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  1. I think I know what your problem is. On your calculation field, you should select "Calculation result should be a NUMBER." If you have it set to TEXT then it will give you .0999999996 HTH Townsend
  2. I am using the Perform Applescript script in FMP 5. I want the script to open my Timbuktu and navigate to a particular FMP Server. That part works fine. However, after I run the script in FileMaker and Timbuktu comes up, I press "cancel" instead of "OK" then I get an error -27. I know I need an additional line at the end of my applescript that says "If user presses the cancel button then tell application Timbuktu to quit". I just have no idea how to write that in applescript. My script is pasted below. TIA tell application "Timbuktu Pro" activate open window "New Connection" end tell tell application "Finder" activate open selection end tell tell application "Timbuktu Pro" activate make new control session connecting to AppleTalk address {zone:"ADMIN", NBP type:"Timbuktu Host", machine:"MyServerName", network:11111, node:111, socket:111} when rejected let user reenter end tell Townsend
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