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  1. Unfortunately at this point you won't be able to retrieve his data. Next time he is going to have to click the Submit button before the 15 minutes is up. BTW, I will speculate that you will run into more users having this problem. I would remove this restriction which will cause the users less grief and perhaps direct them to a page that has a notice to limit their logged time.
  2. What method are you using to deliver the FM data? IWP? CWP? PHP? CDML? Other?
  3. Sorry, don't have much info, but I found this article in TechInfo: http://filemaker.com/ti/109237.html
  4. Stephen from FMWebSchool a couple of posts up gave a link to fmplugin.com, which has some plugins that allow unsupported steps to work in IWP. Thanks Stephen! I found that resource very valuable!
  5. Ok, then copy the text like you would, and when pasting, use Ctrl + Shift + V (or Command + Option + V on a Mac) and it should paste with the style of the field you have specified.
  6. Well, I'm not Vaughan, but the Open URL step shows as a compatible step, but when you add it to a script with now dialog it says (NOT COMPATIBLE), which leads me to believe it won't work with IWP.
  7. How secure is this? I heard that the best way to remote access FileMaker is to use remote control software (like Timbuktu) that way only keyboard and mouse info is sent accross the internet, and not specific database info.
  8. Yes. Stored calculations and indexed fields can take time initially to store/index. But once they have been indexed, it is faster for the system to reference than unindexed and unstored calcs. Unstored calcs only calculate when they are needed, which could take more time when the process is done real-time.
  9. Plugins are great if you want to e-mail from FM. The SMTPit and POP3it plugins are great. But basic e-mailing using the Send Mail step is passed to your e-mail client like Steve said. Just specify the fields for To, From Cc, subject and body in the Send Mail dialog. In 6 there was the Send Message step that worked better than Send Mail, but I don't even see it in 7.
  10. Hi: Right-click on the field and select "Field Behavior." Check "Set input method to:" and select Syncronize with field's font. See if that works and let us know.
  11. Odd that you must click the edit button only on that layout. Try duplicating the layout, delete the original and change all your navigation processes to point to the new copied layout.
  12. Hey thanks, "ralphie." When did you make moderator? Nice to see ya. However, I found the GetAsText function in 7, I don't think it exists in 6. I think I'll have to either break down and buy the multilicense for Troi File, or the server version of 7
  13. Hi all: It's been a while since I've actually developed in FM, I come back and they got this new fangled FM7 out...dang it was comfortable under my rock. Anyways, I have 7 but I am still working in 6. I know I have used Troi file plugin to get the name of a file that I have specified. Well I want to be able to do that without the plugin. Is there a freeware plugin or some fancy external function that somebody has come up with? Say I insert a reference to a .jpeg in a container. Can I get the name of the actual image file by means of a calc field or script, and without the Troi plugin
  14. In FM5, 6 - no. However I understand that you can set fields in FM7 IWP.
  15. I don't understand what items you want to subtotal. your valuelist items? By "potal" do you mean "portal?"
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