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  1. Do the images show if the image is otherwise stored in the client's HD? If so ... I had a similar problem and had to solve it using applescript.
  2. Hi, OK, it's working now ... weird. The reason why I can't stick to a unique serial# is because this is not a PK, so in a few cases the user needs to duplicate the record and change the value of a second field. These two fields together do make a composite key. Anyway ... thanks for your help!
  3. There are actually 23 computers accessing a FM Server 7 via "open remote" (server installed on an Xserve, clients are all Macs). I can't use "Prohibit modification of value ..." because in some cases the user needs to change the value for this field. I can't use a random number either because the values have to follow certain sequence. Thank you very much for the tips though. Anyway ... is this suppose to happen? Aren't serial numbers suppose to increase by 1 across the network??? I'm thinking that maybe the file is corrupt. I had another file that did some weird things: when I
  4. Hi, This is how the field is defined: SerialField Text Auto-enter Serial, Serial number On creation, next value TRCV0500 increment by 1, Unique value If in one machine the user creates a new record, then first gets TRCV0500, afterwards TRCV0501, etc. Then, in another machine, the user creates a new record, and gets the message ""SerialField" is defined to contail unique values only. Allow this duplicate value?" (assigns again TRCV0500 instead of TRCV0503) What am I missing here??? Thanks in advance
  5. Got it ... I'll play with the access privileges and see what happens. Thank you very much for the feedback!
  6. Hi, I have FMServer running on an XServe G5 and I have a problem with the back ups. When it comes the time to make the back up, instead of doing it, it "disables" the schedule. If I click again on "allow schedules to run" or "enable schedule", it doesn't make any difference ... it does it again!!! Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance
  7. Hi, I have my databases hosted with FileMaker Server (not Advance) and was wondering if there is any way to open them with a web browser using IWP. Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks a lot for the response! (especially for the tip regarding the security risk, that's really something to take into account ...)
  9. Hi, When accessing FMP 7 over Citrix ... is it possible for the client to import / export data from files located in the client's computer? Thanks in advance!
  10. Sorry , I'm a little bit confused ... so the machine where FMServer is running needs to have FMPro installed as well? I thought that the volume licenses go only on the Citrix ...?
  11. Great! I don't know much about it, so I thought that it would be necessary to install in Citrix FMServer, instead of FMPro. I just had a look at the FM site and there is plenty of info about it . Thanks very much for the feedback!
  12. Hi, Is it possible to install FileMaker Pro 7 in a Citrix server, and then use Citrix (through "open remote") for accessing databases that are hosted with a FileMaker Server in a different location? Thanks in advance
  13. Hi, Is there any way or a plugin that allows to have a container field where the user can do basic drawing (e.g. lines, squares, etc.)? (OS X) My idea is to have that field (transparent) on top of another container field (picture) so the user can draw arrows on top of the picture that is behind ... can this be done with FMP? Thanks a lot in advance!
  14. Hi, I use "open url" to open picture files, specifiying "file//: & (filepathfield)". It works perfectly for files stored in the hard drive, but it doesn't work with files that are stored in the server. What do I have to put instead "file//:" in order to open files stored in a server? Thanks a lot in advance!
  15. Thanks very much, I'll try that. I don't have an easy access to a Mac to play with AppleScript ( shame on me! ) .... so I got the file name by defining two new calculation fields, that refer to the "thePath" field: thePathWSpaces = Substitute( thePath , ":" , " " ) FileName = RightWords( thePathWSpaces, 1 )
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