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  1. I see now that Spark requires 1.013 or higher; I have a 10.14 machine I can try Spark out on, but it's not my current work machine. If Spark works out I'll have to get new hardware, it seems.
  2. I'm currently using 360Works Email with FMP17Adv and Airmail (newest build) on Mac10.12.6. Due to bugs in Airmail and a total lack of support, I'm considering switching to Spark. Has anyone used 360Works with Spark? It would be good to hear any comments, good or bad, because it took me quite a while to get everything functioning the way I want with Airmail, and I suspect I'll have to do it all over again with Spark. Thanks.
  3. Additional email from pair.com. Since I sent no email from sales@ directly, this must have been from 360Works>Airmail. =================== I managed to find another piece of evidence that shows the TLS error from the other log which is for outgoing side of things. Apr 30 00:27:33 mail2.g18.pair.com postfix-out/smtpd[89439]: connect from 64-188-100-219.extride.ad.jp[] Apr 30 00:27:33 mail2.g18.pair.com postfix-out/smtpd[89439]: SSL_accept error from 64-188-100-219.extride.ad.jp[]: -1 Apr 30 00:27:33 mail2.g18.pair.com postfix-out/smtpd[89439]: warning: TLS library problem: error:140760FC:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_CLIENT_HELLO:unknown protocol:s23_srvr.c:643: If you look at the log entry, this is your IP trying to connect to the outgoing server and is throwing the SSL23 error which is indicative of whichever program this connection is from (it does not specify). So I can say for sure that something here is trying to connect using the TLS1.0 protocol.
  4. Just in from pair.com: Interestingly enough, on this log entry for that time it says that you ARE connecting via TLS1.2, however I saw other log entries still saying TLS1.0. I assume you are trying to connect using various different methods i.e. phone, mail client, this program, webmail ect? Apr 30 00:24:31 mail2.g18.pair.com dovecot: imap-login: Login: user=<sales@intercomltd.com>, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=, mpid=88411, TLS, session=<MW0Cx7eHEdHbZLxA> Apr 30 00:24:31 mail2.g18.pair.com dovecot: auth: Debug: client in: AUTH 103720 PLAIN service=imap secured=tls session=NjMFx7eHFtHbZLxA lip= rip= lport=993 rport=53526 local_name=kiyomasa.mail.pairserver.com ssl_cipher=ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384 ssl_cipher_bits=256 ssl_pfs=ECDH ssl_protocol=TLSv1.2 Note on this log line how it specifies TLSv1.2. Thoughts on setting up the proxy server to see if that allows it to connect that way we can be 100 percent sure that it is not related to this change? There is no harm/cost in setting this up then you will just have to plug in a different host name and see if it connects. However setting that up does take about an hour for DNS to resolve so just let me know if you'd be interested in trying this.
  5. Response from pair below. The log here is about 5 minutes about my test trials, and I'm pretty sure it only reflects the automatic AirMail fetch (IMAP) logins, not the test SMTP logins I ran earlier. I've asked them to try to find the earlier logs. My log is also attached. If it will simplify your life, I certainly have no objection to you emailing Pair support directly. I can also set up a test email account in that domain so you can fiddle directly, if it helps. ======Response from Pair.com===== Here is one full log entry (most recent one) from the sales account. You can note that it states "TLS" which means it is using the TLS1.0 protocol rather than the newer TLS1.2 version. I read that the program is supposed to have support for the newer protocol but for some reason it seems to be forcing itself to use TLS1.0 instead. Also if you notice right after the line where it states that it is using TLS, the next line is it failing to connect so I am confident that this is issue. As for the link they provided about account made before 2011, this is just in reference as to what the mail server name will be for your account. Our legacy accounts use a different naming schema then our newer group hosted accounts. Your account is the newer group account so this doesn't apply to your account. One positive thing I can say is that your operating system itself DOES support TLS1.2 so if there is a way to force the program to always use at least TLS1.1 then you should be able to connect fine. Just let us know if you need any more log entries or anything to help get this resolved. We do have a proxy server that I can setup for you that will allow that program to connect however it is only a temporary thing we have in place to give customers time to upgrade. Apr 30 00:30:32 mail2.g18.pair.com dovecot: imap-login: Login: user=<sales@intercomltd.com>, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=, mpid=89646, TLS, session=<E6WG3LeHu9HbZLxA> Apr 30 00:30:41 mail2.g18.pair.com dovecot: imap(sales@intercomltd.com)<89658><2ux83LeHuNHbZLxA>: Connection closed (SELECT finished 8.643 secs ago) in=56 out=1579 deleted=0 expunged=0 trashed=0 hdr_count=0 hdr_bytes=0 body_count=0 body_bytes=0 Apr 30 00:30:43 mail2.g18.pair.com dovecot: imap(sales@intercomltd.com)<89646><E6WG3LeHu9HbZLxA>: Connection closed (SELECT finished 10.038 secs ago) in=56 out=1579 deleted=0 expunged=0 trashed=0 hdr_count=0 hdr_bytes=0 body_count=0 body_bytes=0 If you require any further assistance from us, feel free to contact us anytime, we offer 24/7 support. Sincerely, Bob pair Networks, Inc. support@pair.com 360Plug-ins_FMAdvanced.log
  6. Thanks. I just tried several options you suggested, from 13:25-13:28 April 30 Japan time, and have asked Pair to provide their logs; no response yet. The error message on my FileMaker client was the same for all three.
  7. I don't know if this is relevant or not, but my mail host (pair.com) just commented "The only thing I can think of is that we recently disabled the TLS1.0 security protocol on all our servers which could be causing the issue." They are going to try to see what the access log shows at their end. ========Update====== Pair.com responded: "Unfortunately, that does appear to be the issue, it is trying to connect using the TLS1.0 protocol. This upgrade would have been done anytime over the last two months as our server team has been slowly updating them in small batches, your server happened to be one of the last ones we updated. We can offer you a temporary proxy server that will allow that program to connect for the time being until you can upgrade to software that supports at least TLS1.1. Just let me know and I will set that up and send you the necessary settings. " ============== So, would that be an issue with Airmail or with your plugin?
  8. I just installed FMP Adv 13 on the same machine, and it has the same problem, so FMP itself is not the issue. That narrowed it down to your plugin, Airmail, MacOS, and various anti-virus packages. I downloaded the old plugin (2.17) and installed it; same results. So the plugin itself doesn't appear to be the problem. As far as I can tell, Filemaker has permission in the MacOS security settings, and BitDefender. I turned the Mac firewall off, and the error persisted, so the Mac firewall does not seem to be the issue. BitDefender allows FileMaker to access the MacOS system, and uses the Mac firewall.
  9. I've been using 587 with SSL/TLS, and it has worked fine for about two years. I tried using 465 as you suggest, with no change. I sent the log to Joshua last week, but attach today's version here FYI: Thanks. 360Plug-ins_FMAdvanced.log
  10. FMP17 updated this morning, and suddenly it can't send email via Airmail anymore. It reports "Could not convert socket to TLS" Any suggestions? I'm generating PDFs on a Mac 10.12.6, printing the PDF to disk, and then attaching it to an email, all scripted. It's worked perfectly for about two years, including upgrading from FMP13 to FMP17 when 17 was released... Any suggestions, or hopefully remedies, gratefully accepted!
  11. Restore completed with no errors, and multiple other scripts (internal to this file, or calling it from other files) all work perfectly, and have worked for at least a decade. It is unlikely (but certainly possible) that some internal error is causing all this. If FileMaker is tripping over a Japanese character I would be astonished, and FileMaker would probably be bankrupt. A manual FIND results in a 401, but performing the same FIND programmatically does not. I can only assume that internally they are processed differently.
  12. When I said it didn't work, I meant no 401 is ever returned. I also tried removing the ErrorCapture=ON and dialog steps completely, but it still will not capture 401. If both fields are found, the script works (no error code), which is what I want. The problem is that it does not return a 401 if there is no record with both fields found. It always returns errorcode=0 on BOTH dialogs. (The dialogs are only there to try to see what the script is doing; script functions the same way even if they are both disabled). I used the setfield commands deliberately to try to clarify exactly what the script is doing; normally I would use a single execute find command. If I use foundcount=0 instead, however, the script functions perfectly.
  13. Update: If I use FoundCount=0 instead of ErrorCode=401, the script works perfectly.
  14. I believe I followed your explanation, and tried it as shown. Results are the same (error code = 0) even when the target record does not exist. If I manually set the two fields and search with the specified values, it reports no records match the find criteria. Have I made an error in rewriting the script as you suggested?
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