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  1. Lee Smith

    Copy for FileMaker

    Hi Gilles, There really isn't enough information in your question, however, without seeing the file, you can copy and paste in FileMaker. However, the preferred way is to use the script step, Set Field so as to preserve the clipboard. Why not attach a copy of your file. Here is the link to Anatomy of a good topic - Guidelines that I referred to in my Private Message this morning. Lee
  2. Lee Smith

    Layout list

    Hi John, Have you ran a Datadase Design Report? Lee
  3. Lee Smith

    Timestamp Conversion

    and you want it to look like 090520181039
  4. Lee Smith

    Timestamp Conversion

    What's the TS raw data? 9/5/2018 10:39:21 AM or Different.
  5. Lee Smith

    Size Calculator

    Hi Tom, Wow, I can't Believe that you have not received any feedback on this file. Our records show, that 15 people have downloaded the size_calculator, and I would have thought that at least five or six would have provided you their feedback weather it was, good, bad or otherwise. I've used your file it on three of mine, and find that it provides helpful information about them and fortunately for me, none of them had any problem. Maybe my feedback will help to kickstart others to provide their feedback also. Those needing more information on installing or using, or just want to provide feedback, can contact Tom via Private Message or post your comments here. You will find him ready and willing to provide any help he can because, he really desires your feedback. Lee
  6. Lee Smith

    Best FM coding environment on Mac

    The two plugins are free for the use I described. The Developer Assistance is also free from a limited time, and them reverts to a limited amount of the features. I would be interested to see what other developers use as tools such as these. Lee
  7. Lee Smith

    Best FM coding environment on Mac

    Hi dp, For working with the tools available in FileMaker, I find these tools invaluable. I would start with the tools at ISO Magazine. https://www.filemakermagazine.com/Resources See the Tools section I use the Keyboard shortcuts, Matt's Typinator, and the two plugins listed. The MBS plugin has an ability to Syntax Coloring. I also use the Developer Assistant Utility I don't know if this is a change to Script Manager, or one of the plugins might have made this improvement, the Cmd and + key combo will increase (cmd -) the size of the test in the Script Exit box. Data Viewer Typinator will allow you to change the size of text when you use it in Data Viewer, however, it will revert when you close it Data Viewer.
  8. Hi fileman, I also moved your question to the topic we have for Damaged and Corrupted files. Lee
  9. Yes, these can be export or copied and imported or paste. Here is a checklist that might help to get organized Checklist For Moving FileMaker Code by Todd Geist.
  10. littlered136, There are other examples that you might want to look at. Do a Google Search for How do you make a calendar in FileMaker Pro. There are also videos on this too, Youtube FileMaker How do you make a calendar in FileMaker Pro HTH Lee
  11. Hi Sarah, Is your current version of FileMaker 15 Advance?
  12. Lee Smith

    Sorting Value List based on Field

    ISO Magazine is a great resource, I've been a member since 2004.
  13. Lee Smith

    Sorting Value List based on Field

    Hi Agnes, It still fails for me, I get this "/videos%EF%BB%BF/ultimate%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BF-value%EF%BB%BF-list-control%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BF" could not be found The video and file seem to be for members only, because it showing the teaser video of approx. 6 mins, without access to the file without login. Lee
  14. Lee Smith

    Sorting Value List based on Field

    Hi Agnes, For some reason??? the link you entered would not go to the article. Anyway, Wickerman would need to be a member to see the video. Here is the same link (as far I can see) as what you typed, and I'll test it in a min. https://www.filemakermagazine.com/videos/ultimate-value-list-control It worked. Lee
  15. Hi Rich, I modified my text above to make it sound better. Your welcome for the Let Calculation.

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