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  1. BE_Execute System Command

    Old Thread I'm splitting this off into a new thread in Scripts, because the old thread was not a post as a Base Element question, it was only suggestion in a Reply. Hopefully having Base Element in the title will attract more attention.
  2. Script to email report layout

    I just noticed that some of the files in your Template folder, that came with your application, have an example of the Send Mail script. here the one in Assets.com Set Error Capture [ On ] If [ not IsEmpty ( Assets::Selected File Container ) and $$PLATFORM ≠ "Web" ] Set Variable [ $PATH ; Value: Get ( TemporaryPath ) & Assets::Selected File Container ] Export Field Contents [ Assets::Selected File Container ; “$PATH” ] End If Send Mail [ Send via E-mail Client ; With dialog: On ; Subject: "Asset: " & Assets::Item & If ( not IsEmpty ( Assets::Category ) ; " [" & Assets::Category & "]" ; "" ) ; Message: If ( not IsEmpty ( Assets::Item ) ; "Item: " & Assets::Item & ¶ ; "" ) & If ( not IsEmpty ( Assets::Category ) ; "Category: " & Assets::Category & ¶ ; "" ) & If ( not IsEmpty ( Assets::Model ) ; "Model: " & Assets::Model & ¶ ; "" ) & If ( not IsEm…" ; “$PATH” ] That you can use as an example. Lee
  3. Not sure what you are wanting, but to create a related record, there are several ways. I would start with a find in google, here is one I just made https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=how+to+create+a+Related+Record+in+FileMaker&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8 which provided several hits.
  4. Script to email report layout

    Take a look at Menu »» File »» Send The Script Step is found in the Script Workspace as a step , it will give you the same form as in the Send Mail, found under the File »» Send. Here is the link to the Help online for Send Mail
  5. changing the second field values

    Do a search for Conditional Value List.
  6. FileMaker Courses - What's Needed

    Hi Sandra and welcome to the FM Forums, Depending on what type of questions you have about work in FileMaker, there are several sites that offer training. I'm currently following a free course by Matt Petrowsky, at ISO FileMaker Magazine called "The Scriptology Mastery Course for FileMaker Learners." You can sign up for it at his site or on YouTube. Each Video Lesson takes anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, but expect to spend more than that sometimes because, you will probably want to watch some videos more than once. Matt has Covered the FileMaker Environment , Fields and Calculations, Data Structure Schema and now into Layout Mode & Design. BTW, I did I mentioned that it is a FREE course to anyone wanting to increase, or hone their FileMaker Pro Skills. One caveat though, you don't have to have FileMaker Pro Advance, but it will be beneficial to you if you do, as he refers and uses it all of the time. Other sites include, Lynda.com Database Pros FileMaker Magazine Seed Code Skeleton Key Learning FileMaker Pro There are more, but I'm running out of space. HTH Lee
  7. Hi Agnes, I do that too. Lee
  8. Viewing "Grandchildren" from context of "Grandparent"

    Hi GarthT Here is a couple of demo files at databasepros.com that may help?
  9. Hi Agnes, You make a good point. Me to. However, I did looked for this particular pattern and didn't spot one right away, so I just wrote it out.
  10. See if this works. Let ( [ ts = yourTimeStamp_Field ; m = Middle ( ts ; 6 ; 2 ) ; d = Middle ( ts ; 9 ; 2 ) ; yr = left ( ts ; 4 ) ]; m & "-" & d & "-" &yr )
  11. SQL SLOW

    PSOS doesn't seem to be an option, Lee
  12. Hi Jim, You can Read about indexing in the FileMaker online help. Besides speeding up finds, you can insert data into a field using Index. Menu » Insert » from Index.
  13. Anyone needing this service, please use the FM Forums' Private Message feature.
  14. Sorry Tom, We fix the need by using a number field and merge field. Lee
  15. SQL SLOW

    Take a min of that time to updated your profile
  16. Hi sdutton, I understand what you are asking, and I think this is more of how to implement it. Why not post a copy of your file or a mock up of it, so we can see your schema? Lee
  17. Date ( Month ( Get( CurrentDate ) ) ; Day ( Get(CurrentDate ) ) ; Year (Get(currentdate ) ) - 1 )
  18. Why not create a field for the year, it could be just a number or use the year function. Year (yourDate::Date ) and then merge either of those Fields.
  19. can't find layout icons

    Yes, the zoom navigation buttons (bottom of the window) were removed in version 16. There are Keyboard combinations for these zoom levels (go to Menu »» View)
  20. Missing Themes in Pro 16

    Lola, 18 doesn't exist. It's safe to say that it was a typo.
  21. Missing Themes in Pro 16

    You can import a theme from a previous version.
  22. Automating Date Lookups

    Why not post a copy of your file so we can see your schema? This article by Ocean West, the owner of the Forum, explains how to do this without compromising your confidential information. Anatomy of a Good Topic. Please let me know if you have a problem using Private Message. TIA Lee
  23. Hi bcooper and welcome to the FM Forums, I sent you a Private Message, please read it. Thank You, Lee
  24. Automating Date Lookups

    Hi Ponderosa and welcome to the FM Forums, I moved your question from the Discussion topic for Version 15 to the Calculations topic because, this topic fits your question. Your calculation could be simply, ReleaseDate + 7 A calculation field that is dependent upon another field, should fill in when the other field has data that fits the result. In other words, Field B is dependent on data being in Field A. Also, check your calculation fields to ensure it has a result of "date." In addition, if you are seeing a "?" the field, be sure that it has enough room to show. You can test this by clicking into the field. HTH Lee
  25. Create new table from Existing Field

    I should have mentioned, do this with a copy or backup, not with the original files.

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