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  1. Here are the steps, In Browse Mode. Show all record, Go to the first record Put your curser in the Serial Number field hit CMD + = or go to the Menu and select See Replace png and then fill in the Replace Field Content, Be to put in the first value (i.e. "1") Be sure you do this carefully i.e. the right field, because you can't undo this. Let me know if you need more help
  2. Hopefully you are not using this serial number for anything important such as Relationships. Tell us what you use if for.
  3. FileMaker has two other ones, they are internally kept but you can see them but not alter them. However, they are handy to know about. Get (RecordNumber) and then the UUID Using the Fields Options, Calculated Value (Specify) Get (UUID) To Reset the Serial Number, I use the Replace Calculation. If you need help, let us know.
  4. Which Serial are you referring to, this one?
  5. Complex search form: boolean search in same field

    Have you tried this as the find for OR? Enter Find Mode enter search data for Team 1 (or whatever) New Record Request enter search data for Team 2 (or whatever) Perform Find
  6. Genealogy: Relational database(s)

    Maybe this thread will help you https://fmforums.com/topic/57383-wedding-database-structure/
  7. I know now, see OW reply.
  8. That's strange, I use that link all of the time. Please try a different approach and try going this way to see if you can see it listed https://fmforums.com/forum/258-site-instructions/ I'm goin to play with the information you have posted and see if I can make a demo. Lee
  9. Hi Wickerman, It might be helpful for you to post a mockup of your thoughts, You could do a simple ERD, FileMaker file, and additional information such as you gave in your opening post. Add to this, what you have tried that didn't work. Take a look at this post by Ocean West, Anatomy of a Good Topic, the steps 5, 6, 7 and 8, they are there to inspire and help our members to think out how to approach explaining their needs to us. Lee
  10. I obviously don't fully understand Find mode:

    There are a lot of examples of a Conditional Value List, Here is a link to three of them by Database Pros »» Resources »» Conditional Value List There are more exhibits, some have been posted to different needs here by our members. Let us know if you need some help interpreting these or have more questions about your need. You will need to convert them by dropping them on FileMaker Pro's 14 application. I forgot to mention that there are videos available for free here https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=conditional+value+list+filemaker Have fun, Lee
  11. Show Top 10 by DropDown Selection

    Hello OneStop, Sorry, It is unclear to me what you are needing. Have you looked at making a Summary Reports? Here is an example what you can do with reports. https://community.filemaker.com/thread/95212 you can find some videos on this here https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=filemaker+pro+summary+report If I have totally miss read your need, let us know. HTH Lee
  12. ValueCount with 2 criteria

    Hi cfmartinez1090 and welcome to the FM Forums, To perform an AND find, means just putting all of the fields to be searched on one Record Request, Here is the Online help for Find Request. https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/16/fmp/en/#page/FMP_Help%2Fspecify-edit-find-requests.html To perform fore either OR, you use a new request for each of the OR searches. Something like this. Enter Find Mode enter your request into Field A New Record Request enter your request for Field B Perform Find HTH Lee
  13. Show a portal as a main to enter records in child tables

    Hi Haris and welcome to the FM Forums, Have you tried changing the relationship to Allow Related Records on the Customers side? If you haven't done so already, please read this post by Ocean West, Anatomy of a Good Topic, for additional helpful information about posting questions in the FM Forums. Lee
  14. Number format for summary field

    Hi enquirerfm, This will work for the data you presented. Left ( number ; Position ( amount ; "," ; 1 ; 1 ) - 1 ) or Right( Left( Round( amount ; 0 ); Length( Round( amount ; 0 )) - 3 ); 3) Try this Calculation, it was provide by comment. It's very versatile, all you have to do is change "n = 1" (n = 2 or n = 3 etc. ) to extract a different part. Let ( [ YourField = amount ; n = 1 ; t = "," & YourField & "," ; start = Position ( t ; "," ; 1 ; n ) + 1 ; end = Position ( t ; "," ; 1 ; n + 1 ) ] ; Middle ( t ; start ; end - start ) ) HTH Lee
  15. Specific search script

    Hi Susan, and welcome to the FM Forums, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Dr.Hamed to reply. Dr. Hamed hasn't been back since 10/8/2106. It is always better to start your own thread anyway. That way you can explain In your own words what you want to accomplish, including what you have tried, and what has or hasn't worked. Here is an article that can help provide the kind of things that should be in included, using words. Anatomy of a Good Topic BTW, the question of creating a Family Tree has come up in the past, so you should be able to find more on this topic by doing as search on Google. Personally, I like Family Tree Maker for the Macintosh. Lee

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