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  1. I have a script that syncs two databases (a & by just importing and updating the new records. I have two questions. 1. How can I get the script to delete a record in database "A" if it does not exist in database "B". 2 How can I get the script to run every hour to update records. Thanks. j
  2. I guess a more simple way of putting it is how do I reset the serial number scheme via a script or something. Thanx. j
  3. That's a nice cheap work group. I guess it'll have to do to get the job done. Thanx for the work around! j
  4. How do I reset the serial number counter back to one. I mean, is there a script or build-in function that does this? Thanks. j
  5. Alright, have a quick dilemma. Lets say you pull up a record in my database and you click on a portal field which has some options. That portal field is created, than it automatically creates another portal field...and so on. For this single record, I need the portal to give each 'line' and number starting with 1, and continuing +1 with each new record. The problem is, if I create a new record, and begin entering new lines in the portal, it is continuing the numbering from the previous record, but I need to it start over. Look at the example below: Record One (portal) Revision # Comment ----------------------------------- 1 Yum ----------------------------------- 2 Tasty ----------------------------------- 3 Salty ----------------------------------- and so on. Notice how the revisions are increasing with each portal record. I need them to start over on then numbering which each new record. Thanx!
  6. I have a small calculation, using case obviously, that tells the user whether the project is on time, due today, or past due. I need to know if I can write a small calculation that changes the text color like if the text in the field = past due. Thanks again. j
  7. We are in the process of using the FileMaker Suite as an enterprise application solution. We are doing some testing, and I am about to purchase an NT server which will host FMS. I am currently looking the following server with the following specs: IBM Netfinity 5100 Server Dual 866 PIII Processors NT 4.0 SPC6 512MB of Ram 18GB 10K Ultra160 100 Fast Ethernet, maybe go to GB Ethernet, not sure. I've read that you guys said RAID is really not going to be useful here, but I'm not sure about that. Anyhow, the database is going to be constantly accessed via FMP 5.0 by employees to update records. At the current time, about 15-20 employees will be accessing about 10 databases. One huge one and 9 extremely smaller databases. Does everyone think that the above server should be able to hold the current load, if so, then when we add more users, I can upgrade based on a ratio to the configuration above? One other question, we will be having representatives accessing the database over the web, just to check the status of things, and I read in an earlier posting that Server + Companion on the same machine runs down the database and makes it very slow. Should I just purchase a second cheap computer just for the reps to access the a small database over the web, which is not even being used by the employees? Or do you think this config will work fine since there will NOT be heavy web activity? We hope to have this database working closely with an Oracle-based database server in the long run. ANY and all input in gracious. Thank you guys for you on-going support and willing assistance. Justin P.S. Or should I go with Windows 2000 Server / Advanced Server? If you guys report it runs fine, than I will just go with that. Since I'm just getting hardcore into the FM World, I really need some outside advice. [ April 05, 2001: Message edited by: Justin ] [ April 05, 2001: Message edited by: Justin ]
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