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  1. Hi John, When asking for help on parsing text, it is always best to provide actual examples of the data. There are so many variables that can effect the results. In fact, a copy of the file is usually helpful. Lee
  2. do you mean this? https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/16/fmp/en/#page/FMP_Help%2Fremoving-blank-spaces.html
  3. Ok Lee. Where do I post a question on sorting? None of the areas seem to apply.

    Thanks for your help.


    1. Lee Smith

      Lee Smith

      Ask this of me in a private message.

  4. Mr. Ignoramus, I'm pretty sure I sent you this guideline before Anatomy of a Good Post, if not, please take the time to read it now, as it provides some really helpful information on how a post questions on the FM Forums. If you need more information on how to post questions, please send me a Private Message. Thanks in advance for you cooperation. Lee
  5. Hi John, Essentially they are the same except, I use the manual Page Setup & Print for a one time need, and the Scripts Steps of Print Setup & Print to memorialize a print need, when it will be used in the solution by the user. Did you know that you can create a script manually that can then be used as a script step? All you do is to create the Script right after you perform the Print manually. HTH Lee
  6. You can clear recents by going to the Menu >> File >> Open Recent >> Clear Recent (very last option)
  7. You can update your file by opening it in 16. Just drop the 10 file on the icon for 16 in the Dock. I have not ventured into using Mojave yet, but I don't think that Apple has done away with it?
  8. On the Macintosh, you can change the page setup under the File > Page Setup
  9. Cool that looks like what I was thinking of.
  10. Hi comment, I don't know if it can be done, but I like your idea. I also liked the way we were able to see the Titles above where we were making our replies. Lee
  11. Hi Barry and welcome the FM Forums, I moved your question to the FM Starting Pointing Topic area. If you are not using this file, let me know and I can move it again. Lee
  12. Why the crosspost? value from FileMaker Pro Advance 17 to an Applescript
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