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  1. Hmmm, must be my logic that is wrong. I am on a PC, when I look at the pixel numbers I see 29px difference between window and content. From what I found searching here and there 12px would be a left/right window border, which leaves me 17px for the scroll bar. I read that it should be 16 but I seem to get 17 on my machine. I have attached my LayoutEnterScript in case it is all wrong and I just don't see it anymore. I have hard coded the "default" layout size because they are all the same in what I am working on. Thanks for the help. OnLayoutEnter_getWindowSizes.pdf
  2. II have come up with calculated result that almost works for my needs. One hick-up is that when I use the "OnLayoutEnter" as I enter a new layout, it seems that my global variables are not updated right away but rather they have the values of the previous layout I was in. So when to these Get functions trigger ? WindowHeight, WindowWidth, ContentHeight, ContentWidth ? I thought of putting them on an ExitLayout trigger but only works for WindowTop and WindowLeft - that allows me to position the next window wherever the user positioned the one he was in before switching to the new layout.
  3. I will play around and do more tests. When I tried the resize to fit, the layouts go to the top of the screen and all the way to the bottom. Basically trying to fit as many records as possible on the screen. I am trying to figure out a way to resize to fit but keep the top of the window to where it was before going into the list layout. So if the user position the window where it's convenient for him I want to keep that position until he decides to move the window again for whatever reason.
  4. Ooohhh, I like it. Thank you !
  5. Hi All, While in browse mode is there a way to detect if the active window (my layout) has visible scroll bars ? After using the "Adjust Window - size to fit" script step... I have a layout that is a list of items, depending on the number of records, this is likely to extend beyond the bottom of the layout window. If that happens FM (or the computer OS) will show a vertical scroll bar - that bar will "eat up" layout space and force a bottom scroll bar because of the 16 px of the scroll bar. I am wondering if there is a way to check for the presence of that vertical scroll bar to perform another "Adjust window" script step but this time add the scroll bar size to the layout width to get rid of the bottom scroll bar. Thanks, D
  6. Hi All, Need help with a basic button bar to navigate between layouts : 3 buttons, single step is Go To Layout A or B or C. The navigation to each layout is OK. What I can't figure out is why the blue wording is the button bar does not always stay highlighted. When I return to the layout (after having closed a card window) I include a Refresh Window step and that seems to help for that specific issue. I would love your advice on a better method to make sure the layout that I am in stays highlighted in the button bar. Thanks
  7. Thanks, that is what I had originally. After speaking with the folks I am trying to help, I realized that they use the work order almost like an appointment scheduler. I am trying to avoid having them to adapt to different steps (workflow) so the transition is as smooth as possible for them.
  8. Thank you for this, it seems promising. One question because I have never used card style windows.... What does the Install OnTimer Script do in relation to the revealing the card and dealing whit what was selected by the user ? Without those OnTimer steps my FM18 freeze and the screen is dimmed but no window appears on top of the main window. Thanks, Dan
  9. Hi All, wow, it's been awhile since I was last here ! I am playing around with FM18 to see what's new since the days of FM7 and discovered "Google style searches" with a global field and a portal that shows "filtered" results as I type - all good. Is there a way do do the same thing BUT to use it instead of a drop-down list ? I have a WorkOrder table with a clientID field that links to a Clients table to get the client info for that work order. What seems like the simple way to get the info is : a drop-down list showing all records from Client using a value list. What I would like is to replace the drop-down by the result of a google type search so that as I type characters my choices are filtered and I select the desire record with a click. The 1st problem I am having is that my layout is based on the WorkOrder table and the client info is in the Client table. Is there a way to do a google style search without changing layout ? The scripting bits I found here and there as well as video examples all seem to search from the current table - I am not trying to filter down to find the correct Work Order - I am trying to filter down the clients table to select the one I want to associate to this current WorkOrder record. My 2nd problem, does anyone have thoughts on how to show/hide the portal that is needed for that style of search field ?? I was thinking of a slide control or tab control placed just under the search field and then showing it when the field is entered and hiding it when the user selects the chosen record -- clicking on it -- hides the tab or slide and puts the clientID in the proper field on the WorkOrder layout. Thanks for the help. Dan
  10. Hi, I have in the past succesfully networked my PC (win98) with an iBook (OS8.6) and we have worked on FM 5.5v1 databases with no problem. The files resided on the PC and were accessed with the "open remote" option from the file menu of the iBook. Does anyone know of a compatibility issue between Os 8.6 and windows XP?? because with this new computer running XP i can't open FM files on the iBook and iBook can't open on the PC. I am also trying to have the files reside on the iBook as my 1st option. If i can't get it to work i will go back to having files reside on the PC. When i run windows emulation software on the MAC then both machines "see" each other in the network neighborhood, and files can be transfered etc. So i don't think it's a network hardware issue. Any ideas?? --Dan
  11. Thanks for the help I'll get back to work!! --Dan
  12. I want to create my own "Find Form" to validate some fields before submitting them in the actual Find layout... After validation, I'm not sure how to transfer the user input from the fields on my form to the actual fields to find. The user could perform a find on various fields: Date, 1stName, LastName, Dept, JobTitle. Is it best to use a loop and copy/paste each field to the find layout? Is there a better way, what is the difference between Set field, Insert Calculated... and Paste?? Thanks for the help --Dan
  13. Thanks for the replies... I'm still not sure how to design my application... This time sheet software is for one JOB (a film i'm working on) so i don't need to bill anyone based on employee hours. I just want a better way to keep track of employee hours and print a timesheet at the end of the work week. i had the general info(valid for every employee) (DateWorkked, Camera/ShootCall and CameraWrap) on the top part of my layout then in a portal (linked on the DateWorked) i could enter (one by one) the employee that worked (his ID) and the hours worked. OK so far... But i would rather see my portal filled with all employees and blanks in the hour fields, that way i could just enter all the needed hours info in the proper fields for that employee in my portal. Just like an Excel spreadsheet that is used like a template(column1 = employeeNames, column2 and others = start, lunch, start, end of day times), and on a daily basis you wipe out column 2 and up(keep all the employees names)and enter the new hours for that work day. So if this is a better description of what i would like to do, i sure could use a hand/push in the right direction!!! Thanks --Dan
  14. Newbie needs help… with this time-card design. I think I need 3 tables DailySetup(repeated on all time cards) dayID, DateWorked, Crewcall, GeneralWrapTime Employees: empID, Name, ContractNumber, JobTitle etc. DaysWorked: dayID, empID, IndividualStartTime, MealBreak, EndTime. Rather than fill (on a daily basis) each time-card for each employee, I want to enter times for ALL employees on a grid/template/portal for each day and then at the end of a work week print each employees individual time card. Entering all employees on one grid or in one portal window should (i hope) make it easy to look at the average hours worked for a given day and calculate the approximate cost of that work day. I wanted to create a Layout with the repeating info for a work day at the top of my layout DateWorked CrewCall GeneralWrapTime Then have a portal match the dayID and start entering individual times for each employee. Sounds easy so far…..here’s the twist I can figure out. The problem I face is that every time I enter a new daily setup I end up with no matching fields in the portal and I must enter the employees again (can I copy the employee names/ids day after day in the portal??) Is my design all backwards?? Is there a way to extract info from a template (like an Excel sheet) and fill the proper records in my DaysWorked table?? Thanks for any push in the right direction. --Dan
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