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  1. Anyone know of a acrobat (pdf) exporter for filemaker? I guess really what I need is a way to import a filemaker report into acrobat. Anyone done such a thing? LS
  2. Hey all: We'd like to put up a couple databases with instant publishing, and one with custom publishing at the same time, on the same machine. Is this possible? With filemaker, it seems to be an "either/or" situation. Thanks, LS
  3. We just did a move, using bar codes for assets. We entered the assets,moved them, then checked them in. All you need: 1.handheld scanner (we used posiflex 2820 off ebay $99USD) 2.computer (we used toshiba laptop) 3.filemaker 5. 4.pre-printed bar code labels ("Codabar" 'cause they're common). The scanner works as keyboard wedge, so your application thinks it's a keyboard. We set the scanner to a "tab" as a post-amble character, to let us jump to the next field, once we had scanned. I took pieces of cardboard and mounted labels: 1.employee names and a bar code label number for each. 2.asset types and a bar code label number for each. 3.We put a label on each asset. I set up three simple databases: 1. name and number 2. asset type and number 3.a database that took bar code 1 (employee name), bar code 2 (asset type)and bar code 3 (asset). I added a "check-in and check-out" radio button. All that was needed in database 3 was a check out layout: Scan employee number off card and return name for feedback (from dB 1). Scan asset type off card and return number for feedback (from dB 2). Scan asset number and script a automatic 'set field "check-out"'. So checking out an item was three scans. bleep,bleep,bleep. The checking-in layout was a single bleep of the asset tag, which returned the name and asset type. All other fields locked out. Again a script to automatically set the check-in button. The bottom line: cheap, efficient. Hope this helps. LS
  4. Thanks for the response. My workaround is simple, create a single layout that shows all fields for instant web publishing. I realize it's limited, and I suppose I've found its limit. In the mean time, before I get a custom site complete, it gets the job done quickly.
  5. I've been using instant web publishing with a couple databases. Everything's been fine until today when an Access Denied message appeared when a person submitted a record. I checked the settings in the web companion to confirm that Filemaker access privileges were set (which they were), but when I went to the "file>access privileges" menu, all three choices are greyed out. I can't seem to find a way to activate them again. Any ideas?
  6. Hi all: I'm using webcompanion to publish a fp5 database. It has a number of layouts, each selectable from a menu of buttons (in the filemaker file). Web companion interprets the buttons as links (correctly), but if I choose one, other buttons or graphics disappear as the new layout comes on. If I choose "edit layout", all graphics reappear properly, and I can enter info to the database without a hitch. Has anyone encountered similar issues? Are there work arounds? Thanks, LS
  7. Yes, I'm am trying to use the function [FMP-CurrentDate], to retrieve all records from the Creation_Date field that happened today. Should it read &[FMP-CurrentDate]?
  8. Doesn't work. With that change the query fails. thanks for trying.
  9. I'm trying to query my database for the records from the current day. <a href="FMPro?-db=database.fp5&-lay=mylayout&-format=response.htm&-error=error.html&-CurrentDate=Creation_Date&-sortField=Day_of_Year&-sortorder=descending&-maxRecords=10&-find"> The query works, but returns records from all "Creation_Dates",not just today's records. This seems like a simple syntax issue. Is there a quick fix for this, or a well-written description (with examples) of proper syntax use? Thanks, Lawrence
  10. Check out the discussion higher on the forum called "refine search",posted by helmut_r. It seems to address a min/max range search. LS
  11. Your issue can be broken down in three levels: You want access through a web browser. Immediately it doesn't matter which platform runs the browser. (Mac, PC, Unix). that's easy enough. You need a translator to talk to a database: MySQL, CDML. You need a datasource: Filemaker Pro, Access... The first question that I'd have is it sounds like you're putting your Mac filemaker files on a PC to serve as the datasource. You may need PC format filemaker files, if your server is a PC. Assuming that that's covered off... Filemaker speaks a common database language called ODBC. You should be able to embed SQL queries in your web pages, talk to the ODBC driver on your server, which in turn talks to the Filemaker pro database. The name of the driver on the PC is something like ODBC32.dll or something as memorable. If you're feeling adventurous, forget about MySQL, and use CDML (Claris Dynamic Markup Language) calls in your html to talk to the filemaker database directly. You won't have to worry about SQL or ODBC. Hope this helps. LS
  12. I'm not sure what your "standard button switches layout concept" is, but here's something which should help. If you're are doing custom pages, you'll have to create a button in your html file whose action is to query the filemaker database. It's similar to submission of a form. There are really only two ways of talking to the database, either through a <form> tag (or custom button with an action like a form),or through an anchor <a> tag. Here's an example from the CDML reference: **Find a record using a link** <a href="FMPro?-DB=db.fp5&-Format=rslt.htm&country=USA&-Max=1&-Find">Find first USA record</a> **Find some records using a form action** <form action="FMPro" method="post"> <input type="hidden" name="-DB" value="names.fp5"> <input type="hidden" name="-Format" value="results.htm"> <input type="hidden" name="-Max" value="all"> <input type="text" size=12 name="Country" value="USA"> <input type="submit" name="-Find" value="Find Records"> </form> So make your buttons post with "FMPro" as the action. Hope this helps. LS
  13. Finally! You're right Anatoli. A syntax error in one of the URL queries: *WRONG* & Last_Name=johnson&-sortField=Creation_Date... *RIGHT* &Last_Name=johnson&-sortField=Creation_Date... The space after the first ampersand caused the query to fail, with the *database not open* message. A tab doesn't cause a problem. I'm editing the project in MS-Dev-studio for the sake of the pretty colours, and I've gotten lax with my whitespace from coding in C++. Anyway, looks like it works, so thanks to all for the help. LS
  14. Thanks for the response. The web companion is checked in the offending file. The web security database has an entry for the file, and a user ID for me to use. I'm beginning to wonder if this is a bug with IE5, Win2000 and filemaker. LS [ March 28, 2001: Message edited by: driven ]
  15. What looks at first like a simple issue: I'm trying to access an fp5 database through IE 5. The message when I hit the link is: *Unable to process your request because the database "my_database.fp5" is not open.* Clearly it *is* open (in Filemaker), the web companion is set for custom web page and web security, and the web security database is open and has an entry to include "my_database.fp5". I've included a user name and password for myself. I've searched Filemaker's documentation and can find few references to what constitutes a database being *open*, other than the file being open in filemaker. Any ideas?
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