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  1. We have been using plastic for several years using a vendor gateway that is an authorize.net "clone". We are transitioning to an actual Authorize.net account. I am receiving the following "raw" response when trying to process a cc transaction: "{"messages":{"resultCode":"Error","message":[{"code":"E00001","text":"Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: x. Path '', line 0, position 0."}]}}" Any ideas?
  2. The SimpleDialog plug from 24U looks promising. https://www.24usoftware.com
  3. Do I setup two configurations with different SELECT criteria - one for each setup? One that selects records based on salesperson name matching logged in username and the other that selects based on company name matching logged in username.
  4. Hello, We are running FileMaker Server 14 with a database for creating job tickets and managing production in a commercial printing company. We would like to have remote sales staff have the ability to enter new job tickets and review existing job tickets but only be able to see jobs for their clients. We also have several very large clients that have asked for the ability to enter their own jobs into the database themselves in order to ease our sales staff's workload transcribing data from received emails. However, the customer must not be able to see jobs from our other customers. Is it possible to setup a one way sync for data collection from the sales staff and our customers remote machines AND sync back to their machines only the records that match certain critieria? This would be: 1. SALES STAFF - Jobs where the salesperson has been assigned to the customers master record or the job tickets record. 2. CUSTOMERS - Jobs where the company name on the job ticket matches their company name. Both would be using either filemaker pro desktop or filemaker go. Jerry Bernard DSJ Printing, Inc.
  5. I just started getting this error last week as well. java.io.FileNotFoundException: Directory /Users/Desktop/Test could not be created because the parent directory /Users is not writeable Highly frustrating!! i am using the scriptmaster function CreateFolder to create folders on a Apple MacOS Server for our job production. Everything was fine until last week. i did find reference to another post from 360Works that specified that a specific version of Java be used https://support.apple.com/kb/dl1572?locale=en_US but this not fix the error. Odd thing is, even the Scriptmaster FM database is giving the same error. Anyone please help... Thanks!! Jerry
  6. FOLLOW UP TO MY PREVIOUS POST - http://fmforums.com/topic/97153-error-using-authorizenet-test-account/?do=findComment&comment=442387 We were using the plastic plugin in demo mode which I felt was causing my errors since the plug works fine with the Authorize.net merchant account name and password supplied in the 360 works demo file. When I substitute the merchant account and and password with the credentials I received from authorize,net sandbox site, I get the error: TRANSACTION ID: 0 AUTHORIZATION: 00000 Response message: (TESTMODE) The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive. Now we have purchased the entire SUITE from 360 works (BIG $$) and I am still experiencing the same error. I have tried regenerating new transaction Keys from authorize.net but still no luck. What am i missing on the Plastic Plug In Gateway configuration for authorize.net?? I have the following fields filled out: Gateway: Authorize.net Gateway Alias: Authorize.net Merchant Account Name: [our API Login ID from authorize.net] Merchant Account Password: [our API Transaction Key from authorize.net] Username: [login ID for sandbox.authorize.net] NOTE: I have also tried with the field empty with same results) TransactionURL: BLANK Certificate: BLANK Certificate Password: BLANK Refund Password: BLANK Shared Secret
  7. I added the following script to mask out the credit card number when a successful transaction has been processed. Set Variable [$CC_Number; Value:Transaction::Card Number] Set Field [Transaction::Card Number; "************" & Right ($CC_Number;4)] Set Variable [$CC_Number; Value:0]
  8. I applied for an authorize.net sandbox account and received my API Login ID and Transaction Key. I then replaced the Login ID and Transaction Key values ithat are used in the Plastic demo file (in my database) with the ones supplied to me from authorize.net I am getting the same error. TRANSACTION ID: 0 AUTHORIZATION: 00000 Response message: (TESTMODE) The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive. When I use the Login ID and Transaction Key from the Plastic demo file, the transaction goes through successfully. I am using Plastic plug-in v2.33 in demo mode. We have not purchased the plug in yet since the database I am creating is still under development. Jerry Bernard DSJ Printing, inc. [email protected]
  9. What if want add more than 3 categories/fields? The example listed here uses: 1. State 2. City (conditional value list. values shown dependent on the chosen state) 3. Restaurant (conditional value list. values shown dependent on the chosen city) The above example works if the city is only assigned to one state. I have a case where a value list would match multiple values from the preceding list. My fields (with sample data) 1. Category --Business Cards --Envelopes --Letterheads 2. Description --28lb Bond --32lb Cotton --80lb Cover 3. Size --8.5x11 --8.5x14 --11x17 4. Colors - Side 1 --1 --2 --3 --4 5. Colors - Side 2 --1 --2 --3 --4 6. Quantity --100 --500 --1000 --1500 7. Price - The price chosen is dependent on all of the preceding choices. etc.... My price list table has 11,792 records and I am having a problem making a conditional value list with 6 levels.
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