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  1. Hi Charlito I still have three computers with problems on this area. On two of them I've tried everything that is on the manual but nothing works. In the third computer I delete everything related to the plugin and it loads correctly, then works for a couple days and then again fails. It seems that FileMaker is not able to write the related folders (C:\Users\<userName>\AppData\Local\360Works) and cannot therefore write the support files for the plugin. This only happens in Windows, with plugins created with ScriptMaster 5.0X. I had a plugin created with SM 4.42 and it work
  2. Hi Ryan I've made some progress... When I copied the plugin to C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro Advanced 17\Extensions and opened FileMaker, I got an error message saying that it could not open the following file: C:\Users\<THEUSERNAME>\AppData\Local\360Works\Plug-ins\jre\jre.zip I manually created the folder, downloaded the 1.8.X file and renamed it to jre.zip, however, though now I could see the plugin, I could not enable it. It seems the problem has to do with FileMaker not being able to create folders or files. I've checked all folder security options
  3. Hi Ryan Are any other plugins installed on this machine? Yes: BaseElements (4.02) and xmCHART (4.03) Are you sure that you are using the correct architecture of the plugin? Yes: 64bits Do any other 360Works plugins show up? Have not tried that. Didn't occur to me :). Tomorrow I'll give it a try. I'll try to place the plugin the the other folders to see if there is a difference. Thanks!
  4. Hi, this is an odd one... Only in two Windows 10 - 64-bit computers Filemaker won't see the installed plugin. I already copied by hand the are libraries and still no luck. I've tried with FM16 and FM17. Same result. We've deployed this plugin as part of an upgrade and it has been successful in at least 50 computers so far. Only these two are failing. I've attached the plugin to see if you have the same result. EikonsysOne_CFDi.fmx64
  5. Hi John, sure! Here's one link which is in Spanish but all classes are in java so it should not be a problem: https://github.com/JonhCR/FirmaXadesEpes/tree/master/compilado Here's another one: https://svn.cesecore.eu/svn/signserver/vendor/xades4j/1.3.0/src/main/java/xades4j/production/SignerEPES.java This one seems to be very famous: https://github.com/luisgoncalves/xades4j/blob/master/src/main/java/xades4j/production/SignerEPES.java Xades signatures are used in most South American countries and AFAIK in Europe for signing digital invoices. In México we still
  6. Hello I'm looking for a sample script that allows me to sign a xml file using a p12 certificate and obtain it with a Xades-EPES signature. I've seen some examples based on Java but don't know how they can be translated to Groovy, if possible. Any help will be appreciated.
  7. Well, so far so good. There's only one computer where the plugin refuses to startup but everything else is working as expected. Thanks for your help Ryan.
  8. Hi Ryan In all cases where it has failed, the progress dialog never completed. When I restarted Filemaker then i got the initialization error. I never knew what else to delete in order to make the process start fresh. Last night I don't know what I did but could make it work in one PC. Honestly I don't know what – among the ton of things I did – was the solution. I remember removing all previous versions of java, removing the 360Works folder among others. I tried to repeat the process with the other computers but they all failed. Let me take a look at the information you sent me and
  9. I'm rewriting all scripts that use this plugin to run server side. LOTS of unnecessary work.
  10. Hello Yesterday I created a plugin with ScriptMaster 5.1. It only has 5 functions. In most computers it shows the "Preparing Plugin for First use Dialog", sometimes it takes several minutes but finally it ends and the plugin starts working as expected. However, in 20-25% of the computers I've installed it (via Install Plug-In script step) I'm getting initialization errors. The plugin shows unchecked and it fails to initialize if I try to activate the check box. I've looked everywhere to see what I can delete in order to have the "Preparing Plugin...." dialog again to see if I am
  11. Yesterday I created a new plugin with ScriptMaster 5.1 and I've had random problems with initialization. In 80% of the computers everything works as expected but in some machines the plugin refuses to initialize. This is happening in both Mac and Windows and I have no clue of where to look for errors. I've removed the plugin and it still refuses to initialize. Hope you can give some help here.
  12. Hi all Do you know if there is a sample code to make XML Signatures?. I found this in the Oracle website: http://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/technotes/guides/security/xmldsig/XMLDigitalSignature.html#wp511406 Do you know if there is a Groovy equivalent?. Best Regards Ibrahim.
  13. Hi all A customer asked me if I can create a solution to use a biometric reader (i.e. fingerprint reader) that runs on Mac. I've seen some solutions like the plugin from Productive Computing but they are Windows-Only solutions. On the other hand, I've seen some readers that come with a SDK but I'm not sure which one is the easiest to use with ScriptMaster. So, my question is if some of you have made an integration with a biometric reader, which do you recommend and if – just by chance – you have a sample file. Best regards Ibrahim
  14. Hi all I'm writing this script: ​import wslite.soap.SOAPClient import groovy.xml.StreamingMarkupBuilder import groovy.xml.XmlUtil client = new SOAPClient(Server + '?wsdl') list = client.send(SOAPAction:Server + '.TimbradoHttpSoap11Endpoint/HTTP/1.1') { body{ buscar('xmlns':'http://utilerias.timbrado.ws.cfdi.solucionfactible.com') { usuario(Usuario) password(Password) parametros{ cancelada(cancelada) emisorNombre(emisorNombre) emisorRFC(em
  15. Hi, I'm absolutely new to Java and Groovy and I'm trying to figure things out. I have a JAR file, which I loaded using SMLoadJar and it returned no errors. If I use SMGetLoadedJars I get this: commons-codec-1.4.jar commons-ssl.jar commons-io-2.4.jar ws-timbrado-client.jar Now, I want to use the classes in ws-timbrado-client.jar and I'd like to know: Which classes are contained in the JAR file. What parameters they use. How to register those classes as modules so I can create a plugin with them. Here is the link to download the JAR file: http://solucionfactible.com/sfic/res
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