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  1. Hi Guys, thanks so much for getting back to me and apologies for my delay. So, the problem is not so much that it runs slowly on her machine, but that after a time it kinda grinds to a halt. That could be after as little as 5 mins, or as long as an hour or two. But before that happens, it's all going along nicely enough. And that delay in it slowing down to a halt, leads me to think that the load on the host machine (my Mac) isn't the culprit, because the system can be scooting along nicely for a couple of hours. Typically, if she's going from one record to another in a found set, th
  2. Hi Everyone, Looking for a bit of advice - I'm using FMP16 on two computers here at my place. I host the DB and then a person who comes in to work for me uses Open Remote to access the DB on the computer that she's working on (my second computer, both Macs). I've had no end of problems with this - the DB is very slow on her computer. I've worked around that a number of ways, but each one falls down sooner or later. Anyway - the issue is that she needs to be in here this week, while I'm not able to be here. The last time this happened, the DB ground to a complete halt, everything was
  3. Hi Everyone, So here's one that's either really easy and I've missed it, or it can't be done! I'm printing address labels, and the 7 rows that I'd like to print take up the whole label layout, and so the first one is located at the top of the label in the layout, and the bottom one is at the bottom of the layout. If the label only has 4 rows, then those 4 rows are printed at the very top of the label. To make things pretty, I'd like to have them centered within the label. Is it possible to have the block of text center itself, so that there is the same amount of blank space bot
  4. Thanks Comment, as ever! Apologies for my late reply, I've been tied up with something. That's such a cool way to go about it. I think I could create three outputs, 3x2, 2x3 and 1x1, and then just standardise all containers so that they're one of those three. Thanks for helping me figure this, cheers
  5. Also, just FYI there are some problems with this if the images are different sizes. GetThumbnail only returns a consistently sized thumbnail when the originals are the same size. So if your library of images are different sizes, then you will need to plug in different values to the GetThumbnail function. The toss up being that this will only work seamlessly if all of you images are exactly the same size. (It's better than the default situation though, so I'm not complaining!)
  6. Thanks Comment and thanks Fitch. Great idea to check out plug ins. I've had a quick look. Also, really cool of you to have got back to me Fitch. I've had a play with this, and this won't work if the original picture is smaller than the container. In that case, it seems to me, GetThumbnail won't work, which is why it didn't seem to be working for me, when I checked it out. The particular layout that I was using meant that it didn't appear to be working. But if the original is larger, then it does!! Yay, thanks Fitch, that seems to do the job ... now to resize all the origin
  7. Thanks Comment. It's a portal where each person has a portal row, so I have to keep it in FM. And in some layouts the best shape for the container is tall, and in some other layouts it's wide ... and I guess I can't have Fill as things stand. I've been researching it a bit, and here's an old post that sums it up very well. It can be done for a graphic fill, but not a container https://community.filemaker.com/en/s/idea/0870H000000fyddQAA It's from 3 years ago, and so whilst I think it's the most sensible thing in the world, and something that it's crazy not to have, I guess Filemaker
  8. Thanks but sadly that doesn't work. The function just resizes the image with the same proportions, so it effectively changes the pixel count but no the aspect ratio. And so because of this, when I show that thumb in the layout, I have the same problems as before
  9. Hi All, Apologies for perhaps being in the wrong part fo the forums for this query! I'm on FMP16 right now, and I've a container field that I use to display square pictures of people. Due to different layouts, the container is landscape on one, and portrait on another (ie wider on one, and taller on another). Because the only option in FMP 16 is to FIT the image, when the container is wider than tall, either the image is distorted or there are gaps on the sides, depending on whether I've got the 'maintain proportions' box checked or not. And similarly, when the container is taller,
  10. Of course! Neat work around! Thanks so much, it's much appreciated
  11. Hi All, I'm guessing it's not possible, but I'm hoping it is none the less! I would like to conditionally format the colour of an entire portal row on a value from within that row. For example, I'd like all records with Field = "Yes" to be pink, instead of the default grey background for the portal. Is that something that can be done in FMP 16? Many thanks
  12. Thanks Comment, much appreciated that you responded! What I might do instead is take your advice, but do that in a dummy DB, export the total data to a csv and then import that into my real DB. Cheers
  13. Hi Everyone, I'd greatly appreciate your help - I've got 2 excel files that I want to import into my DB. When I import the data into FM, I would like FM to add the figures together rather than overwrite them. For example: on file1.xlsx Dave = 6 on file2.xlsx Dave = 4 I would like to import both files, and to end up with Dave = 10, but all i can do is get FM to overwrite the data, so that I get either 6 or 4. Is this possible? Many thanks,
  14. Worked a treat - many thanks for your imagination and help!
  15. What a great suggestion - thank you so much. I'll be able to try it tomorrow. Best wishes
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