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  1. SVG Icon Manager

    Hi Carlsson, The video by Claus and Richard is very helpful, at least is was for me. No, you don't. The tool creates files on your hard drive, you can select one from that folder. I usually do it a different way because I convert the images or import them. I import a qualifying image. There are several sites you can find ready to use icons, and most are free, including inDats and Noun Project. When you find the image you like, download it on your hard drive. Open your file, double click the target button, then click on the + plus button. find your image, select it, it will add it to your button and the Button Setup Icon list. HTH Lee
  2. Script for pop up menu

    Thank you.
  3. Script for pop up menu

    Please up date your profile to show FileMaker, operation system, platform, and Skill Level information.
  4. Exporting to PDF from runtime solution

    Hi pomilpetan, I don't think that this has changed, but it used to be that you couldn't create a PDF in a RunTime because of the license between Apple and Adobe. From the online help Compatibility http://www.filemaker.com/help/15/fmp/en/#page/FMP_Help%2Fsave-records-as-pdf.html As I understand it, Apple pays a royalty for each Application it issues, and there is no way to track those products that are listed as No. FileMaker Pro Yes FileMaker Server No FileMaker Go Partial Custom Web Publishing No FileMaker WebDirect No Runtime solution No Lee
  5. How to add next row

    That a Girl. Let us know what you find. Lee
  6. How to add next row

    There is corruption in that file. With the file closed, choose Recovery from the File Menu, go to the bottom of the list and select Recovery, select the file, and then click the "Use Advance" Option. I tried to upload your file that I had corrected but it wouldn't let me, it said that it Failed. Let me know if you get it fixed or not.
  7. How to add next row

    Hi Sarah, You were close. Your relationship is based on the relationship of Daily Crew Times but the Portal is using the current table and not the relationship. Your file is Huge, 81 MB, It should be more like 85 KB. It failed to upload, I'll attach a screenshot in a couple of min to show the relationship
  8. Hang-up on Perform Find script step

    Is a prescription for improperly closed file. Which can cause corruption. Since you have Advance, why not use the Script Bugger and Data Viewer to see where it is hanging up. That way you can kill the script without using the Ctrl+Alt+delete to close FileMaker. My guess is that table has corruption. Lee
  9. Hi Reg, IIUC, you're wanting to to populate these fields with the same data that is in Address 1? Is this a new database, or an existing database with data already in some of the Address 2 and Country? If new, then you will want to use the Auto Enter calculation option for the Address 2 field. If you haven't used this function before, watch this short video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBOJtbfSCxg If existing, let us know. Lee
  10. Highlight Calculation

    Maybe a mockup of the basic file will help?
  11. Handling Audio in Containers

    Hi Hijak, In the recent upgrade of our forum software, we lost the Profile for you. Please update your profile Information to reflect your current version of FileMaker, OS and Platform. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I thank you for your cooperation. Lee
  12. Converting date formats on import

    If you have FileMaker Pro Advance, then this Custom Function TextToDate might help you.
  13. Scrollable Text Fields (without entering to edit)

    Make a calculation field the equals the text field. Have that calculation field the one for the user display and add the ability for scrolling.
  14. Display "other" value from Checkbox set

    its in the inspector
  15. Insert Calculated Result Bug

    Hi Jaboda, That fits the timeline as I remember it. Prior to the release of FileMaker Pro 8, using the Insert Calculated Result ( ) was the only way we could use a date in a script or calculation. There was also a Today Function back then, which was eliminated in version 8. I'm not positive, but I believe that was when we could use Get (CurrentDate) in the Set Field Function. Lee I thought I had sent this yesterday.

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