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  1. Good point! I didnt do the scripting, so I will check. Thanks for the lead.
  2. I am working with a client who is having a problem with certain fields having missing data when he accesses from home. It is set up on a FM Server and he accesses over the internet directly to the IP address using FM. However, certain fields (mostly portals or Summaries) appear blank. When he prints out a report (these Summary fields are placed on a sub-summary section), the blank fields print out as negative numbers. In addition, one field (a long text comment field) will not print out at all. I cant reproduce these effects on my computer (a PC) and neither can my colleague (on a MAC). The client is using version 5.5v2 at the office, Im not sure which version at home. Any clues would be appreciated!
  3. I am looking for a way to control more tightly which layouts and files certain users can access. We already have Group-level access set out for various databases. Our users also have different log-in sites within those groups. I have created a 4-level access system (1 being all access, 2 being all access except developer stuff, 3 for log-in site only, and 4 for their own info only within their log-in site). I have placed fields in an Auth Users file and are check-boxes on the user info screen. We are currently using a global field in our main login database to record the login access information (related to the Auth Users). Then a script is used to set their access-levels for the groups (that was set up before). However, now I want to set up these tighter controls when entering another database of info so they can see and scroll records only relating to their access level and login site. Im just not sure how to do this without making a huge branching mess! Am I missing something simple here?? Thanks! -)
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