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  1. FMP16 Applescript Not Working

    FileMaker change this in 16, You have to check a checkbox in preferences. see attached
  2. Color codes in filemaker

    Maybe this one. Scriptology: Filemaker Pro Demystified May 1998 by Matthew Petrowsky and John M. Osborne
  3. Circumference of an Oval

    Hi jbante, Correct. we don't need to see the ugly negotiations. You can probably do some of this by Private Message.
  4. Extract most occurred word in a text field

    Hi ibobo, My Bad, I thought this was a file I made a long time ago for a similar need. However, the credit for this file goes to rwoods who posted it in response in this thread. Pattern count/Keyword density probelm, I must have deleted my file or I'm not remember what I named it. It used a calculation and not a script, and I provided the words to count. I'll continue to look or will recreate it for you. Lee
  5. Extract most occurred word in a text field

    iBobo, Not sure why you need this, but if you have a list of the words to count? You might be able to use the PatternCount for this? There is a Custom Function I located that could also be helpful uniqueWords Lee pattern.fmp12
  6. Accounting calculation

    Hi John, You are describing a Check Register. phil over at community replied with this post which I followed to create my attachment. https://community.filemaker.com/thread/92249#comment-283297 Check Register.fmp12
  7. Color codes in filemaker

    IIUC, this is the purpose of Themes. Just make a Theme using your colors and then you can import that theme into your new files and use it in whole or in parts. Matt Petrowsky at ISO Magazine has had several videos on this topic in the past that are available at his site, my favorite is called (Re)Theming Solutions. The Video is Free, but you have to be a subscriber to get the file. I was able to create my own file just following the video, and then when I compared it to his, I had nailed it. BTW, I've been a subscriber since April 2004 and have found it a great resource. I'm currently auditing the video sessions by Matt on how to do things in FileMaker. His Lessons started with the Basics things he calls the Environment, and progressed through Fields and Calculations, Data Structure & Schema and is presently is covering Layout Mode & Design, i.e. Theming. I hope this helps, Lee
  8. FM 13 Adv to FM16 Adv

    Hi eqitec. I have approved your topic and moved to the Upgrading and Migration Topic from the Community Articles, Tips, & Techniques because this topic matches the sprite of your question better. In a word NO. FileMaker Pro versions12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 all use the same basic engine and are backwards compatible. This means that FMP 16 can read 13 versions without a problem. However, FMP 13 will not be able to recognize or use the new tools, functions, and features added to more new releases. Bottom line, you are moving in the right direction, IMO, FMPA 16 is the best version ever. Lee
  9. Data Mining in a found set

    Hi Grim, I'm not sure I'm understanding you correctly, however sometimes when you think you need a find, what you really need is a Relationship and Portal. I sent you a Private Message with some helpful information. HTH.
  10. Summary Field Latency

    Hi kcep, This topic explains it better than I could answer. https://fmforums.com/topic/49163-calculation-field-vs-calculated-value-vs-lookup/ Lee
  11. hierarchical Value List

    If I'm understanding you correctly, you are describing a Conditional Value List. There are sample files at many sites, including here. For a simple demo of CVLs, this site had lots of resources including CVLs demo. http://www.databasepros.com/list.php?search=conditional+value+list&submit=+Find+ Youtube has a lot of videos that are on this subject. Here a list of videos on CVLs. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=conditional+value+list+filemaker+ I like this video by Martha Zink of Soliant TV because it is a sort and to the point. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2C62NlAR8vY
  12. Hi TeacherED, Try Substitute ( YourTextField ; ["d"; ""]; ["M"; ""]; ["m"; ""]; ["y"; ""]; ["/"; ""]; ["."; ""]; ["-"; ""] ) HTH Lee
  13. Hi evance and welcome to the FM Forums, IIUC, FileMaker will remember a search performed manually. So perform your search manually and then immediately create the script Perform Find. Lee
  14. Sub Summary Record Count

    Hi Barbara (a.k.a.) Bcooney, I don't think that iking42 noticed that you posted because Steve and you have the same color icons. Wonder what ever happened to our old icons/pictures/etc? I guess you have to actually create your own or the Forum creates it for you. Lee
  15. Report number of fields within a date range

    Hi Matthew, I haven't analyzed your ERD, however you might find these Free ERD sites helpful for this or future projects. https://www.draw.io and http://www.databaseanswers.org/data_models/

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