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  1. Thanks for the answer and the threads. I read it all and has many leads. While doing many tests, got onto something interesting : many of my pdfs are webpages that I print as pdf's. On one test, I did paste a second pdf to another container and it worked even though I was using the same process. Following that, I tried to print to pdf using the pdf tool that came with my Windows 8.1 which is called NiroPDF. The file size was way bigger as you can see in the screen captures I'm appending to this post. I was not using that PDF tool as it always took about 10x to create the pdf. Now I understand
  2. Hi, I'm having pdf issues in a container field. It's a random problem. Comes and goes. When I import I sometimes gives me a message such as it shows the title and adobe logo or it gives me a "no disk space" and sometimes it gives me another message which I can't recall exactly. If I export it, it exports fine. The issue is viewing the contents in the container field itself which it sometimes does perfectly and sometimes not. I uninstalled Adobe Reader DC on both my pc's and reinstalled with no long term success. I found an article (wh
  3. Hi all, Just to let you know, all worked out perfectly. I reinstalled XP pro sp3, FMS9 with the included Java 6 update 3 and voilà, all is fine! I guess it had been so many years that I had it installed that I forgot that Java 6 was included with the FMS9 installation. Very happy about the outcome. Thanks to all for your help. Have great day!
  4. Great post, thank you! I'm not completely clear on the items above. Is there some litterature on some or all of them that I could dig in to understand better?
  5. The file from my previous post on this topic did not attach properly, so here it is!
  6. Thanks again Wim I did go to that folder but when I launch it manually, a DOS window shows up for about half a second (attached) and then nothing else happens. I am correct, reading from your previous answer that JAVA has nothing to do with fmsadmin.exe if lauched manually, that if I do a complete reinstall I could operate fms9 only with manual commands? If so, I'd be ok then, right?
  7. Thanks Vaughan Before I got in this mess, that is what I did (from the moment my admin console "died" a few months back). Now, when I try run commands such as fmsadmin open, I get the following message : Windows can't find "fmsadmin". Please verify that you have entered the name correctly and try again. I did not have that message before I removed the improper Java versions. It looks as if Java is mandatory for any server management and Java appears to be very messed up on that server box even though I have reinstalled jre6u7 and it appears to have installed correctly. Thanks Wi
  8. Hi again :-) I need to take action on this matter. I was hoping that someone with more knowledge that I have on this matter (which is not much I must say) would kindly direct me in one direction or another in order for me to avoid making silly mistakes. Like I mentionned on my last post on this subject, I'm about to either reinstall fms9 or reinstall xp. These are drastic steps that might be avoidable but I do not have a clue. Also, even if I do that, I might end up with a negative result as it might be impossible to reinstall fms9 because of this Java matter. On my end, the lack of securi
  9. Here are some screen captures that might be helpfull. Also, I thought of making internet explorer as the main browser and activated the IE java plugin but with the same result, i.e. the fmsadmin splash screen appears but after about a minute dies off. In your opinion : a - would a remove and then reinstall of fmserver 9 solve the issue? b - would an xp clean install solve the issue? Thanks again for any help, Cheers P.-S. : I need this to work somehow as I am still using Filemaker mobile 8 on two Palm Centros. Â
  10. Hi all, Got myself in trouble yesterday. Hope there is a solution. I know I have obsolete material but it works for my needs. Hardware/software : xp pro sp3 up to date as of 2013/05/05 fms9.0.3 jre6u7 firefox 20.0.1 Situation : For the past few months I had no access (on my fms box) to fmadmin as I had inadvertedly updated my jre to an update that made my fmadmin to crash whenever I tried to select a specific hosted database. So yesterday, I tried removing that jre to replace it with jre6u7 which I know is the last one to work with fms9. As it didn't want to get dele
  11. Hi, By mistake I have deleted all that is apple related (bonjour, etc.) on my filemaker server 9 station (XP Pro sp3). What would be the best way to reinstall all that Server 9 needs to establish remote connections? I am running The issue I am having is that I cannot connect remotely at the moment. thanks for your usual prompt collaboration, Luc p.s. LAN wise, everything runs smoothly
  12. Hi all Good news, that win7 lappy is now linking...like for the other lappies, after a while it appears to find it way to the server, even if that server is version 9 :idot:
  13. Thanks doughemi What a scam these frequent upgrades costs a lot of dought for a small company like mine. Have a great evening and thanks once more
  14. Hi all, It's been a long time since I posted! I have this weard situation: on all my stations I can login with no issue. Now this new windows 7 64 lappy gets to the login sreen but no login prompt show up. It happened once on another new windows 7 64 install that it would not show anything but after a few hours, out of the blue, the login prompt would appear. On this lappy, even after a few days, no luck. Have any of you ever encountered this situation? Thanks in advance for your always precious help. Cheers Luc I had a screen capture but s
  15. Wooooow! I just looked at the transaltion of "scorched" and indeed this thread is getting to smell like it! There is no lightening smilies but this one might do ! I fully agree with you Soren, this is the way to go. After having browsed at the link supplied by mr Vodka ( :thanks: ) about 1NF, your point is indeed valid and well taken. However, being a pet project and not having enough time to get my hands into it at this point, like I said, I'll keep it as is. Again, thank you to raybaudi. I learned a lot from this post, philosophically (correct spelling?...again, m
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