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  1. I am guessing there is no straight calculation to accomplish this, but it will require a script? Sort field Omit records take the scores and put them in a global field Average that field... Put that result in another global field Anything simpler? Thanks, Mark
  2. This is probably simple, but I'm a bit rusty so if you can help, I would love it! I'm trying to find the top 10 scores for a field. Then I need to average these top 10 scores and put it into another calculation. There are a few calculations I may develop based on similar things. (ie top 5 scores if there are less than 10 records).
  3. Thanks guys, Glad to know I'm not losing my mind. But still have to say, it makes no sense to not have a save button, if cmd-s works.
  4. The weird thing is: I followed the directions and was sure I had set IIS authentication correctly. But thats Windows for you. :
  5. Is this a bug or am I blind: When editing a script in Filemaker 9 advanced, there is no save button??? Only way to save is to close the window and then when the dialog box barks at you "do you want to save" click yes. hmmm
  6. Well I solved it... Apparently, even though I know I did this... IIS authentication had not been set correctly. I went back into IIS and click the Authentication: Made sure anonymous was check and all other methods were off and hit the "apply" button, before I hit the "OK" button. And now I could register and configure the WPE.
  7. When installing FM WPE on the FMSA 8.04: -Windows 2000 Server Server installs ok, and WPE appears to install ok, but when I go to http://localhost/fmi/conf some strange things happen. 1. I create a username and password - fine 2. I check FMS is on same machine - fine 3. I create a username and password for WPE - fine 4. I go to connect to FM server with ID and passcode (checked and I am entering the correct info). 5. After clicking commit the web browser says "an unexpected error occurred" 6. I go back and try to do this again and I login to window 1 ok, but then when I w
  8. any answer to this question? I had a similar problem where when installing the wpe, the password didn't register correctly and now I cannot get the wpe to configure without a password. How do you reset the password?
  9. The Canadian Forest Service Bookstore provides its entire publication catalogue online via filemaker and fx.php. http://bookstore.cfs.nrcan.gc.ca
  10. All is possible and should work fine. We have FM 6 unlimited on the 2003 server box, but you are advised to start looking at migrating to version 8 soon. Are you using IWP, CDML, or PHP? We converted to PHP so that would had options to migrate easier to version 8. We are still running version 6 quite nicely for now, but are actively working on the upgrades to 8.
  11. Our IT department is on a massive server consolidation kick. The idea is - one mega server and have all servers running off it using virtualization. The question is - how will this work with Filemaker server advanced and the desire to bring a Web solution to the department? Currently we have three machines: 1. FM Server 2. Web Server with Apache and FX.php 3. A separate PDF Server that Filemaker accesses to serve PDF documents Then on our development side we have 4. Back-up FM Server 5. Back up Web server with Apache and FX.php Using this new virtualization a
  12. The code we gave is correct: $Run_Script=new FX($serverIP,$webCompanio nPort,'FMPro7'); $Run_Script->SetDBData ('Web Registration Information.fp7','Web Registration Information',$groupSize); $Run_Script->SetDBPassword('fmsadmin','fmsadmin '); $Run_Script->AddDBParam('-script', 'New_Record'); $Run_ScriptResult=$Run_Script->FMFind(); Therefore we need to check that your script works. If you perform the script in Filemaker does it work? The only other things I can think of are to check case sensitivity of all code, and perhaps use full quotes around "New_Re
  13. Lets break this down: What does the script do? Remember, whenever possible we want to recreate the same functions of a script in PHP. Show us the steps of your script and we can see if there is anything obvious.
  14. error handling in FX.php if (FX::isError($myReturnedData)) { ...handle errors gracefully here... }
  15. This has been solved for the record: Cause - a bad character had been entered into the database. FX.php didn't like it and choked. Most likely this happened because someone copied some text from MS Word that contained the bad characters and pasted it into filemaker. This may be fixed in UTF-8. Next point made by Chris Hansen is that all FX.php users should invoke error checking in their data. Here is his note: ------------------------------------------------ The only way you'd see this is if you're not performing error checking on the data that comes back from FX.php.
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