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  1. Hi! I have been trying to use the following function "Get URL as Text" on a SSL encrypted site (https). I get a question mark as a result. Is there anything I can do to get it working? Thanks for helping. R
  2. I run multiple files on a FMSA 11 server. All those files are published using IWP. When I read the Publishing Engine Log I see many "WPC1 Error: 400". The problem is that the log line does not identify any Filemaker file nor any Script Name. How can I proceed to find what is causing this error? Thanks for your help. R
  3. I have built a reporting FORMS suite using IWP. The users is automatically logged in as "Guest" and when he clicks on the link it brings him to the FORMS. Obviously when he logs in the IWP Status Area is hidden so i can't navigate in the FMP database. It all works fine except that : When the users clicks on the browser's back (previous) button he gets a prompt asking if he wants to submit the form again. Then the user click on YES and he comes back to the same display, the new record he was on and ready to be filled. Then if he clicks on the back button a few more times, IWP will display the first record of the database and all the data in it. The user may even edit the data of that record. I wonder if there is a way to avoid the display of another record than the new record the user has just created. Thanks for your replies.
  4. I'm still looking for a solution to that problem. Anyone has any idea? Thanks
  5. Hi all! I'm developing a solution for a client that will be used by the clients on a Citrix environment. The client has Outlook on his PC but runs FileMaker 10 remotely on Citrix. The problem comes when I want to use the old "SendMail" script step to send the mail using the client's Outlook. For some reason FMP does not active the client's email app (which in on the client'S PC. It all works well when using the solution without the Citrix environment. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. I know I could use the new 'SendMail" using an SMPT account but the client would like to keep track of the emails in his outlook. Thanks for your help.
  6. I finally found the problem. The account did not have "Export" rights. Was easy but had a hard time to find out. Thanks for reading anyway. Notr
  7. Thanks for you reply. I did that and no success...
  8. I'm building a IWP interface and can't get the "Copy Record" Script Step to copy the record. Same thing with "Copy All Records" Script Step. All documentation indicate that they are web compatible. What am I missing? Thanks for your replies. Aerocan
  9. Just wondering if there is any update on the compatibility between Itools 9 and FMSA 9. Thanks
  10. Hi. I Try to install "Formication" on my Mac Os X and can't get it to work (http://www.villainy.com/downloads/formication.tar.gz). This is a very usefule Perl script that allows to use Apache to send mail. I was wondering if some one has managed to get it to work on OS X. Thanks for the reply. Aerocan
  11. They sing in via a web form that I have made.
  12. I need help. I need to develop a FMP database for a customer who has around 3000 employees. The plan is to have a website accessible by empoyees once they have been recognized by the database. The web info may be accessed only if you log in the databse. The web has about 10 realms with 3 different user lists. Up to now it has always worked using 2 sign on. One for the FMP and one for the web. The objective is to have a "Single Sign On" (SSO). Does someone have an idea how I could do that? All on Mac platform. I know I could use OS X Server (LDAP) but the problem is that FMP handles the access privileges by group and not by user ID. I need to access the DB with user ID. Any adea?
  13. Hi!. I have installed FMWSC on Webstar (Mac OSX) and FMPU 6.0.4. When I perform a search the system is a little slower than if I would access the database directly without using FMWSC. The problem comes when I try to save information to the database using FMWSC. If all fieds contain little data, it works ok. A little slow but OK I guess. But when one or more fields contain large amount of data, the tystem times out and nothing happens. The data does not get uploaded to the database. If I try to upload it directly (web companion 6.0.3), without going by FMWSC, it uploads no problem. I wonder what the solution is. Is there a setting somewhere that needs to be fine tuned? Is the problem in Webstar or FMWSC? Did anyone face that problem? Thanks Aerocan
  14. Thanks a lot. this was very useful.
  15. I need help. I have purchased a copy of FMP 6 UL. I want to use the WSC with Webstar 5.4. I have installed WSC following the instructions. My problem is I do not know how to make it connect to Webstar. I do not know where to put the CDML files for them to be handled by Webstar. Cannot find any litterature or instructions on it. Please help. Thanks Aerocan
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