, to go to field, select/perform and I have not been able to get it to work... The only thing i have been able to do is open url but that opens the path with either internet explorer or windows picture viewer... 5 computers with windows xp, windows nt, and mac osx...(fmpro 5.5) i'm looking for any wor
  13. i've tried the filemailer plugin as well... my problem is I use verizon dsl for internet use buy my email is thru at&t... i have successfully configured my email to be received thru outlook express but can't seem to duplicate it on any of the plugins...i know that i need to check ssl and i need to change the port numbers which i have done...and i still can't get or receive... thanks
  14. does anyone know if filemaker will be coming out with a client filemaker pro since they came out with filemaker server for linux? i'm trying to figure out where i go from where i am... i currentlt have a windows xp playing host to one mac os x, two windows nt, one windows xp and one mac os 8.6 (which is barely used). the problem is the host computer is my computer, it's on all the time because we have part time employees who log in from home... the mac x is used by my boss so that cannot be used as host the two window nt computers are acad computers primarily so they cannot b
  15. i didn't know which main topic to put this under... multi-user environment...windows xp host...with 2 nt, one mac os x, one windows xp (fmpro 5.5) i would like to have filemaker as an email client for all employees..however, i have tested all the email plugins and none of them offer smtp authorization (as of yet). (i've tried dacon's, dbmail, comm-unity, etc.) I'm using dsl like but our mail is not thru same dsl service and the company has had email id's for years. my main problem is figuring out a way of receiving emails in such a way that either entourage, outlook express, or ou
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