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  1. I have some graphic pictures on some of my layouts. When you click on them you can resize them. I got a new jpg file and when I want to put it on the layout it says it has to make the page larger but when it inserts it I can't amke it smaller. It's one large picture. How do I make the jpg file smaller to fit properly on a layout? Tha handles just don't come up. TIA. I put it on a separste new blank layout and was able to make it smaller. It's a shame you can tell it not to enlarge your layout and just make it smaller the first time. Anyway, I got it. Thanks.
  2. When I start Filemaker and go to my hosts favorites I see icons of all my favorite files. The names of some of the files are longer than the icon line and I have files named the same except for the end which says 2021 or 2022 etc. I can't see that year so they all look the same. I was looking to see if I can change it from icons to a list but don't see where. There is an option when looking at the hosts files. Is there a way to do it?
  3. Thank you. In my case they all have the same last name. The records are differentiated by last+first+grade. This is a one time shot that we need to do. I actually tried the lookup from the second file, but I see what you're saying. Am I to assume you can't set a common "key" between two files if some of the key is a related field?
  4. I have two files. One is the parent/student file. Has a parent record and student records. The second file is another student file. I want the second file to get relational fields from the first file. Now, in the first file, the student record gets the last name from the parent record. To link the two files, I create a field of last and first and grade. Same in the second file. Then I want to pick up fields from the first file into the second. It didn't work. So I tried to index the field but it won't because last is a related field from the parent. I was going crazy so in the student file I wrote a script that copied each last name into a last_copied field so that the field of last, first and grade no longer had related fields and with setting indexing (so it shouldn't be unstored) it worked. This is a terrible way to have to do this. I'm hoping there's a basic answer to this that I just don't know. Anyone? I'd appreciate it. Michael
  5. Thanks for the comeback. I got around the 125 (though it seemed like the max was less) by keeping the old files closed until someone may need it. Which is seldom. I put passwords on all the files tht didn’t have them. Thanks again. mike
  6. Actually 125 files didn't work. Anyone know the maximum number of files allowed on the server? If I need more do I have to create a second server?
  7. Ok. Found two things. I looked at the log. Is it true I can only open 125 files? As far as files not opening I saw this: SECURITY: Database "Resource_File_Opener" cannot be opened because it does not have the required password protection. Apparently it's only opening files with passwords. Can I set it to open files that don't have passwords? I think that's the major problem. If it's true about the 125 is there another setting for that? Thanks Mike
  8. Hi. I finally went to the filemaker server 18 after being on 12 all these years, as you all recommended. I'm having a serious problem. I took all my database files and brought them to the fm server 18. There's 126 files. I clicked on open all and only 92 files open. Many files are similar, just for a different school year. Going crazy as I promised we'll be up by Monday. If I can't resolve this I have to go back to 12. Any help on this? Mike
  9. Okay, I finally got a server 18 up and running. I'm moving files from my 12 server over. I went to databases and made a few subfolders in which I put the files. However, when I go to the host, it shows me all the files but not the subfolder name. This organized it better in 12. Is there a way?
  10. Maybe I'll get lucky and get some answers. First, I get all the updates but been using FM12. Ready to switch. I had all the downloads but I need some king of key file for 18 server and the link disappeared. Now we're stuck Second. Once we somehow create the new FM 18 server, Can I move my files slowly by having FM12 and FM18 on each workstation at the same time and use whichever I need? I would need the 12 until I update all workstations and move all server 12 files over. Am I making any sense? Need help quick, pleaaaase! Mike
  11. My FM databases are still being used. I tried to get into FM server 12 to add another database. It opened and gave me that message. Version 12 on Windows 10 (I know I have to upgrade, just no time). I believe the CD I got on server was by you. I'll get a screen shot. Even though the start database server on the left on top isn't dimmed, when I click on it it hangs. Have to stop the application.
  12. I go into my FM server like I always did before. The only difference is I'm coming in through teamviewer as I'm not in the office. I get this message and just don't know what to do: I get the following error message. Tried to push the button to start database on the top left and it's hanging. The database server is not available admin console functionality is limited to filemaker server overview and the log viewer panes. to use other functionality, the server administrator must start the database server again.
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