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  1. Attached are the logs. They was no folder in the location you mentioned, but these were in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\config\systemprofile\360Works Thanks 360Works.zip
  2. "Logging in to remote site" I do not see an option to "Run Now" on any of the tabs.
  3. Thanks, but it has supposedly been uploading files nightly for the past many weeks. Still no luck.
  4. I am unable to manage my files through the webconsole for a safetynet1.3 installation on FMServer 12 on Windows 2008 server machine. Activation Ky is valid, I can access the Admin panel, but I get the message "The remote file list has not been read yet. Please reload in a few seconds." when I go to the Manage Files tab. I have tried repeatedly reloading it for 1/2 hour now, with no success. Any thoughts on how to access the files?
  5. It has been documented that FM12 introduced some serious issues with the onlayoutkeystroke trigger on windows machines, especially when a barcode scanner is involved. The issue is that the script trigger seems to interrupt the stream of characters coming in from the barcode scanner. While this worked fine in FM11, this method is now useless in FM12 on Windows. The recommended workaround is to add a global field to the layout, and use "onobjectexit" to return the cursor to the field after each scan. While this works fine for simple cases, I am trying to migrate a FM11 file that uses the onlayoutkeystroke method to FM12. The issue is that I have a rich layout with several action buttons and tab controls involved. While I can script around the tab controls, I have been stuck at how to handle buttons in portal rows on this layout. Clicking on a button inside a portal fires the onobjectexit script before the buttons script, so I can not use a global variable to disable the onoblectexit script. See the attached sample file for a skeleton breakdown of the problem (same problem on windows and mac). Does anyone know of either: A method to allow buttons inside of portals using the onobjectexit routine? An alternate workaround that allows scanning input to be accepted while still having a rich layout with buttons in portals? Any news on if the onlayoutkeystroke issue will be resolved for FM12 on windows soon? It would be a serious setback for the functionality of the solution if users are required to bounce back and forth between a simple "scan accepting" layout and a more feature rich non scanning layout, but that is the only solution I can think of at the moment for FM12 on windows. Any insights greatly appreciated. -Raz OnObjectExitProblem.fmp12.zip
  6. It is possible...manually. You will need to create the additional tabs on one of the panels, and then copy and paste the info from one to the other. You may want to do this from two different layouts to avoid changing any object names, and you will have to look out for any script triggers that might be attached to the panel itself, which would not get copied over. You could probably do this with one of those xml clipboard plugins, but I suspect you will spend a lot more time trying to parse the xml accurately then you will with the copy and paste route.
  7. There are several previous posts that ask about this, but I have not been able to find a clear answer in them. I am encountering the java heap space OutofMemoryError and would like to see if increasing the heap space will get around the issue (I think the real issue is a java bug in scaling a bufferedimage http://bugs.sun.com/...?bug_id=6716560 ). This is a served solution hosted on FMS11 on a windows 2003 server with scriptmaster-4_02 and used by people on xp, osx, and vista. My questions are: 1. Does the heap need to be increased on the host or client machines? 2. Has the location changed since the wiki was written? http://wo.360works.c...of_Memory_Error 3. Do I need to create these folders, or should they be present (I can not find them on any of the machines. Only get as far as /Library/Application Support/ on osx and 'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data on xp). 4. How can I check to see what the heap space is (and find out if it has been changed)? I have tried creating a text file that contains only the three digits "512", saving it with the name "memorysize" with no extension, creating the /360FmKit and /360Works subfolders, and putting the memorysize file within. This does not seem to help, but I do not know if it is even changing the heap space at all. Any insight would be appreciated, thanks! -Raz
  8. I believe you can model all three of these in FM. I think you will find that the answer to your question has much more to do with the specific workflow and business logic of the scenario you are trying to model, and little to do with the application.
  9. 2 Issues here: I think your relationship is reversed (should be from start and end date to expiration date, right?) and expiration date needs to be a stored calc for the relationship to work. See attached. continuity_welder.fp7.zip
  10. I believe that the the OP considers a 'duplicate' to be a potential duplicate - when a single record already exists with the specified ledger code, not two or more. See the 'Entry General Ledger' script in the accounts file that triggers the find duplicates subscript. So, his original if statement will work (because it is really checking for any records being found at all), but will not stop the original script from completing (because 'Exit Script' is being used instead of 'Halt Script') as is the suggested functionality. Either way, we have demonstrated one of the potential pitfalls of this design - not very intuitive.
  11. Well, I think you meant to have "Halt Script" instead of "Exit Script" in the General ledger Search Duplicates script. But, there are a few potential pitfalls with this routine. Why not just create a relationship between account code and ledger code and check for the existence of related records to avoid dupes?
  12. Hi there- My understanding is that FileMaker creates new records through portals by entering a matching value into the relational key field in the new record in the related table. Calculation fields (be they stored or unstored) only display calculated results and do not accept input. Therefore, FileMaker can not create new related records through a relationship where the child key does not accept input. Also, note that because you are using Global fields on both sides of the relationship (which still makes me nervous), you will not need to auto enter a 1 for each new record as all records will share the same value (definition of a global).
  13. Yes, you understood me (although I got my tables mixed up). There are many different ways to accomplish this, and you should choose the one that works best for you. Let me suggest another though: Since you are trying to assign a certain privilege or privilege restriction to a record based on which account is using it, why not use accounts and privileges to manage it? It will make your solution more elegant and much more secure. Assuming you have a number field called "Private" in the artist_owner table, and that private owner records have 1 in this field while public ones have nothing, create a custom privilege set "guest" that allows limited access to the records in the artist_owner table based on the simple calculation: "not Private". Assign this privilege set to your guest user accounts, and they will not be able to view any data from records marked private. You will also not need to create separate layouts for guests and admins as you might have to with your above solution.
  14. Because you will have to repeat this calc for each of the artist_owners fields (shouldn't that be "art_owner" or are we really purchasing the artists too now...?), you might consider using the calc to display the artist_mainID in the artist_owner table and use it as the basis for the relationship. That way, there would only be a relationship from artist_main to artist_owner's who are marked public.
  15. Welcome to FileMaker and the Forums! You do not need to reset the tab order for each tab panel (unfortunate confusing terminology). Tabbing through the order alone will not take you to a new panel even if it has fields/objects on it that are next in sequence. This means that given a layout with a Tab Object with 3 panels, each with three fields on it (Field A, B, C) you can have tab order 1A, 4B and 7C on panel one, 2A, 5B, 8C on panel two, and 3A, 6B, 9C on panel three. With this setup, the user will experience the tab order as 1A, 2B, 3C for whatever panel they are on. Note that you can set any tab panel as part of the order sequence so that a user can switch between panels without using the mouse by tabbing to that panel and pressing return, which takes the user to the new panel and therefore the new panel tab order. Also note that FM10 finally allows you to insert objects/fields into the tab order without having to manually reset the remaining objects in the order, which has been a major hassle in previous versions when trying even moderately complex tab ordering. Play around with it and it will become readily apparent.
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