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  1. I have a sports database with a portal of related records. I want to be able to export the data for use in a Quark file. I need to export all the data in the main table and all the related portal data as one line. Before I started using related records, I would use a calculation field like this to get the result I wanted: Home_Team_ID & " " & Home_Team_Final & ", " & Visiting_Team_ID & " " & Visiting_Team_Final & ¶ & Player_ID & " " & Scoring_Type & " " & Scoring_Distance With the data in a portal, I'm only getting the first record of the portal. How do I get all of the related records in the portal to export?
  2. I need some advice from those of you who use relational databases. I'm very familiar with FileMaker 5, but have limited experience with relational databases. I want to create a solution for our newspaper that will allow our sports clerks to type in statistics from sporting events that I can then export to our Quark Publishing System. I have created a database with team name, player first and last names and position. In another database, I have 2 conditional value lists that let me select the opposing teams from that first database and display the rosters in portals. That works fine. But how do I handle the stat information from each game? Would that be in a third database?
  3. We use FileMaker Pro 5 to clean up data from our web site for use in our newspaper, and I've run across the same problem you are facing. You could create 2 new fields called "header" and "output" where "header" is a text field and "output" is a calculated field that concatenates the header and the three fields you want to include (header & Name & City & State). Then write a script that will select the first record of the found set and set the contents of the header field to the words "Name, City, State" followed by a carriage return. You would then export just the "output" field, so in the resulting export file, there will be only one instance of the header contents "Name, City, State" along with the data from the fields you exported. I've created a test to make sure that works (ours is a little different). If you want it, I'll email it to you.
  4. Here is part of a folder action script that I wrote to import a tab-delimited file into a FileMaker Pro 5.0 database. On adding a new file to a folder, the script will make sure FileMaker Pro is running, then open the database that I've hard-coded, and run the script. tell application "Finder" activate set the selection to the added_items repeat with i from 1 to the number of items in the added_items set this_item to (item i of the added_items) try select file "CCS.Jackson.fmp" of desktop -- CHANGE THIS TO MATCH THE FILEMAKER DATABASE NAME OF YOUR CHOICE open selection tell application "FileMaker Pro" activate do menu menu item "Import Records" of menu "Scripts" --THIS CALLS THE FILEMAKER SCRIPT THAT YOU CREATE end tell on error display dialog "Something bad happened, and I'm not happy about it!!" end try end tell end repeat end tell
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