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  1. Ok fixed. This occured on a Mac OS X server. THe solution was simple, FMP 5.5.Vr.1 doesn't work with lasso 6 - I had to upgrade to FMP 5.5vr2 and all was better. Thanks for trying One note FMP 5.5.1 memory cache only allows u to 9999 but 5.5.2, will only let from 16000 to 32000 - and so I feel you are correct in a way but I couldn't increase the memory anymore until I upgraded.
  2. Oh I am trying to connect locally, also on both FMP's when I set the web companion to a port below 1024, the change setting box appears, I say ok, and it will give me the error message "Web Companion cannot share files over the web because it does not have enough memory or TCP/IP networking could not be started. (-1)"
  3. So I have Mac OS X server, on 2 machines, one is the web server with lasso 6 pro, the other the FMP host configured for sharing port 591, memory cache moved to 1000 and web companion enabled. When I add host in lasso, it will go for about 2 minutes thinking and finally accepts that there is a server with FMP on the IP address and port, but then I go to look at FMP on the other computer and the mouse icon just spins and spins it is still spinning and I will have to force quit again. Help por favor.
  4. I am game to try just about anything may I
  5. So I built this ecommerce site in CDML and know I need to redo the thing in LDML- I have good bit of the manuals but is there any refernce for converting the CDML to LDML, cause I have a lot of junk that I would prefer to just change for lasso not rebuild the whole thing. Thanks
  6. Anyone know of a good reference for this??? Since I completed it in CDML and the server I just put it on is running lasso so I need to convert everthing, sugjestion on where to look and so forth, books etc. Thanks
  7. Hello, so here is the problem, my list view works fine on one page but it doesn't find the same items later from the order ID number?? The database shows the orderID is the same and this is proven by the list view earlier in the page but later when you modify your account I can't get it to find any records. The first HTML is from the page that lists the products you have purchased, the second is after you have choosen the personalize one of those itmes all it needs to do is to list all items again so that the person can modify his next order but the only -tag that shows me anything is -findany and the is no good anyway. <td><form name="form3" method="post" action="FMPro"> <input type="submit" name="-find" value="Personalize"> <input type="hidden" name="-db" value="medicalorderitems.fp5"> <input type="hidden" name="-lay" value="orderpersonalized"> <input type="hidden" name="-format" value="html/medicalpersonalized.htm"> <input type="hidden" name="orderID" value="[FMP-currenttoken]"> <input type="hidden" name="-token" value="[FMP-Currenttoken]"> <input type="hidden" name="-find" value=""> </form> works great, I have even put this in the other page and it still doesn't work on the other page. currently the only thing I have for the next list view is this. <form name="form5" method="post" action="FMPro"> <input type="submit" value="**** "> <input type="hidden" name="-token" value="[FMP-currenttoken]"> <input type="hidden" name="-db" value="medicalorderitems.fp5"> <input type="hidden" name="OrderID" value="[FMP-currenttoken]"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-format" VALUE="html/itemsview.htm"> <input type="hidden" name="-lay" value="orderalpha"> <input type="hidden" name="-findany" value="[FMP-currenttoken]"> </form> any clue
  8. So if I am getting a list of the items prchased from the order ID /Token how can I tell it to get a total of this indivduals purchase of multiple products, similar to summary but only for the individual shopper? Thanxs
  9. Hey I am working on setting up a FM server on my mac. if you know any sites to help me and basic info on that it would be great once I get it set up you are more than welcome to use my server( in a few months). it won't be 24 hr's cause I still need to work, but I can set it up with a little info for ya if you want.
  10. Ok so I am sort of there. I did a portal to a new database, with only color item number and serials creating the value list with a preset amount of colors, 5. ex. value option="[FMP-field: relational::serialA] display= [FMP-field: relational::colorA] value option="[FMP-field: relational::serialB] display= [FMP-field: relational::colorC]value option="[FMP-field: relational::serialB] display= [FMP-field: relational::colorC] etc. IT works fine but 2 porblems A. shows blank areas when there is no information to be placed in it B. the next database will have options from 3 colors to 30 resulting in a messing outlook. Any Ideas Thanxs Soup
  11. Thank you for all your information it is greatly appreciated. I do see the problem, and look forward to helping you if you need some. Ok TIme to ask another Question
  12. Will the Scriptology book help me create the scripts for the web stuff to.
  13. Thanks that was my next idea run it through the portal thingie, thanks and I will see in a bit. But regardless, thanks anything is better than 12 hours of hit and miss Thanxs
  14. Thanks I might have thought that but any way needed to know for sure Thanks
  15. Oh ps. the values are from a relational database pulling from 2 fields that have the realtion agreed??
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