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  1. Two separate files. Not one file with a related table. A reason for that. Anyway, file A has a table with five records that have the word "Both" in field z. In File B the table has a field that refernces FileA::z so I can now see the field z in my second file for each record. So here, too, there are only 5 records that show "Both" in the field z When I do a search in File B looking for "Both" in the field z, I get 20 records, five of which do show "Both", but the rest either blank or something other than "Both". It's the weirdest thing because I also have other fields like x that show in File B from file A and the finds work fine on those gields. I must be doing something wrong but it beats me.
  2. I have a field in file A, say, called z I have a field in file B which has, as one of it's fields, fileA::z I have other file A fileds showing in File B as well and have no problem. With filed z, when I do a find for the word "Both", I get 20 records. In reality there are only 4 records in File A with the value "Both" in field z. Out of the 20 I have the 4, but then I have the other 16 with other words or blank. Can't figure this out. The other finds on the other fields work fine. Any help?
  3. Thanks a lot. Will check it all out. Have a nice weekend
  4. Just got it again. Got out of filemaker (when I go back into filemaker after exiting it works again). But first I tried a word document. It worked fine for the word document while giving me the same message for the fm document. I updated the printer, etc. Again, I'm on Windows 7. Any help would be appreciated. It's really annoying
  5. Tried those things without success. I forgot to mention that I had changed, a number of months ago, to a Windows 7 OS.
  6. I get this very often now, but with no rhyme or reason why. I print some single bills (tuition bills) out and then for no reason it doesn't print and I get this message: Printing cannot continue because this printer is not connected to a port (which is definitely is, I don't have this issue with other software, only filemaker). Use the control panel to set up a port. I have to shut down filemaker and reopen my software and then it starts working again for a while and then for no reason, again, it gives me the same error message until I close it again. Using FM12. HELP!!!
  7. I thought we had something there, but it didn't work. This is insane. I have the software working on other Vista machines and can't figure out what's different here. Any other ideas? I really liked the last one. Thank you Mike
  8. I have to install fm12 pro on vista and keep getting an error message. It seems I need administrator rights, which I have. I used a few logins that all have administrator rights. Any ideas?
  9. Sorry. Didn't know I had a duplicate. Any ideas?
  10. I've had this working for years and can't figure out what I'm missing. I have two files. I want to import records from one file to the second based on a calculated field - the same in each file (it's a cancatenation of three fields). The field lights up on the file to import to but not from the file to import from. So I can't match the fields. I changed each field to index all and it still doesn't help. What I'm trying to do is update the matching records with the updated fields from the other file and add the others. Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. mleiser

    email bills

    I have a database with records for parents of our school. we send out bills monthly by printing them out. I would like to begin email it to those parents that choose to receive it by email. Where can I find an easy example of emailing bills from the database for those that request it via email. Thanks.
  12. I'm on a new Windows 7 machine and when I go to the IP address:16000 it comes up with a message that I need Java later than 6. I installed 8 and I still get this message every time. I checked Java and it is 8. That's on Explorer. On Chrome I get some crazy messages about what program to start php files. That's after I hit the big button for the admin. Any ideas?
  13. Happened again. This is very frustrating. If anyone experienced this please let me know.
  14. Reinstalled again the driver and now it works. Let's hope!!!
  15. I need to create a camp application. I want to also be able to email a parent the form, which they would fill in online and reemail it back to me. Then we would somehow get this info into the FM application. Any ideas?
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