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  1. I was wondering how to change the colors of tab panels. For example the onyx theme, the tab panel content area has a different color than the tab panel title headers. The active panel's content area is a dark gray while the title part has a black background color with light gray text. I can see how to change the text color and the fill color for the content area, but not the background color of the title area of each tab. Can anyone point me in the correct direction in the inspector pan under appearances? Filemaker 14 adv
  2. I am trying to create a grocery style checkout program. I need some help in laying out the ground work and implementation. Goals: 1. Allow user to scan barcode or manually enter item codes. 2. Computer must determine prices based on rules a. quantity discount for item b. discount for bundled items c. flat percent discount based on customer d. flat percent discount based on total of sale The difficult part I am having is implementing the rules 1. How do I look up the correct charging price based on items sales rules. 2. How do I store these rules and prices so they can be looked up during the sale? I am at a lost in doing this. If anyone has done this before, it would be very helpful to show me some basic structure. I know this has been done on countless programs before. Thanks
  3. This bug can now be handled with script triggers in FM 10.
  4. Thanks. This is a great little script trigger for formatting phone numbers while typing. I did run into a little snag though. The script has a small bug while entering a digit in the middle of the number (i.e. user mistakenly entered wrong number). While trying to enter a digit in the middle of the number the cursor is immediately sent to the end of the phone number entry. This is fine if you only needed to enter 1 digit. What if you need to enter more than one digit or delete and replace a digit or 2. Every time you type, the cursor ends up back at the end of the text entry. So you have to take the mouse and click in the middle of the number to finish your correction. If this bug could be fixed then the script would be perfect. There is one other thing I would like to mention, this method doesn't work on global unrelated fields. But this is negligible. Keep up the great work. :)
  5. It would be nice to modify this sample file by adding a highlight. Whenever a record or field is active the record line or field would change color (highlighted).
  6. I am trying to import this XML file that another program produced from a PDF conversion. I am trying to import all the data and images in the PDF file. So the program converted the PDF into a XML file with images. Now I am trying to import the XML file into FM. I know I need a XSL file to help FM translate the XML file but I know nothing about XML. So could someone help me with a XSL file to import the XML file. I have attached the XML file. Also can FM import images through XML? Thanks example.zip
  7. Can anyone confirm that this is a bug in FM 8.5 any sub version. I cannot move any window in FM of any size fully off screen. Not with the built-in FM script Move/Resize Window step or even a third party plug-in such as WindowUtility. It seems to only happen in FM 8.5. I can move windows offscreen with FM 7, 8 and 9. I have even tried different versions of Mac OS X and it is not linked with OS X. If you know about this do you know of a work around? Thanks
  8. Filemaker has fixed this bug with its new release of FM8.5. Now the separation model can be used to its fullest. I am happy.
  9. This did not work. This function does not take into account two situations 1. If someone enters a whole number (without decimals), such as: 1, 34 or 2 2. If someone enters a number that does not need to be padded, such as: 2.25 or 3.42 LaRetta, I am sorry, but I have explained this incorrectly. I am not taking a text field with text and numbers, but I am taking numbers (from a number field) or numbers (from a text field) and just the numbers. Then formating them (padding) and placing them into text fields. Haven't you guys ever needed to place some formated numbers into a block of text or into some kind of text field. When you have to do this, you must pad the numbers. No matter if they are coming from a number field or a text field. So basically all I need is some kind of function that will take a single number and pad it, if needed, and give me the results so i can place it anywhere I want. Thanks
  10. Thanks Lee, But I need the numbers to stay in a text field, because these numbers are mixed with text. So I cannot just change the field to a number and set the layout attribute to display two decimal places. I need some kind of function that will pad these numbers even if they are text.
  11. I need to pad numbers with zeros at the end when they have no numbers, to the second decimal place. Example: Entered by user 1 1.5 2.25 6.05 4.8 2. All these number should be padded with zeros, if needed, and should look like: 1.00 1.50 2.25 6.05 4.80 2.00 Does anyone know of a good function that will take these numbers and pad them?
  12. I would like to know how well plug-ins work with FM running in Rosetta. Some plug-ins you could test are: Troi File Plug-in http://troi.com/software/fileplugin.html SimpleDialog Plug-in http://www.24usoftware.com/SimpleDialog
  13. Hey, it worked. I have been trying to get this thing to work for the last few hours. I attached a modifed version. I wanted to keep the productID separate from the EnterNumber field, because I wanted to have the productID as a foriegn key in Line Items. Thanks again, Comment. LookUpOr3.zip
  14. Sorry, for not explaining it better. What you uploaded, did exactly the same thing the my functions did. I need the "EnteredNumber" field's contents to be replaced with a corresponding product number, when a catalog number is entered. No replacement should occur, if a product number or some other number which is not in the product or catalog tables. Here are the outcomes for a given input to the "EnteredNumber" field in the line items table. Input: EnterNumber = a product number, which exist in product table. Out come: EnterNumber = the same product number should still be in the enterNumber field. Input: EnteredNumber = a catalog number, which exist in catalogitems table. Out come: EnterNumber = the catalog number will be replaced with a product number that the catalog number matches, based on catalog items table. EnteredNumber = Some Number (Not found in the Product or Catalog table). Out come: EnterNumber = the some number should be left alone. I hope this is a better explanation.
  15. Need some help implementing an auto-enter field. When a user enters a product number or a catalog number into a item number field of a order form's portal, I need the field to replace the catalog number that was entered with a product number (if a match is found in inventory) I have attached a sample file that I got some help creating in thread 173418. The file demonstrates how to do lookup from the product's table or the catalog's table, when a item number is entered. Goal I need some kind of auto-enter function or custom function that will replace any catalog number entered with its corresponding product number. But still leave any number entered alone that is not found in the catalog or product tables. LookUpOr2.zip
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