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  1. Hi, I'm drawing a blank here, so can anyone post code for editing a portal record? I have a search button that searches a contact database containing a portal and returns the results (names) to a format page. This works well. What I can't get to happen is for the person's name link to go to an edit page. If I use -RecID, then I get the record holding the portal. How can I get the record ID of the portal record? Thanks!
  2. Concerning question 1, you could also do as Garry said and make a calculation in FM that puts the two values into one string and but then set the name value to only one of the fields. The following does exactly this as I wanted the user to be able to associate a project number to its name, but only wanted the project number entered into the field. <SELECT NAME="ProjectNumber"> [FMP-InlineAction: -db=Projects_SF_.fp5, -lay=Table, ClientNumber={CurrentToken:1}, -Max=All, -Find] [FMP-Record] <option value="[FMP-Field:ProjectNumber]">[FMP-Field:
  3. You could try setting a token to a serial number that is automatically created when the new ticket is created. As long as you continue to pass the serial number token value from format file to format file you will be able to come back and search the original database for the correct record using the serial number token. I typically only use the -RecID tag when working on one database that I am editing. By using tokens you can give them names that are easy to track across pages and databases. Good luck. -Skuli
  4. I searched the forums and I'm sure I saw something about searching a database located on a different server, but can't seem to find it now. Therefore, does anyone know if this is possible? If so how? Right now I am trying the following to no avail. [FMP-InlineAction: -db=, -lay=Table, -Max=All, -FindAll] [FMP-Record]
  5. Yes, you did! You rock too, Anatoli! Thank you both for your help.
  6. You rock Garry! Yes, it was the missing -Lay tag! The only problem was that the data was not being pulled from the right record into the email ( I was getting all records). I think it was due to the CDML format page being rendered by multiple inline actions. By adding the -RecID = [FMP-CurrentRecID] tag back in as a hidden field, the parent record was maintained. Works great! Thanks to all who gave this issue some thought. If you'd like to see the HTML, post and I'll add it. -Skuli
  7. I tried the POST vs. GET to no avail. Also, there is a closing </form> tag and didn't include the rest of the HTML on purpose. I also tried removing the -RecID information and am now going to go with the exported PDF/AppleScript. Thank you so much for you help.
  8. Thanks for the continued interest. Here is the CDML format file: <form action="FMPro" method="get"> <input type="hidden" name="-DB" value="Minutes_NY_.fp5"> <input type="hidden" name="-Format" value="project_minutes_list.html"> <input type="hidden" name="-RecID" value="[FMP-CurrentRecID]"> <input type="hidden" name="-MailFrom" value="DO_NOT_REPLY@no_reply.com"> <input type="hidden" name="-MailSub" value="[FMP-CurrentToken:3] - [FMP-Field:MeetingDate] Meeting Minutes"> <input type="hidden" name="-MailHost" value="mail.intelspac
  9. Yes and Yes. I can add to the portal from the web, search and have results from the portal displayed and your syntax was exactly like what I have. I don't get it -( Thanks for your help though.
  10. Hi All, I am beginning to think that the problem I am having with the format file is the syntax for getting the portal row information into the text file. Can someone post an example so I can check? Thanks! -Skuli
  11. No, it doesn't that is what I discribed in my update. Could it be a security thing? It doesn't work with Inlines or Portals. How should the -mailformat text file look? Maybe its a syntax thing there?
  12. Update - I change the CDML format file to use a portal rather than an inline action and this doesn't seem to have any effect on the resulting email. All the record information shows up in the email, but none of the portal information. Any thoughts, anyone?
  13. I am using an inline action on the format page so that when line items are added the format file can be the complete listing. Therefore there isn't any information on the CDML format page that is begin drawn from a portal. So if you have a format page that contains a number of inline actions to render the page, is it possible to email this information? It doesn't seem so, since the form used for sending the mail is only able to search one database at a time. It seems to me though, that if the information is displayed in the correct layout in FM rather it be a related field or a portal tha
  14. Hi All, I simple question, I hope. I have database of meeting minutes which a user can view over the Web. I would like to be able to allow team members to be able to email the minutes to others. Everything works great until the email is sent. The email contains all the fields that are in the database being queried but none of the portal informaion. Here is the code of the format file. FORMAT FILE - meeting_minutes.txt Project: [FMP-CurrentToken:4] Project #: [FMP-CurrentToken:3] Date: [FMP-FIELD:MeetingDate] Prepared by: [FMP-FIELD:By] ------ Attendees:
  15. Hi All, I have a script which allows me to select a folder and have each file's name imported into a separate record. What I need the script to do is also the the names of any files (and their path) within sub-folders. Here's what I have so far: --choose a folder with picture files activate set folderPath to (choose folder with prompt "Choose a folder with filenames to import
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