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  1. Portal, layout or relationship

    Hi crazybake, I'm not understanding your schema either. How about attaching a copy or a mockup of your file? See more information about how to attach a file here, Anatomy of a Good Topic when contains confidential data. Lee
  2. Help with relationships

    Hi Karina and welcome to the FM Forums, I think we need to see a copy of your file. This Topic by Ocean West, Anatomy to a Good Topic, provides additional information on how attach a file?
  3. Changing Ownership of a Product

    Hi teganthomas Please read the email sent you earlier today. Lee
  4. Why? Do you know a reason why Jeff can't Register his copy of the software? This would indicate he owns the software.
  5. Simple count of records depending on field data

    Hi Teks4u and welcome to the FM Forums, There are some videos at YouTube that might help you. Here is one of them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPPU42hhswY I am sending you Private Message. Lee
  6. Here is a file that uses a very simple use of parameters. Each Alpha button has a parameter. AlphaButtons.fp7
  7. PDF attachment with Preview

    I do this all of the time. Glad you found a way.
  8. One Time Pull Only

    Hello rmm, welcome to the FM Forums, I sent you a Private Message, please let me know if you received it. Lee
  9. PDF attachment with Preview

    Hi JMart, I watched Martha Zink's video, and compared her example file to your own, and there are some differences. The big difference is that the example file seems to be a different from the one used in the video. It would seem from the comments on the page, the example file was added later. The most notable thing is the lack of a Popover in the example file where you can choose the type of file to be inserted. Nevertheless, the file still works the way it should without it. The other differences are between the example file, and your attempt of implementing it. I believe you left off some needed fields, and / or renamed fields and layouts, that can be confusing you and me. it is hard to see what went wrong. You will learn that when adapting a solution to your own files, you need to copy everything exactly as the example file has it. This might mean to temporary rename things in YOUR file such as Tables. Here is a Checklist for moving files that you might find helpful because it gives the order on how you should move things. Do not try to rename the fields, relationships, etc., until you are sure it works in your file as expected. Once you have it working, you can then make name changes to suit your file. When naming things, try to follow a naming conventions such as suggested in http://filemakerstandards.org/display/cs/Overview HTH Lee
  10. PDF attachment with Preview

    Hi JMart, Sorry, the forum must have a problem with the PMs, as this is the second time this has happened to me this week. i just resent the message, and you should have received it by now. Please let me know if you get it this time, or not. Lee
  11. PDF attachment with Preview

    Hi JMart and welcome to the FM Forums, Yep, this is where I would have posted it. It would be helpful see the which video you are referring to. See the Private Message I sent you.

    Sorry, the Private Message didn't send, The link is attached to Anatomy of a Good Topic in the Private Message.

    Hi CSPENCE, and welcome to the FM Forums, I have sent you a link and some insight of what Bruce is saying. Lee
  14. GetSummary from two related tables

    Hello Toni, I don't speak the language your file was written in? What is the language? Perhaps someone who speaks your language will jump in. I really struggled opening your file, was it setup for a server? Your startup script was looking for other related files. The layout I ended up on would not let me into Manage Database. I had to open it using Script Debugger in order to bypass your script. After it was open, I had to cancel it's search for your EDS files. My first reply to this thread contained a link to Anatomy of a Good Topic, it explains further about how can prepare a file for posting it to the FM Forums, Lee
  15. Help with generating a list

    I'm not sure from your file and description if this is what you are after or not. I apologize for the schema - I made this file in FileMaker v3 in 1994.

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