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  1. Lee Smith

    Another free DMT wrapper tool

    Thanks for sharing Claus.
  2. Did you open the System Preference? Look at the popup, the icon even shows that it is the Security & Privacy and is telling you that it Doesn't Recognize the Developer. This part of the System protection.
  3. This is a Preference problem. Open your System »» Security & Privacy »» General and you see the Allow apps downloaded from: You might have to unlock it by clicking on the padlock and entering the computer password HTH Lee
  4. There are videos at their site http://fmstartingpoint.com
  5. Lee Smith

    Dynamic Portal Sorting

    Hi schmegol, Have you watch any of the videos on portal sorts? This search brought up several how-to videos on portal sorts. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=filemaker+16+portals+sort Hope this helps. Lee
  6. Do it if you want, but here is the problem with linking your files elsewhere. I sent you a Private Message earlier, and I see you haven't read it yet. Please read it now, as it has some helpful information about how to post your questions.
  7. Hi cesteban and welcome to the FM Forums, Please post your attachments here so we don't have to leave the Forums to view or access them. TIA Lee p.s. It is always better to create a new Topic rather than use one that is older than the current FileMaker Pro Version.
  8. Lee Smith

    Case Statement

    Hi Jonah74, When asking a question on the FM Forums, please don't use generic terms for things such as your fields, layouts, scripts, etc. because it adds confusion to the question. Names such as Field A, Field B, Field 1, Field 2, do not mean anything (unless that is your actual names). Using your real names can assist us in understanding what your question is and speed up the process in your receiving the answer that you are needing. TIA Lee
  9. Hi Wickerman, That's cool. You might want to Download the Demo of v17 in the meantime and kick the tires to see if it will do what want.
  10. Hi rwoods, If the OP is still using v15, then the Card Feature isn't an option because it was introduced in v16. @Wickerman If you have upgraded your FileMaker, please update your profile. Lee
  11. Hi Steve, I modified your calculation Substitute ( FilterValues ( ValueListItems ( Get ( FileName ) ; "NameOfYourValueList" ); Table::CheckboxField ); "¶" ; " " ) I added a space to separate the result and you had an extra trailing ")" Lee
  12. Lee Smith


    I understand your concerns, however the more we know about you schema, the better we can help you. The Anatomy of a Good Topic which I linked in my first Personal Message to you, (now called Guidelines) explains how to post a mockup or copy of a file. Lee
  13. Lee Smith


    I can't see anything from the PDF. How about attaching a copy of your file?
  14. Lee Smith

    Safari Can't Open Page?

    Hey Doug, I have not experience this either. Your address is the same as I use, https://fmforums.com/discover/unread/ You probably have already tried these things, but it usually fixes Safari for me. Close all tabs and restart Safari. Restart my Mac. Clear caches Clear History. HTH Lee
  15. http://www.filemaker.com/help/15/fmp/en/#page/FMP_Help%2Fnew-window.html

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