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  1. Hi try instead : Get (RecordNumber) =Get (ActiveRecordNumber) regards
  2. I fixed the problem for now - need more test - by replacing the $f variable by a $$f variable between lines 231 and the end of the loop line 312 in the Process Payload from Client script
  3. both the host and the client have the exactly same fields list, same attribute (text=text, number=number...)... problem is not there, apparently a new record in this table is look like an update because the script can't evaluate the UTC time for the same table on the host
  4. when I run the script, in my data viewer, between 264 -267 $f deseapear... second guess, same script around 196 "assume we are going to update a record" seems to treat the record as an update and not a new record... seems like that in line 206 $ES_UTC_Time_Host : Evaluation ( $table_name & "::ES_UTC_Time" ) returns nothing, so $update_record = 1 the new record is treated as an update
  5. I try to debug in the Process Payload from Client script - around line 230 "We skip the first value because it is really the table name that the record is from." and a variable $f set to a value 2... this $f variable is deleted between L264 and L267 when the script is running so at line 304 [$f = $f+1] , $f = 1 again and look for the first value in the list ... the name of the table ES_Echange...
  6. it's not that / I have checked it's correct when I turn off the PSoS in settings, and run the debugger, around line 265, on Process Payload from Client I have set field by name [$table_name & "::" & $field_name;$field_value] and in the data viewer I have : $table_name = ES_Echanges that's good $field_name = ES_Echanges that's wrong this field doesn't even exists The payload sent from the iPad is propably wrong... and I still don't understand...
  7. Hi.. off course I'm sure I don't have this field... I have triple checked everything ;-) It's not my first Easy Sync implementation, I keep the 5 ES_fields for the process, EXCL_fileds for exclusion, and regular one I want to process... the script that returns the error is "Process Payload from Client" on the Host - looks like I have an error when it tries to write the new record on the EasySync_Payload_Details table in the EasySync_Payloads layout... I have several other tables working fines...
  8. Hi I have a strange error when I try to sync from my iPad to my Server if I create a new record in a specific table 'Echanges' at the next sync I got this error... "Field ES_Echanges is missing. FileMaker Error Code 102..." The thing is ES_Echanges, is the name of the relationship in the easysync context, none of my fields are named close to that... I have triple checked my fields and the relationships - no clues Any idea ?
  9. Hi charles I was talking about my initial import step it is mentioned in the "pros" line
  10. think so I have the same kind of scenario in my solution.... I cannot really test if a user can create and sync a pull only table because the mobile solution is designed in a way of the user can create/change data only in very specific layouts I have masked every unecessary tools and toolbar for example the products table is pull only the user can see datas and analytics, proposal can read this table, but he cannot change anything in this table so I activate this table as PULL ONLY not to protect the datas but expecting some time saving in the process I really not sure if it's really time saving...
  11. I didn't try yet the new EasySync with pull script, but I had the same problem with a solution I'm working on 12 users, each of them have more than 10 main tables (customer, proposal, proposal_lines, invoice, incoice_lines, visits, fees, products...) kind of a total of 10.000 records per user (100.000 fields per user at least) I do an initial import for each table, the iPad call a subscript on the hosted file, select records related to the user, and after the ipad import the datas. the all process take 3 to 5 minutes in WAN I close the hosted database at the end of the process after they use EasySync - even for one change with the same network specs - took 5 to 10 mns. pros : import is really easy to implement - it's really really fast even with thousands of records - useful at first start or after and update of the mobile file cons : it is not transactional - I did hundreds of test during last months and 5 to 10 times at all I had a corrupted database at the end of the process. no other solution to restart with a brand new mobile file
  12. you can keep the table in the graph to connect it later I think you just have to delete the relation and rename the occurence without "ES_" don't forget to do the same for hosted and mobile files
  13. I fixed it... I don't know exactly how, I have disconnected every table (in the relationship graph delete the link and erase "ES_" in the name...) I add one table at a time and test... after a while I found the table that cause issues.... I deleted and past again the 5 new ES_"fields" (I had changed few things to exclude records following business rules of final users...) I checked the names for all the fields in both hosted and mobile and know it works perfectly...
  14. Hi Everything works well on my developpement server but after installation on production server I have an error "The sync check's call to the server has failed." (Sync Check Script - line 55) debugger told me I have a prior 513 error FM_Surveys_Hosted_v1r3 works on production server... so the problems must come from my file but I don't see where... any ideas ? thanks
  15. After some (more) deeper reading about the ID_Device thing... I understand my mistake I created hosted records on the same computer than the one used by the mobile file... As long as I create records on hosted file from a different computer than mobile file everything went well
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