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  1. quote:Can anyone tell me why this isn't working: open "database.fp5" with password "password"the syntaxe is "open file" : open file "hard disk:outer folder:inner folder:file name" with password "the password"
  2. quote:Basically I am trying to do 2 things. One is to make sure that the user pressed the "OK" button and if so capture the text that they entered into the "Password" field. here a little solution. set PWT to "" set PW to {text returned:PWT, button returned:"", gave up:false} repeat until (gave up of PW is true) or (text returned of PW is not PWT) set PW to (display dialog "Enter PW" default answer "" buttons {"OK"} default button 1 giving up after 5) end repeat if gave up of PW is false then -- something using (text returned of PW) else -- other thing end if
  3. quote:Originally posted by Old Advance Man: I said this. And I meant it. No fooling. Old Advance Man And you are reason. Thinking there can be an absolut protection is illusory. I have just painful observe it again
  4. I have just post a tiny template who presents a begin of solutions for your problem. The problem: it's in french. Just take a look. www.h2o.be Ones one the home page, clic on "Mots de passe et autorisations d'acces" (passwords and access authorization" [ November 26, 2001: Message edited by: Jean-Marie ]
  5. Hello. With this script : tell application "FileMaker Pro 5.5" activate open "HD:Documents:FileMaker:File.fp5" with password "password" end tell I open a FileMaker document using a password. Is it possible to open this file and not perform the FileMaker script whose be selected in the document preferences to be perform when opening the file. [edit to disable smilies] Jean-Marie Hoornaert [ November 15, 2001: Message edited by: Jean-Marie ]
  6. Hello, try this tell application "FileMaker Pro" set mydocname to
  7. I was using FileMaker Pro version 4.1. With version 5 and 5.5 it's ok. Thanks to all. Jean-Marie -HOO;-)
  8. quote:Originally posted by tobi: Try this: set thePicutre to (define the file you want to import, in this case it should be a jpeg) tell application "Finder" set FileToImport to (open for access file thePicture) set PictureToImport to read FileToImport as "JPEG" close access FileToImport end tell tell application "FileMaker Pro" set cell (name of desired cell) to PictureToImport end tell Hope it helps! Have you test this solution ? Is it works on your computer ? On mine, none. If it's works yours, then, what's the FileMaker, MacOs and AppleScript version ?
  9. It is not possible to get the value of "the current cell". "Current" is only avable for record and layout. To get the value of a cell, you must use the name or number from the cell. something like : tell application "FileMaker Pro" repeat with x from 1 to (count fields) if (get cell x of current record) = "" then do this else do that end if end repeat end tell Jean-Marie -HOO;-) [ September 29, 2001: Message edited by: Jean-Marie ]
  10. What kind of script ? With FileMaker's Scriptmaker, or AppleScript, or other ? Post your script. Then we can see where the probleme is. Jean-Marie -HOO;-)
  11. quote:Originally posted by RoadBear: Filemaker 5.5 supports Outlook correctly! Yes,but there is no bcc recipient avable. I now, with the mailto protocol, there is no attachment avable. Note : I like the "mailto" crossplateforme solution. But personally, on my Mac, I'm using a AppleScript solution : mailto, cc, bcc and attachements are all avable for sending emails using a FileMaker database and Outlook as mail application. And... it is free (unlike most mail plug in's). Jean-Marie -HOO;-)
  12. Since version 3, at least, it is possible to import a picture or to store only a reference to a picture. Since the same version , it is possible to store a reference to a picture using AppleScript. So, it is possible to import "batch" the references to all the pictures in a folder. My question was: Is it possible to import, "batch", intact and not only a reference to, one or all the pictures from a folder in a container field of FileMaker, on a Macintosh computer, using neither AppleScript osaxen nor FileMaker plug-in's ? My experience say me : no. I hope I'm wrong : Jean-Marie -HOO;-)
  13. You are Mac user. Soo, there is an AppleScript Solution. A container field with the pict "picture" A field with the name : "picture name". Note : name of pict = 26 characters maximum! Second note : this script use the osax "Akua Sweets" avable at Macscripter The Applescript (new version 09/26/01): set the_folder to (choose folder with prompt "Selected the folder to export pictures") set nb_exported to 0 set nb_records to 0 tell application "FileMaker Pro" --activate set nb_records to count records repeat with nb from 1 to nb_records --go to record nb try set my_pict to cell "picture" of record nb set my_pict_name to cell "picture name" of record nb set txt to offset of "." in my_pict_name if txt = 0 then set my_pict_name to my_pict_name & ".jpg" else set my_pict_name to
  14. You don't need AppleScript. Just a field "Web_site" and a script : Open URL [Without dialog;"Web_site"]. That's all. Jean-Marie -HOO;-)
  15. On my web site, I have post a few days ago, an example how to send emails using the "Open URL" scriptstep and the "Mailto" protocol. Create using version 4 of FileMaker and explanation in french, but if you have an US 5 version, there will be any difficult. Go to the site map whose also in french and english.
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