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  1. Hey Guys... Thanks for all the replies. After some quick playing around with coordinates, the applescript run from within FMP is the bomb!! Just for the sake of having it documented here in the forums, Filemaker acknowledges the problem that v.5 & v.6 do not respect the dock space on the screen. Using the minimize command works great if your data, in list form, is not "longer" than your screen. As a lot of people have found the idea of moving the dock to left or right positions is cool in theory, most people prefer it in the bottom position. And trying to explain dock rel
  2. Hello, I have a lovely FMP6 solution that we previously used under Mac OS 9, over the summer we have moved to OS X. Now, every one of my scripts that Maximizes a window causes the resulting window to be displayed behind the dock. Filemaker has graciously acknowledged the problem, but offer no advice or recourse. This has been fixed in FMP 7 from what I can gather. Anyone found any workable solutions around this problem?? Thanks, Randy
  3. Hey, I guess I stumped everyone for the most part. I don't know whether it was with my horribly difficult problem or my horribly designed layouts. Nevertheless, my question is moot. The client doesn't really need that functionality after all. It is amazing what you learn when you sit them down and ask specific questions. Thanks for all the reviews at least. Randy
  4. Hello, I am working on a system for bidding, making proposals, for an interior design firm. The proposal "form" has space for 45 separate items(all separate fields Qty 1, Qty 2; Desc. 1, Desc. 2; Price 1, Price 2). Depending on the clients likes and dislikes some or all of these items will be put into PO's (separate DB) for purchasing. I have limited the PO to 5 items per PO. I am trying to eliminate the need for re-keying the item info into the PO db. This would be simple if it were a 1 to 1 transfer via a lookup. But, because I'm taking a potential list of 45 items and creat
  5. Hello All, I am in the habit of creating a small database file with no fields and 1 script with the goal of opening a hosted solution. The script is simple: ToggleWindow (Hide) Open (database.fp5 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) Close (opening database) Set this script to run at opening. This seems to work well, for a time... I can't seem to figure out what causes the file to fail. When it does fail, opening the script results only in the application opening and a brief attempt to locate the hosted database. Its a catch-22, because as soon as this file stops working, you ca
  6. Thanks for the reply. It all seems reasonable to me, except that what do I base the relationship on for the I've tried matching the Student ID field in the attendance database with this calc, result is no matching records. That is assuming I've done everything correctly. While I'm writing let me run this one by everyone. In my attempt to show each day of the week records regardless of the day of the week I have concocted this set of calculations, this one is for the Monday portal: Case( _Date = Today- 1, _Date - 1, _Date = Today- 2, _Date - 2, _Date = Today- 3, _Date
  7. Hello, I am creating an attendance solution for a school. I have 3 files, Students, Teachers, and Attendance. In an attempt to not have to scroll to the bottom of the portal window to create a new record (automatically), I have created scripted buttons that create a new record from the student database into the attendance database and sets the status of attendance. This works just great. I am running into problems displaying the info in a portal to give some sort of feedback to the teachers about which student status that have completed, or where they are in the list. The first r
  8. Hello, I have a need to allow the data on certain layout to be editable up to a time at which that data is used to create an invoice. After the invoice is created that data needs to be "locked". I know I can accomplish this by directing users to a locked version of the layout and an unlock version based on a status field. My problem starts when users have performed a search and found an unlocked record. If they use the keyboard command to perform another search from the unlocked layout and find a record that has the status of being locked, it will be displayed in the unlocked layout. And
  9. Bob, You rock!! Your calculations and field combinations worked like a charm. Very slick solution, thanks!! Randy
  10. Hello, I have a client list that is displayed in list form. I have a couple of different sorts that allow me to change the display order. I'd like to be able to "jump" to a specified letter of the alphabet, rather than having to scroll throught the entire list. I've have created buttons that perform a find for a specifed letter, but I don't like that it destroys the sort order and omits the other records. I'd prefer to just "jump" down the currently displayed list as sorted. Any ideas...?? Thanks, Randy
  11. Hello, I have a report that sometimes will properly find zero items, I'd like to be able to print out a report that will document that zero items were found for the date range. Any ideas?? Thanks!!
  12. A follow up to the modification issue - My list of clients leads to detail layout of contact info, etc., as well as portals to all of their PO's, contracts, and communication. If I make a change to any one of these related databases, I'd like it to "update" the master modification date. Thom's post makes it clear that this does not automatically happen. Can anyone think of a calculation that would update the modification date in the master record when a related record is changed or created? I'm thinking along the lines of an evaluation of the related modification dates that selects the
  13. Kurt, Thanks for the reply. My report summarizies total invoice amount, total job cost, etc., and then calculates a commission amount based on the net profit and a percentage. Some of the fields originate within the database that generates the report and some are being pulled from a related database. I'd like the ability to view/reference the report after the original time it is generated. I'd guess I should explain that the report is based on a find that pulls all invoices that have been paid by the client and that the commission status field is not paid. Once the find has been complete
  14. I have a commission report that summarizies the total commission due to each sales person on my staff. I have 2 questions related to this report - 1. If the find results in no records found, how can I print out a no commission due report? 2. I'd like to "save" these reports (find results) to have a record of what has been paid and for which projects. What is the best way to save these results? I have considered populating a 2nd set of duplicate fields with the results, but this seems awfully repetitive and not very efficient. Thanks in advance!! Randy
  15. Hello, I have a list of clients that I would like to sort by the most recent modification date, so that the most active client records are at the top. I can create a field and auto-enter the modification date, but what types of action cause "modification". Once that field is populated, sorting by it should be relatively easy, yes? Thanks in advance!!
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