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  1. Thanks a lot everyone for your input! I'm just using separate form parameters splitting the joe@hotmail.com to joe hotmail com then my next page is taking those form parameter which are required to create a string joe@hotmail.com and searching that. My problem was if only "joe" was searched on because it would bring up the first joe@ email address. But now with the three required form params becoming a string which is then used to search the email field, it works alright. I guess! But thanks for all your contribution. krishan
  2. Hi all I'm searching an Email field for email addresses on the web. I make the search an Exact search (i.e. the operator is equal). But I find that the "@" and the "." separate the words in the filemaker field so it's not an exact find. So if I search for "joe", I will still find joe@hotmail.com because the word "joe" is a separate word in that field (since the @ is like a space) If I search for "joe@hotmail" I will find joe@hotmail.com because the word "joe" and "hotmail" are separate words in that field (since the @ and . is like a space) Does anyone know what my problem is? Thanks in advance. Krishan
  3. Sorry, when I said "server" I didn't mean FM Server. I was testing out the FM Pro 5 Client hosting the databases and using another FM Pro 5 Client to access them from another computer. krishan
  4. Well, is it a problem? Why did FileMaker issue this article? Is it easy to hack a filemaker database and find out the password? Krishan
  5. Dear All... What are your workarounds for the below article taken from http://www.filemaker.com/ti/108462.html Krishan
  6. I found this answer on the Web: Create a database (single user) that has the same password defined and set as default password. Make a startup script in this database that opens the other databases. Since the password matches, no dialog is presented. The network users still has to enter the password since they can't access the opening file.
  7. Hello I have made my database accessible via TCP/IP using Sharing "multi-user". And I have defined a password for the database. So I can now access my database on a different computer (using FMPro Client) and my file requires a password. BUT in the event of my server crashing I have automated my server to restart and my FMPro database to re-open. I have entered the default password under Preferences > Document, i.e. selecting "When opening database try default password ******" However, this allows my database to open automatically over TCP/IP too without the need of a password! So how do I keep my database password protected over TCP/IP and still allow it to open automatically after a crash?? Look forward to your ideas. Thanks in advance! krishan
  8. Hi everyone. Is FileMaker Pro 6 Unlimited multi-threaded for Mac OS 9.1. ? Thanks guys. Krishan.
  9. Thanks!! I would be really grateful!! Krishan.
  10. I found a site that does just what I want! (well, erm... it only works with Windows Internet Explorer and not my favourite Mac IE) http://www.oreillynet.com/lpt/a/javascript/2001/12/21/js_toolbar.html It tells you how to create a toolbar for your form's textarea field so that your text can be bold, italic or a link. Pretty cool if your users don't know how to write in html or are lazy programmers. Krishan. p.s. Can anyone find the same sort of toolbar javascript that works on a Mac IE browser?
  11. Thanks Keith. I do go to http://www.javascriptsource.com and http://www.javascriptcity.com a lot. I was just wondering if anyone else has already done the hard work! haha! Krishan.
  12. Thanks scratchmalogicalwax! I hope you're keeping well. With regard to encoding output, I'm using Lasso so I use the following code: [string_Replace: (field:'Message',EncodeNone), Find='r', Replace='<BR>',EncodeNone] This allows me to write html into my message form's textarea field which work when reading the message on the forum. I just need to find a javascript that allows me to create a short cut button for writing basic html into the message form's textarea. This would allow people who don't know how to write html, to create links in their messages. Anybody got a clue about the javascript required? Thanks! Krishan.
  13. Hi everyone! I have a message board but I want the users to be able to add html links, bold their text etc, just like how FM Forums allows us to insert Instant UBB Code by pressing the buttons. Does anyone know the javascript for creating these buttons which will write the HTML code into the text area field? Thanks! Krishan. : : :grin:
  14. Thanks. I'll check it out! But my script runs great now. just added code:on idle ...my above script... return 360 * minutes end idle
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