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  1. danjacoby: Why is it that when someone asks a PC-related question, you keep pushing the Mac as the answer? As developers, most of us here are aware of the capabilities of both platforms, and are looking for answers, not a sales pitch. I don't have anything against the Mac, but if you don't have the answer to a question, maybe rethink posting a reply... just a thought.
  2. aeleth

    Printing to an Email

    I wasn't aware of a shareware PDF writer! I stand corrected.
  3. Sounds like you have a problem with your Operating System, and not Filemaker Pro. Try a clean installation of Windows 2000, install Filemaker, and see if that resolves the problems.
  4. aeleth

    E-Mail connection

    Resolve your mailserver address to its numerical ( form, and use that form instead of the alphanumeric (server.mycompany.com) form that you configured Claris Emailer with. Here is a utility called "Mac TCP Watcher" that can resolve the address for you. Just click the DNS button and type the alphanumeric form in. http://download.cnet.com/downloads/0-10205-100-861594.html
  5. Ignore article #106727 - it does not apply to your sitiation. "Punching a hole" in the firewall is only half of the solution to your problem. I suspect that you have not configured your NAT to "forward" the incoming WAN packets on Port 5003 to the appropriate computer within the LAN. In your case, this would be the FMP server. Here is what takes place, when your NAT is properly configured: Firewall receives a WAN (internet) packet on Port 5003. Firewall allows the packet to pass through the firewall. Firewall forwards the packet to computer 192.168.x.x (your FMP server). Hope this helps! If you have problems, email me with your router type, and perhaps I can assist. One more thing - I hope your firewall and NAT are an integrated unit. If you are trying to use a separate firewall and NAT hardware or software this can get very complicated. Integrated units go for about $100 now, and can handle the traffic of most small-to-midsized organizations. Contact me if you need help with this.
  6. When connecting from the client to the host computer via TCPIP: Are you entering a numerical ( or alphanumeric (server.mycompany.com) TCPIP address? Perhaps if you are using the latter, your DNS server (if you have one) may be contributing to an intermittent address lookup failure. If this is suspected, resolve the address to its numerical form, and use that form to connect via TCPIP in FMP. Also, on your Mac server: Make sure to disable hard drive sleeping, screensavers, virtual memory, and any other software that might interrupt the FMP host software. Be sure you are running the server "clean" - no unnecessary inits/control panels. Try booting with the space key held down, and select "Mac OS 9.1 Base" at the startup set. Then run the server for a few days to see if this has any affect. If still no resolution, if it is feasible, try replacing the 100BaseT network cabling in your organization - one cable at a time, starting with the host connections. Make sure that the cable isn't frayed, chafed, or worn. Also make sure it is kept away from appliances, and other sources of high-voltage interference. Make sure that the cabling is of uniform type (Cat 5e, in your case) which should be stamped in small letters on the cabling itself. There are some very rare problems with onboard networking hardware of Macs. If you have an old mac-compatible PCI network card lying around, install it in the server to bypass the motherboard networking and see if this affects the problem. These can be found for about $50.00 new, if you dont already have one somewhere. I would normally recommend an upgrade to FMP server as a last resort, however, taking into consideration how many users are connected to the server, I think it would be an excellent investment. FMP server can provide automatic data backups to a spare hard drive (hourly, daily, weekly...) in the event of network problems. It is easy to go back a few hours, days, or weeks to recover lost data in the event of an emergency. I suspect these features would come in handy for your organization. Hope this helps! Please email me if I can assist further...
  7. Regarding the "minimized window" issue on FMP for PC: I agree that this is a pretty annoying flaw in FMP for PC. I feel that these rough edges are shortcomings of the programming, rather than the operating system. I am also a dual user, having a good amount of experience with both platforms. In my opinion, the "minimized window" issue is just one of many rough edges in FMP for PC, which Filemaker has let languish. For instance, the Dell/Yamaha/Creative PCI sound driver conflicts which Filemaker has been aware of for at least 6 months (manual workaround, but still no patch!), the lack of integrated Spelling Libraries hasn't been addressed since version 4.0, and the comctl32.dll, and shfolder.dll files - required for FMP runtime but not included with FMP or FMP Developer (another manual workaround, no patch for over 1 year). All of my development is done on the PC, with the solutions bound for both Mac and PC. I'm very comfortable working with both platforms, and am pretty adept at solving all but a few problems. My impression of Windows 98 and Windows 2000 is that they are both extremely fast and reliable when properly configured. If you are on a budget, you can build your own PC for about $300 in a few hours and save the hassle os setting up Virtual PC. On the fastest Macs, the emulation remains rather slow, and since you are constrained to the emulated drivers, it is difficult to get a real feel for problems as they come up from time to time. With a little time invested into learning more about the PC platform, and some knowledge of the shortcomings of FMP for PC, you shouldn't have any problem developing solutions for it using your Mac. I would strongly recommend that you get a real PC for testing, rather than use emulation. I think you will find that developing solutions for both platforms is straightforward. Incompatibilities between the Mac and PC are rare and easily solved. Hope this helps! Feel free to e-mail if you have more questions... Good luck!
  8. Consider for a moment, that Filemaker Pro database files are readable on PC and Mac with no conversion. This means, switching to a Mac server would be a relatively simple matter of installing FMP Server and copying over the database files. You can even use an ancient Mac and still get excellent performance. Why would I suggest doing this?? Check this out: The latest version of Appletalk Remote Access Personal Server (ARA/PS) is able to host a PPP dialup session. An old Mac and a modem are all you need to setup your own private internet service! http://til.info.apple.com/techinfo.nsf/artnum/n24165 Install ARA/PS and configure a login/password with unlimited connection time. Then setup your client to dial up the Mac server with no timeout limit. (The client can be Mac or PC..!) Then, you simply set Filemaker Pro to connect to the hosted database via TCP/IP. The signal will be routed through the PPP connection, through the ARA/PS server, to the host! With further tweaking, you can script the dialup to occur only during business hours, or, add a second line to the ARA/PS server to accept your dialup, and administrate the server (control the keyboard/mouse) through Timbuktu Pro by remote! It is also possible, with the addition of a server on the client end to "broadcast" the TCP/IP packets on your LAN, to allow any number of users to "work through" the telephone PPP connection with Filemaker Pro. The possibilities are endless. Feel free to contact me if you would like more info.
  9. aeleth

    Printing to an Email

    The full version ($250) of Adobe Acrobat is required in order to Print-to-PDF printer driver. This printer driver is available for both Mac and PC as part of the Adobe Acrobat product. As a Mac-only (unfortunately) shareware alternative, consider "Print-to-PICT", which can capture any print job and save it in PICT, GIF, or TIFF image format. These formats are readable on both Mac and PC. http://thaigate.rd.nacsis.ac.jp/ftp/upload/krit/thaigfx/Graphics/Print2Pict.html I haven't been able to find an equivalent shareware utility for the PC, yet ...
  10. Hi Nick! I'm having the exact same problem you are describing. When I try to open my runtime EXE file the hourglass appears for a second or two, but the application refuses to launch. Earlier this week I called FM, and was told to search for Article #107071 in the FM Techinfo Database. This article refers to the full-version of FMP, not the runtime version. However, I was told by FM support that it applies also to FMP runtime applications because the application engine is essentially the same. Basically, this article refers to some known problems with the Creative Sound Blaster PCI Driver. When I followed the directions to uninstall the relevant drivers, I continued to have problems with my FMP5 runtime solutions. I've spent the past few days running some simple tests, and have been able to successfully bind some of the sample databases that are bundled with FMP5. However, I am still having problems binding a database that I need to make changes to. For the record, I have bound this particular database successfully on both platforms without incident in the past. I'm going to continue to work towards resolving this problem over the next 2 days - I will post here if I learn anything new. [My system: W2K on an Athlon 1Ghz, Asus A7V, 256MB RAM, Realtek NIC, Sound Blaster Live, Voodoo 3500TV Video card.] [ May 15, 2001: Message edited by: aeleth ] [ May 15, 2001: Message edited by: aeleth ]
  11. We have documented this problem extensively. It's not a corrupted layout, printer driver problem, ATM or anything like that. This phenomena will occur regardless of printer drivers, OS, ATM, font type... etc. Simply put, Filemaker Pro was not designed with a high degree of type accuracy in mind. Text will flow differently if the layout is repaginated (redrawn) at different zoom levels because strict object-level positioning (Quark, Pagemaker...) is simply not present in this software. I haven't found any 'solution' to this, other than to build my installers to install the fonts which I used in design of my solution, so users of the solution are looking at a relatively consistent display of the data. Maybe if you elaborate on the reason that this is a problem, we can suggest a workaround.
  12. Make sure you're using DHCP leasing and not static addresses on your LAN. This could possibly cause an intermittent access problem that you are describing. [ May 16, 2001: Message edited by: aeleth ]
  13. >> Runtime DBs for cross platform deployment (running off of CD) >> in Kiosk mode. You will probably have issues running read-only executables from a read-only volume. >> I want to have QuickTime movies inside container fields that >> play cross platform. >> My main question is, will the QT files run on a PC >> without having to install additional software or will >> it work inside the RunTime DB? Quicktime is available for both platforms. I would recommend using VISE or a similar installer software to detect the presence (or lack thereof) of Quicktime on the target machine, installing the software as needed. Then the same media files can be used on both platforms easily. >> I will also use links with "Open URL" script step to >> integrate with a web site. This can be scripted. Hope this helps!
  14. This is going to sound odd, but try this: Open your FMP4 solution and use the "save a copy as..." command to save a clone of the solution. Then try converting to FMP5. This sometimes works if there are minor corruption or inconsistencies in the original file. The save procedure forces a rewrite of the file, often resolving these problems. Good luck!
  15. Try www.mindvision.com VICE installer is cross-platform.
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