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  1. Also, just FYI there are some problems with this if the images are different sizes. GetThumbnail only returns a consistently sized thumbnail when the originals are the same size. So if your library of images are different sizes, then you will need to plug in different values to the GetThumbnail function. The toss up being that this will only work seamlessly if all of you images are exactly the same size. (It's better than the default situation though, so I'm not complaining!)
  2. Thanks Comment and thanks Fitch. Great idea to check out plug ins. I've had a quick look. Also, really cool of you to have got back to me Fitch. I've had a play with this, and this won't work if the original picture is smaller than the container. In that case, it seems to me, GetThumbnail won't work, which is why it didn't seem to be working for me, when I checked it out. The particular layout that I was using meant that it didn't appear to be working. But if the original is larger, then it does!! Yay, thanks Fitch, that seems to do the job ... now to resize all the originals that are too small 😳🤓
  3. Thanks Comment. It's a portal where each person has a portal row, so I have to keep it in FM. And in some layouts the best shape for the container is tall, and in some other layouts it's wide ... and I guess I can't have Fill as things stand. I've been researching it a bit, and here's an old post that sums it up very well. It can be done for a graphic fill, but not a container https://community.filemaker.com/en/s/idea/0870H000000fyddQAA It's from 3 years ago, and so whilst I think it's the most sensible thing in the world, and something that it's crazy not to have, I guess Filemaker don't think the same way! It's one of those ones where I think everyone must have the same issue, but I guess not. I'll try to let it go 🤯 Here's another one post where someone from FM seems to be saying that it can't happen: https://community.filemaker.com/en/s/question/0D50H00006ti3ctSAA/how-do-i-change-how-an-image-displays-in-a-container-field I wish I could think of a workaround, but because I have the need for a taller container sometimes, and a wider container other times, I guess not 😱
  4. Thanks but sadly that doesn't work. The function just resizes the image with the same proportions, so it effectively changes the pixel count but no the aspect ratio. And so because of this, when I show that thumb in the layout, I have the same problems as before
  5. Hi All, Apologies for perhaps being in the wrong part fo the forums for this query! I'm on FMP16 right now, and I've a container field that I use to display square pictures of people. Due to different layouts, the container is landscape on one, and portrait on another (ie wider on one, and taller on another). Because the only option in FMP 16 is to FIT the image, when the container is wider than tall, either the image is distorted or there are gaps on the sides, depending on whether I've got the 'maintain proportions' box checked or not. And similarly, when the container is taller, then the image is either distorted or there are gaps on the top and bottom. What I'm after is being able to FILL the container, so that whilst I loose a bit of the image on the sides or tops, the container is filled without distortion. Is this possible with FMP 18? (If there's a work around for FMP 16 I'd love to know it, but I don't think there is!!) Many thanks in advance
  6. Of course! Neat work around! Thanks so much, it's much appreciated
  7. Hi All, I'm guessing it's not possible, but I'm hoping it is none the less! I would like to conditionally format the colour of an entire portal row on a value from within that row. For example, I'd like all records with Field = "Yes" to be pink, instead of the default grey background for the portal. Is that something that can be done in FMP 16? Many thanks
  8. Thanks Comment, much appreciated that you responded! What I might do instead is take your advice, but do that in a dummy DB, export the total data to a csv and then import that into my real DB. Cheers
  9. Hi Everyone, I'd greatly appreciate your help - I've got 2 excel files that I want to import into my DB. When I import the data into FM, I would like FM to add the figures together rather than overwrite them. For example: on file1.xlsx Dave = 6 on file2.xlsx Dave = 4 I would like to import both files, and to end up with Dave = 10, but all i can do is get FM to overwrite the data, so that I get either 6 or 4. Is this possible? Many thanks,
  10. Worked a treat - many thanks for your imagination and help!
  11. What a great suggestion - thank you so much. I'll be able to try it tomorrow. Best wishes
  12. Hi All, I've got two records. The parent record has a 1 to many relationship with the child. The parent is for clients The child is for people I want to only allow someone access to the parent records, when there is at least one child records which has Are_They_Green = "Yes" So if any of the client's people are green, then access will be allowed to the parent. I'm using a calculation within the privilege set, view limited: Are_They_Green = "Yes" The problem that i've got, it seems to me, is that i'm only getting one or a couple of layers down in the portal. How can i calculate it to show that there is at least one occurrence of Are_They_Green = "Yes" (assuming this is the best way to go). Thanks for any help - been searching but to no avail!
  13. The question that i'd like answered is why do they care so little
  14. Hi Guys, Just an update - i've been corresponding with a different man from filemaker, and though it seemed to me that this issue took them by surprise, their final thought is: "the software is designed to hold individual files [and] its not a bug that it cannot, so we cant raise this internally as an issue to be addressed" Personally, i strikes me as crazy. But that's not going to change anything! In the end i didn't delete iWork14 as a work around, but i have taken to saving all my files as Word and Excel documents instead! Crazy! Thanks for your help though, much appreciated
  15. Hi Guys, Thanks for taking the time to reply. I think i'm right in saying that Filemaker is owned by Apple? (Their website says that they're an Apple subsidiary.) It seems odd, if that's the case, that you can't put Apple's iWork files into Filemaker's container fields. After all, container fields are there to hold files, plus i would expect that the child company's product to work with the parent company's products. As Comment said, the current iWork files are packages dressed up as files, whilst the previous version's (iWork 09) files are multiple files zipped into one, and therefore acceptable within the container. So while i agree with you Lee, that the problem comes from the iWorks' file formats, i would want Filemaker to somehow produce a solution so that things can carry on as per usual. But apologies for not being clearer Lee, i wasn't trying to import or export the files, but just to have an easy way of keeping tabs on external files' locations, and then being able to open them easily with a double click from within Filemaker. I should have phoned back, but i was so dispirited by the person's approach. They wouldn't help me, but merely kept saying that it wasnt their job to show me how to develop a solution, whilst i kept saying that i wasn't after a solution, but after knowing whether it was possible or not. (If it was, i'd try to figure out how on my own, and if it wasn't, i'd give up trying.) The guy from Apple was great though, and whilst he couldn't help me on the Filemaker side of things (which i wasn't asking him about) we were able to together figure out a few work arounds. Sadly, none of them really worked (sorry to digress) mainly because it was impossible for me to assign .pages or .numbers files to be automatically opened in iWork 09, either by file>info>openwith, or file>info>openwith>change all - they were always opened by iWork14. On opening in iWork14, the files would automatically be converted to '14 files, it was impossible to work with them as '09 files from within iWork14, and next the export of files as iWork09 was convoluted! (it just works, i don't think so!) So it seemed that the easiest thing was just to delete iWork14, leaving only iWork09, and have everything work easily and painlessly. I've done a wee bit of Apple scripting in the past, and had thought about it for this purpose, but the 2 seconds it took to delete iWork14 won out, over what would have been much longer with tonnes of head scratching. Phew, this is turning into a confessional - apologies for its length and tedium!! Thanks for the suggestion. I went to their site and read "The BaseElements plugin has functions for file manipulation, dialogs, XSLT operations, clipboard manipulation, performing shell scripts and FileMaker scripts, internal SQL operations, MD5 and SHA hashing and more." and that kinda scared me! So for now, i'll stick to the deletion of iWork14, after all i can get it easily again from the App store. I'm just hoping that when the new computer that i ordered today shows up, i can somehow get iWork09 onto it! Cheers, thanks again guys, it's much appreciated, Slater
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