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  1. Help with the custom Function

    Material 1 is using or relying on a related table for the number (table not included) Whereas, Material 2 is not using a related table.
  2. Please do not double post.
  3. Rank function

    Hi Trpan_z and welcome to the FM Forums, Sometimes you can find answers to questions online. I just did a Google Search for site: fmforums.com Rank function and it returned several hits. @lola good post.
  4. Hi John, When this happens, just remove the object from all contact with the Popover, and then drag it back onto the Popover. Hope this helps, Lee
  5. Copy related records

    Hi Bill, Are you trying to make a report from a portal? If so, you should make your reports in the Table where the original Data Resides.
  6. Hi Spidey, Your questions is a little unclear. If you mean do you have to have Advance to make Standalone / Runtimes, yes. Otherwise please clarify your question. Lee
  7. Subscripts

    Hi hutchlad, Since you have FileMaker Pro Advance, why not use the Script Debugger and Data Viewer to see where the "Master Script" is breaking? You could also copy the script and put into a reply here, or post a copy of the file, see Anatomy of a Good Topic on how this can be done. It also has addition tips on how to post in the Forum. HTH Lee
  8. Button Script to Display Tab

    I'm not sure what button you are referring to, or what you are trying to accomplish. If as Doug suggest, then I'm not sure why you would need a button instead of just clicking the Tab. IIUC, your are wanting to Go To Related Record (GTRR) attached to the Greater Than button ">" as it appears to be button for going to the related record. If that is the case, it can be be single step Go to Related Record [ Show only related records ; From table: “Prospect List ALL” ; Using layout: “Prospect List” (Prospect List) ] Select the option of show the related record only The other scripts such as the one attached to the funnel doesn't do anything. Anyway, I modified your file to show the related record button. HTH Lee BD Demo_Mod.fmp12
  9. Jump on click

    Have you tried zooming in? Do you have the layouts Snap to Grid checked. i.e. Position, bottom of the inspector Grid?
  10. Are you aware that in Version 16 it handles AS different? You need to go in to into the Accounts and Privileges and check the box Allow Apple Events.
  11. I wished I had had your Profile Information before I answered your question. I probably would have not posted the AS part.
  12. AppleScript is a Macintosh Operating System application. Why use it for something that is built in FileMaker. i.e. the script step "Open Script Workspace", which will do what you want. There a bunch of key combinations available in FileMaker. It is also possible to add or change them by using the Accessibility in the System Preferences AFAIK, this isn't possible. Take a look at the Clip Manager available https://www.myfmbutler.com/en/products/clip-manager-for-mac/6 I use it for my archive of fields, scripts and custom functions. Lee
  13. Hello

    howdy cowboy. LOL

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