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  1. Yes. I had asked for the file while at devcon. The b2 version does the trick. Thank you so much.
  2. Hi, I've just downloaded version 1.946 and FileMaker still refuses to launch when we switch the User Interface Language to French. We were using 1.944 before (downloaded in June). We don't have other plug-ins beside Autodupdate from FileMaker. The only way we can get Filemaker to work again is to delete the email plug-in from the Extensions folder, relaunch FileMaker and switch back to English (on those PCs where email is required, recopy the plug-in). Thanks for any other suggestion. NB the link to the b2.zip file does not work for me
  3. Hello, Just found out that FileMaker won't launch if the language preference is French and the email plugin is copied in the extensions folder... Experienced this issue with both FM10 and FM11... (Windows 7) Anything that can be done?
  4. I never thought of using these parameters with winzip. I will give it a try, thanks!
  5. Whether push or pull, I was looking for a way to avoid a folder name that changes with every backup... Or a method to obtain a copy/duplicate of the database in a fixed location.
  6. Hello, I am just upgrading our server from version 8 to 11. I did not know until now that backups were now each in their own folder. I understand the upside of allowing multiple backups and preventing them being overwritten. Having a fixed location was a plus in this situation: we need a duplicate of the database at a remote location - the data is replaced every night and using "day-old" data is not an issue and performance is better than using the network. So the script used by the remote machine was "pulling" a backup of the database from the same location every night. Now, with a
  7. mf

    Outlook 2010?

    Aside from the previous post I haven't investigated with FileMaker further. I found some older postings using Outlook 2007 and FileMaker and I am not very hopeful that the issues with 2010 will be fixed. I am now looking at 360works email plug-in, with SMTP. It seems unproductive to write an email client but I will keep it simple (just outbound) and bcc the sender so they have a copy in their Outlook. And after using FM11 for a bit, we found that some spacing in reporting works differently than it did in FM10: this means a lot of work to go revisit our reporting (in more than one FM
  8. mf

    Outlook 2010?

    Except... Using FM11 and Outlook 2010, the TO: field does not get filled (the email address of the recipient does not transfer) (I'm using Office 2010 RTM) Note: I found out that others have had issues with 2007 so I'll check if any solutions for 2007 might work for 2010
  9. mf

    Outlook 2010?

    No longer an issue if using FM11...
  10. mf

    Outlook 2010?

    Hello, We are going to Windows 7 and testing Office 2010 (beta). Currently we are using version FM 10. When trying to send an email using the Send Mail script (via E-mail client), FM crashes (same script was fine under XP and Outlook 2003). The error: "FileMaker Pro has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program" I know 2010 is not officially out, but choosing a different mail client is not really an option as our org is keen in using Office 2010 as soon as it is available in June (by-passing 2007). I will try FM 11 next,
  11. I can't conclude that the display issue is resolved because I removed Quicktime... I have other workstations with Quicktime and no problem with display... So far, FileMaker seems to "behave" normally without Quicktime. Another finding: if you "remote desktop" into a "problematic" PC, FileMaker displays fine. There must be other factors that I haven't thought of.
  12. Thanks for asking: As it happens, I've just un-installed Quicktime and FileMaker displays properly... I got the idea by noticing that Quicktime had been recently installed (probably in the past week). I did not really care to have Quicktime (I don't use it with FileMaker)and I removed it just to see what would happen. Now: if Quicktime is needed by FileMaker, are there some settings that need to be set a certain way? When you say Quicktime is needed to display certain images, is that if we have movies in the database? what type of images are you referring to?
  13. Dtrots I'm wondering if you found a resolution to your issue? I've had display issues since this summer - I thought it was related to a Windows update. I contacted FM and they told me to upgrade to FM10 (we were on FM9 and FM8.5, on Windows XP). I've worked on making the application ready for FM10 and am now deploying... wouldn't you know that the issue is poking its head again?! The only "work-around" I have at this point is to use CTrl-Alt-Del and then cancel: the screen re-display properly. I would appreciate to find out if others have encountered this issue and if ther
  14. Thanks Fenton, I am sure I will encounter more hurdles but I appreciate your help in getting me started!
  15. Here: I had to modify the files to remove data I did not want to "share"... hopefully once I can get some data imported I will be able apply to the more complex structure... Thanks! test_data.zip test_Converted.zip
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