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  1. Hi, I am finally moving into FM7( I know it's late). I had too much invested in FM6 to make the transition. Anyway, i am looking it now. FM7 IWP seems very promising but I am getting a lot of bugs using it Safari. And most other developers have problems as well. Is there anyone using FM7 IWP successfully in a production environment? If it's a public site, can you please give us the URL to have a look at? I am looking into developing a B2B catalog for resellers. It's just for displaying pricelist and searching. I am giving it a go but there are just too many problems wit
  2. Well, one thing you could do with CDML and you probably can't (at least effeciently) with XML is handling multiple database operations in one request. In one CDML file, you could do multiple FMP-InlineAction operations to do variety of things... And that's just one single HTTP transaction for the client Whereas if I was using middleware such as PHP, Perl or ASP - for each action I have to issue a separate http call to filemaker for each action. Now each http call to filemaker will result in fmp web plugin doing the following: 1. checking that issuing host is not restricted by IP ad
  3. Anatoli, I am very sorry to waste your time. Obviously you have overlooked my main question, which rather was - what are the limitations you have faced rather than what programming limitation you have faced. It is clear that CDML is very limited. The fact is, I have discovered a way to do Object Orientated programming inside filemaker itself without the use of any plugin or whatever! Pure 100% Filemaker only. There is a little bit of CDML trick in it. But virtually I should be able build any web application in Filemaker even fmfourms.com! Except probably file uploading. Anyway, thank
  4. Ever heard of the Turing machine? It does not have a built in Arithmetic chip to do 1+1. But it can still add two numbers! And I did not say CDML - I said Filemaker. Considerable difference between the two. Don't worry about it. Ok, let me rephrase - say if CDML did everything PHP can do - would you make a shopping cart software in Filemaker? But all other limitation of filemaker still apply ;-)
  5. Really?? By theoratical computer science, if something can be done in lasso,php - it can be done in filemaker as well only question is how easy or hard it is in FM than others... I am more interested in security issues. Also, Anatoli - can I look into any sample shops you may have done?
  6. It seems that there are lot of talks about using Filemaker for web shopping carts. But there is only one filemaker shopping cart in the market : CH Ching. Well, Ch Ching is not really 100% filemaker - it's Lasso based. And costs a hell! Has anyone made a Pure Filemaker based shopping cart? The knitting factory example that comes with filemaker is really dumb. Has anyone tried to build one and then given up because it's unachievable + nonsecure? What sort of hardles did you face? Very interested to hear your thoughts!
  7. Hmmm... Are u sure? that seems too similar to MySQL. In fact, can u give me any reference about where u got it from?
  8. Hi There, Does anyone know how do I get the recordID of the record that I just inserted using jdbc ? In CDML after doing "-new" it's available in the page. But the JDBC documentation does not tell me any such thing. Thanks.
  9. Couldn't you run a script to fix up the data? I am not sure what is the problem is - but if data is coming and just in a wrong position - it can always be fixed by a script (as long as it is consistent)
  10. Reusing container fields ? It will flicker then If you just paste the graphics then it wouldn't (I think)
  11. Hunch: Container field content is executed from the memory space provided by Filemaker. Microsoft word needs lot of memory with even extra temporary memory/disk space which probably wouldn't be provided by Filemaker. PDF would work because acrobat wouldn't need to write anything to show pdf. I don't know how to fix it other than possible flushing it on a temp space and then displaying???
  12. http://www.filemaker.com/news/newsletter.html Look at "Trainer Tech Tip from CoreSolutions"
  13. There was an article on it in this month's Filemaker now magazine. I am not sure how effective it can be but u can give it a try.
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