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  1. New record very slown

    Hi I have older version of the file that I compared with the newest version and there are only two new fields added. I copied the data from the table in the corrupt file to the old file and the New record button and the new record script step works excelent there. I will continue to compare the files to see if something is different in the old file and the new file. Regards, Reynir.
  2. New record very slown

    Hi I am experiencing strange behavior in creating new records. Using FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced. When I have 1000 records in a table the "New record " button takes about 40-60 seconds to create a new record but when I have 50 records it takes very short time to perform the same task. The table I have has 122 fields and the layout some script triggers etc. The same thing happens when I open the file in FIleMaker 14 to 16. I have tried to make a new layout with only few fields on it and no script triggers and the same thing happens. Any ideas what can cause this issue? Regards, Reynir.
  3. Hi I updated my solution to FileMaker Pro 16 and FileMaker Go 16 and after that the script step Insert from Device (Type:Camera). Now FileMaker Go comes with the screeen "Files on iPad" and "No files available". When I press cancel the script continues and opens the camera. This does not happen in FileMaker 13 and 14. Other thing that I noticed is that the Go To Portal Row > By calculation does not work as it does in FileMaker 13-14. Frustrating. Any workaround? Regards, Reynir Iceland Hi again The second problem is solved. I inserted "Refresh Window" before the script step "Go To Portal Row" and that did the trick. Regards, Reynir.
  4. Hi FileMaker Advanced 11 question. I have two separate conditional value lists in one layout showing Provinces, Districts and PostalOffices. One shows the provinces in one country and is linked: Table1::OrginalProvince = Provinces::Province. The Province table has following attributes: ID, Province, District and PostOffice Then I have another conditional value list showing the Districts (with related values only) And finally I have conditional value list showing the PostalOffices (with related values only). This works ok. I used this method: http://www.teamdf.com/weetbicks/24/conditional-value-lists-pt-1-what-are-they-how-to-build-them My problem is that I want to have identical value lists showing the same attributes but with different relationships: Tabel1:DifferentProvince=Provinces::Province. But when I make those conditional value lists the second conditional value lists seems to use the first relationship ?? So in the first conditons (dropdownlist) for OrginalProvince I select "Cabo Delgado" for OrginalProvince, then I get a list of districts for "Cabo Delgado" in OrginalDistricts (dropdownlist), when I choose "Balma" for OrginalDistricts then I get a list of OrginalPostalOffice (dropdownlist) What happens in the second set of drop down list is that when I choose "Maputo" for DifferentProvince then I get a list of districts for "Cabo Delgado" in the DifferentDistricts (dropdownlist) ?? Any idea what is causing this behavior? I use two different relationships for the conditional value lists. Regards, Reynir.
  5. Chart number formatting

    I have a database based on Icelandic localization with the decimal as comma and thousands separator as dot. The numbers are formatted to use system settings. I have a column chart to show percentage of defects. I.e I have in a sample count of items = 40. Then I have defects like brown heads = 2. Calculating ratio of brown heads gives me 2/40 = 0.05. When I format it on a layout to show 5,0 percent. To have it in percentage I multiply by 100. When I format it on a layout it shows 5,0 percent. When I show the same number on a column chart it shows 5,0 When I change the localization of the system to USA or Canada system settings and insert the same data with decimal separator as dot and thousands separator as dot the same information show up as 50.0 on the column chart Have you seen this behavior Regards, Reynir.
  6. Relationship for popover

    Hi I am developing a database for measurements of samples. Each sample has one or more measurements. Each measurement has one or more work items When a sample arrives I add one or more measurements to the sample. For each measurement I copy work items to a table "Work items in a sample" and for this record I log start time and also time when the work item in sample is finished and the result for the work item. I have a list of work items in sample which are not finished and every time each work items in sample is finished I update the list. So if a measurement has 5 work items in sample and 2 are finished I only see 3 in the list. I want to see in a popover all work items in sample to compare the results of the finished with the unfinished. When I create a portal in the popover and try to show records from work items in sample the work items in sample table is grayed out. I have tried to make a self-join "Work items in sample::id" = "Work items in sample::id" but I only get one work item in sample The popover shows correct sample number and measurement name in each record. Hope you understand my problem. Best regards from windy Iceland. Reynir.
  7. Check box set problem

    Hi I have a table with standard comments in icelandic and english, named standard comments. I use the field comments::standard comments in icelandic as a checkbox set in a form in a sample table. When the user checks one or more values the field sample comments in icelandic updates. If I uncheck value the sample comments in icelandic updates. I also have a field which is comments in english and is a looked up value based on a relationship between comments::standard comments in icelandic and sample::standard comments in icelandic. When I check one or more values in sample::standard comments the field sample::comments updates but when I check one sample in sample::standard comments the looked up field comments in english updates only once. If I check more than one the field stores only the first one checked. If I uncheck the first value the fields does not clear the first value. The scenario is that the user is working in icelandic but the output is both icelandic and english. Hope you understand my problem. Maybe I should make this via script?? Any help appreciated. Regards, Reynir.
  8. FileMaker 11 Advanced inspector issue

    Lee  Im sorry for the late reply.  This is happening in all databases with web viewers. But not in databases with no web viewer.  Advanced 11 Advanced 12 Advanced 13  When I open the database everything works well.  When I open a layout containing a web viewer the inspector changes.  I can do most of the layout work done but I cannot copy between different layout.  Then I get the message "This operation cannot be completed because it would exceed the maximum allowed dimensions of a layout.  It also happens in new databases.  When I restart the computer the behaviour changes to normal but after I go to a layout containing a web viewer this happens.  Attached are sample of inspector ok and not ok from the same file.  Best regards, Reynir.
  9. List function

    Sorting the relationship did the trick. Thank you for your time.
  10. List function

    I am working on this database in FileMaker Pro 11 :-( with my client. I will take a look at the relationship. Regards, Reynir.
  11. Hi I have a portal showing upper and lower limits of measurements. The portal is sorted by FK_MeasurementsID Then I have a list showing the upper limits List(Measurements::UpperLimits) also for lower limits My problem is that the List() function does not sort the upper and lower limits the same way as the portal. Then when I use those values they don't match. Does the List() function use the creation order of the measurements records? Is it possible to sort the List the same way as the portal? Regards Reynir.
  12. Delete Record/Request loop not working

    Exit Loop If [ not Get ( FoundCount ) ] did the trick. Thank you for your time and help.
  13. Delete Record/Request loop not working

    Update: When I create another script to run this script six times it does what I want it to do. I forgot to mention. It is written in FileMaker 11 Advanced.
  14. Hi I have this strange problem in one script I am using to delete child records. The script is in the attached file. For example when there are 20 child records then the script finds 20 records, but when the script goes into the loop script it only deletes half of the records, so when I press the button "Delete" once there are 10 records left. When I press the button again there are 5 records left and so on. Can anybody point out what I am doing wrong here. The loop part does not loop though the found set. Regards, Reynir. Filemaker - Delete related record script.pdf
  15. Hi I am trying to compare two lists in my solution. Detail description of my problem is in the attached document. Short description of this problem is that in the table Production_Lot I have two lists, Prod_Measurement_List and Packaging_Measure_ToDo_List The lists are generated from two portals containing Products_Measurements and Packaging_Measure_ToDo and the items in the lists are identical, like 9Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 8Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Then I have the test calculation checking if the patterncount of the product measurement from each portal record of the product_measurements is found in the list Packaging_Measure_ToDo_List and vice versa. This test evaluates corectly if I compare the product_measurements with the Packaging_Measure_ToDo_list but if I compare the Packaging_Measure_ToDo with the Product_Measure_List then the calculation does not evaluate. Always showing null. I hope you can undierstand my problem. And please ask if you need further clarifications. Regards, Reynir. Compare two lists and copy values to another portal.pdf

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