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  1. I'm trying to omit a record from a found set in ScriptMaker. Enter Find Mode Set Field["codefield","3"] New Record/Request Set Field["codefield","7"] Perform Find Go to Related Record[dumprecord] Omit Record Above doesn't work. I'm guessing "Go to Related Record" resets the found set. I have a specific record, let's say UserID: 42 that I want to omit from this found set. How can I achieve this?
  2. I found it. Refresh Window [bring to Front]
  3. Using the script below displays the Delete Record dialog before going to the Residence layout. Why? How can I go to the layout first then display the Delete Record dialog? Set Field["gUserID", "Find User::UserID"] Go to Related Record ["gUserID"] Go to Layout ["Residence"] Delete Record/Request[]
  4. I'm using 5.0v3. Is the online help you refer to on the http://www.filemaker.com/ site?
  5. After searching many post I still have not found a clear cut solution to my problem. My first choice: Is it possible to display an image in a container field by specifying a path (local drive only) and not actually inserting the image in the database? Say you have a folder called "C:images" that contains img0001.jpg, img0002.jpg, img0003.jpg ... (I've tried something like this but with no success) gPath = "C:images" imagename = "img0001.jpg calcImage = gPath & imagename I would like to avoid using a plugin if it isn't necessary. If that isn't possible how about a script
  6. Thanks, It works if you remove all hard returns.
  7. I'm trying to export a calculation field that concatenates html code with data fields. I need to create a html file by exporting one field called CalcHtmlCode as simple text with an .html extension. There doesn't appear to be a txt filter to do this. The Html filter FileMaker provides inserts my html code in a table which obviously doesn't work. Any suggestions?
  8. It's a mystery to me. The sub-scripts appear not to be running. I added a beep and made sure the Perform sub-script box was checked. No beeps. Anyways I gave up and just used loops instead. Thanks for your input.
  9. I've created a script that imports a Juno addrbook.nv file and exports it in MS-Outlook Express address book format. The script performs 8 sub scripts the 3rd script of which isn't working when performed from the main script but works great if I run each script individually. The script not working looks like this: Go to record [first] Replace [No dialog, "RecordID", "Serial numbers"] Any ideas?
  10. I'm not sure of the correct terminology but I want to do the equivilent of clicking outside of a field (to exit a field so my script works properly). I'm pretty sure I've read of a way to do it but I'm not sure how to search for it.
  11. Thanks captkurt, I ended up creating a separate file called Batch.fp5 which will act as a line items file.
  12. I have an Invoice file containing batch numbers. The Invoice.fp5 file might contain: 10 records where BatchID = 5001 16 records where BatchID = 5002 13 records where BatchID = 5003 I'm having a hard time creating a portal in my Main.fp5 that just shows the individual Batch information (in this example just 3 rows in the portal). Any suggestions?
  13. Thanks Andy, Works Great! I already have a field/script that displays the current record number - gCurrentRecord so all I had to do was add the Go to Portal Row (by field value) and point it to that field.
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