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  1. ngwaltne

    How to Proceed

    Probably too broad a question. Basically I have 700 standards for school subjects. I have about 450 students and need to check off the standards met for each of the students. Not sure how to approach this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance. norm
  2. ngwaltne

    How to Proceed

    Hey all, I am called upon occasionally to work with filemaker. Hence my novice status. I have been asked to create a db that tracks students successful completion of standards. This is a school setting and I have a db of all students (stinfo.fp5). Yes, need to work with 5.5 on this. I should be able to search for a group of students and come up with the standards (standards.fp5) based on grade level for a subject area. I am assuming i will need to work with a portal, but don't have a lot of experience. I have begun populating standards.fp5 with all the standards info. I have attached a concept of the db. Any help getting started would be appreciated. Thank you all in advance. Norm standards_db.pdf
  3. Gentlemen, I am moving a 5.5 "solution" to IWP hosting about 8 files in FMS 8 Adv. I was have been working on the transfer on a test server and things have been going along fine. They are hosted and I can edit them throught FM 8. However, now when I go in to the server I have to start it each time to see the files. I can see the files but then only for a few minutes and it closes. The only significant change to anything other than layouts has been password changes to some of the hosted files. Any ideas? I will continue to work on this. Another symptom of my problem is when I access the database through a browser and authenticate the file comes up fine. When I change layouts FMS8A unexpectatly quits. Thanks Norm
  4. In IWP the spell check capabilities are not compatible or at least they are greyed out in the script step list. Is there any way around this? Also what is the best way to create a logout button if the user cannot use the dialog area to the left. Thanks in Advance. Norm
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a working solution in FM 5.5 that we have used over our intranet for 3 years now at our school. At this point I need to move it to the web and have been working with IWP. I am hosting the files on a test server. The problem: I have a simple layout with a textbox. When I click on it the script goes to a new layout for a find. Here is the script: Go to Layout ["new_find"(print)] Enter Find Mode [Pause] Perform Find[] Sort Records [Restore; No dialog] Go to Record/Request/Page [First] Go to Layout ["ling_tabs" (print)] Enter Browse Mode [] This works fine in FM 8 but from the server with IWP the text box is not even an active link. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Norm
  6. Hello All, I have a school db I am working on moving from 5.5 to 8 and using IWP to the web. Much of the database works however I am addressing a few problems. I am a novice but am motivated. I have been running this with 5.5 server on a lan for three years. Here is the issue. I have a button that triggers a find script: Set error capture (ON) Go to Layout [Find(print)] Enter find mode (pause) Go to field [select/perform, student::team] Perform Find this goes on to another layout with the found set The button on the find layout resumes the script The reason I am writing of course is that this is not working. IWP does not go into find mode. I have to click the spy glass to enter find. The find when done manually does not go on to the found set. Thanks for your thoughts in Advance Norm
  7. I have a portal with 5 combinations. I would like to extract the fifth to a field. Also, I would like the field to automatically perfom this script. Not having much luck with script "go to portal" select fifth row then copy and paste. It is picking up all the rows. Any help would be helpful. Thanks in Advance. norm
  8. Thanks for your help. That's what happens when FM is about 10% of my job.
  9. Hi all, I am trying to put together a calculation that, based on the students grade 9,10,11,12, determines the year of graduation. It of course depends on what month it is. This is the start I have. Hope someone can give feedback to a novice. Thank you in advance. Case(student::grade =12 & Month (g_current_date) <= 6 calc_year & Month (g_current_date) >6 calc_year +1,
  10. Thanks stanley. Guess that's what happens when this is 5% of my job. Don't know what I would do without all of you. norm
  11. Hi. all. I am trying to put together a startup applescript that launches files in Server 5.5. Here i s what I have so far. (* This script will launch Filemaker Server and load the key database files. *) tell application "Finder" activate select file "Server 5.5" open selection end tell tell application "FileMaker Server" -- FileMaker PRO DATABASES open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:Calendar.fp5" open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:combinations" open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:klc_staff" open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:locker_db" open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:Mentor" open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:mentor_contacts" open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:midterm.fp5" open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:nav.fp5" open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:print.fp5" open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:prinths.fp5" open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:service.fp5" open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:stinfo.fp5" open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:teach_goals" open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:term setup" open "Server HD:Desktop:Key Databases:transcriptbeta.fp5" end tell It gets to the first file and reports that it cannot open it because it is not a Filemaker database. I can assure you it is. Are my file paths correct? The folder of databases resides on the desktop. Any ideas on this? Thank you in advance for your help. norm FileMaker Version: Server 5 Platform: Mac OS 9
  12. I have a two page db that prints to 8.5x11. The two pages print fine, however, when I print the range 1 to 1 both pages still print. Frequently I need only the first page. Any ideas here. Thanks in Advance. norm
  13. Thanks, this was a lot of help. I love learning new things in FM. You are all great! Norm
  14. I am putting working out a locker database for our school. The locker inventory, student name etc... I can figure out, however, each locker has 5 possible combinations that can be assigned. It seems like a radio button field would be the choice, however that would be a lot of value lists. Additionally, I don't think they would show up in a columnar solution. Could use some guidance on this. Thanks for your help in Advance Norm
  15. I am working with andy's FindDuplicates solution. Thanks andy. I have it all set up but am getting all 1s in the Count in last Record field. I can see the duplicates in the other field. Any idea why this is so? I have been working with it for awhile. When I do get 0s can I just delete them? Thanks in Advance norm
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