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  1. When integrating with a hardware terminal, practically speaking, the only chance you have to integrate is when your merchant services provider has developed and installed some kind of software that allows you to interact with the device. Many years ago I worked with a merchant services provider in Canada that developed an interface called ECRI that allowed us to send amounts to the terminal through an RS232 serial port, then the device would send back the result after the transaction completes. These days, my merchant services provider uses a cloud-based solution where in order to initiate a transaction, you make an API call to your merchant services provider, then they communicate with your hardware device to display the amount and prompt to insert the card. When the transaction completes, a webhook fires the result back to your server. Unfortunately it costs almost a thousand dollars to get your app setup & certified. Stripe has a simple offering, where you communicate directly with the terminal using JavaScript. https://stripe.com/docs/terminal In summary, you need to ask your merchant services provider what options they support, or switch to a developer friendly provider like Stripe.
  2. @jon91 once you've run this script once, certbot is always going to update the cert in /etc/letsencrypt/live/${DOMAIN}/ 30 days prior to expiry, right? So you don't actually have to repeat the certbot command. I'm assuming when you execute this script, it gives users a 60 second warning and then boots them out forcefully, which could result in lost data, and presumably if I happen to be running a long script that's editing data, it will terminate abruptly at the end of the 60 second countdown? I'm trying to think of a better way... like a daily script that only proceeds if no users are connected, checks if the current certificate file is at least 60 days old, and proceeds to replace it and restart the service. Perhaps if the certificate is over 75 days, then you would consider a more forceful process, and only after sending multiple warnings to users. This is similar to how FileMaker Cloud's daily restart works - it is normally skipped when users are connected, but proceeds anyway if there are "critical updates".
  3. For anyone else having this problem, FM is aware of the problem and the workaround is to access these links while signed out.
  4. That refreshes to "about:blank". Do you think it could be restricted to ETS? I am FBA but not ETS.
  5. Does this link work for others? I tried a few times yesterday as well... Same problem with the Zabbix white paper.
  6. If you are having problems, I suggest you open the Terminal.fmp12 file that comes with the Troi Serial Plug-in. You can talk to your serial device there without doing any programming, to make sure the problem is not relating to hardware or serial drivers.
  7. You could also use the List function in Cases to create a field that shows all notes. I assume you are only wanting to read the notes from your Customer layout (no editing), if so, the benefit of showing all notes in one field is that you are not constrained by the fixed height of a portal row. Long and short notes simply flow one after another. First create a calculation in notes that contains everything you want to display for each note (id, user, date, time, note), then create a calculation in Cases using a List() function to combine all the notes into one. You could adapt comment's suggestion #2 by placing a portal to cases on one side of the screen, and a single notes field on the right, which would show all of the notes for the selected case.
  8. If you have a field in Products which is a count of suppliers, this will use your relationship and is completely unrelated to the decision on how to setup your portal. If you want to know how many unique suppliers a product has, then I would use a calculation in Products that is a count on PK_Suppliers using your relationship. Depending on your setup, it may be sufficient to count FK_Suppliers from the Lines, but this would double-count suppliers that appear on more than one line (if this is possible in your system). It would also count Lines that have an invalid value in FK_Suppliers (a value that does not correspond to a Supplier). As for the portal, if you only want to display information from Suppliers, then the portal should be to Suppliers (although it doesn't really matter in most cases), but if there is ANY information that you want to display from Lines, then the portal should be from lines. It is no problem to "extend" the relationship with a field from Suppliers in the portal to Lines, but you will have problems if you set up the portal to suppliers and then decide you want to stop half way to get some fields from lines - you'll end up with a line for each supplier but the additional data pulled from Lines will just be a repeat of the first matching Line record on every line of the portal.
  9. Recursive function is the answer. Here's what I came up with: ReplaceOtherChars ( string ; ignorechars ; replacechars ) If ( Filter ( Left ( string ; 1 ) ; ignorechars ) = "" ; replacechar ; Left ( string ; 1 ) ) & If ( Length ( string ) > 1 ; ReplaceOtherChars ( Right ( string ; Length ( string ) - 1 ) ; ignorechars ; replacechar ) ; "" ) Example: ReplaceOtherChars ( "ABC 123 (hello.world!)" ; "0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ" ; "_" ) Output: ABC_123__hello_world__ The reason I needed this is because native AppleScript no longer works for changing printers in Mac OS X v 10.9 Mavericks because "Printer Setup Utility" is no longer included, so I've realized that rather than installing an old version of Printer Setup Utility, I can just use the lpoptions terminal command to change printers, but the printer name seems to require all non-alphanumeric characters replaced with underscores, otherwise the command fails. (I still want users to be able to enter & view their printer names normally so this custom function will be used each time the printer is changed)
  10. How would I write a calculation to replace all non-alphanumeric characters with an underscore? For example ABC 123 (hello.world!) would become ABC_123__hello_world__
  11. yes. My problem was solved when I used a global field instead of a global variable. I don't see why the behaviour should be different, but I'm happy to have gotten it working...
  12. PatternCount ( $$userCompanyAccess ; "¶" & id & "¶" ) $$userCompanyAccess contains a list of id's of the company records users are allowed to access. It works from a record viewing perspective. It just breaks the value list for an unknown reason.
  13. If I change the record access to "Yes", the value list works, so this is not an issue with layout or value list access. Only once I choose "Limited..." and enter a calculation to determine access, the value list breaks, even if they still have access to some or all of the records (based on the calculation).
  14. I have a value list of the type "Use values from field" and "Use all values". A second field is shown (same table). When I change the record "view" access to "Limited" for the user's privilege set, that user is no longer able to use the value list, even if they have view privileges for all of the records in the table! Popup menus simply display "<no values defined>" Is this normal?
  15. I just noticed FileMaker has updated the below instructions and following the instructions now will resolve the issue completely. http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/11958/~/admin-console-wont-start-on-mac-os-x-10.6.8-with-java-1.6.0_51-b1
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