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  1. Lee Smith

    Problems with Excel export of images

    Hi Franziska, I sent you a Private Message yesterday, please take the time to read it now. Lee
  2. Lee Smith

    complicated calculation

    You are not trying anymore, you are doing a great job.
  3. Lee Smith

    complicated calculation

    Hi Steve, That's the way I read it too. I made a demo using your calculation, I think there are some ≤ and or ≥ are reversed. complicated caldulation.fmp12
  4. Hi Daniel, and welcome to the FM Forums, If I'm understanding you correctly, In order to access the information table to table in native FileMaker, it requires a relationship. Are these tables in the same file or separate files? Lee
  5. Please do not double post you questions. I have remove the question posted to Manage Scripts.
  6. Lee Smith

    Filemaker Pro v6 for Windows?

    Oops, The search was for Where can I get a copy of FileMaker Pro 6 the product was one of many. I fixed the link in my earlier post. https://www.ebay.com/i/173268680210?chn=ps
  7. You might also try the Filter Funtion Filter ( yourField ; "0123456789" )
  8. Lee Smith

    Filemaker Pro v6 for Windows?

    Hi Krister and welcome to the FM Forums, I did a search of google for Where can I get a copy of FileMaker Pro 6 and it provided some leads. BTW. Those files can now be converted to your version 11 also.
  9. Lee Smith

    Shortcut to move through layouts?

    Hi LaRetta, Please let us know the link when you do, and we will pile on in support. Lee
  10. Lee Smith

    Filemaker and Qualcomm powered pcs

    Check out the specifications here. https://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-pro/pro-16-specifications.html Lee
  11. Lee Smith

    Cant get the recursive function to work

    Hi John, Is this a CF you created, or is it posted someplace? Lee
  12. I agree with Steve. Maybe if we saw your file it would help us find a solution to what you are wanting. Click the link at the bottom called Guidelines to read how to keep your confidential information safe. See Step 8.
  13. Create a second layout?
  14. You understood my question then. Check for old Plugins?

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