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  1. Sorry All... Lee had the correct solution... THANX, Lee! In 'Define Fields...' select the text field, click the 'Options' button, click the 'Storage' tab, select the "ASCII" menu choice from "Default language for indexing and sorting text". That fixed the problem. I only wish FMP had a ASCII/CHAR code function like most other applications. Thanx again Lee... Bob
  2. Lee... I'm not sure what you are referring to... "Are you storing all fields as ASCII?" Thanx, Bob Kundinger bob@kundinger.org
  3. Hello All... I have an issue with a 'relationship' finding the correct character in a related file. Here is how I did a test... - setup a file (ASCII Codes) with a 'char' text field and a 'code' text field -- this file has many records with individual alpha-numeric characters (a,b,c,d,1,2,3,4,A,B,C,D, etc.) entered into the 'char' field -- this same file has the same records with corresponding ASCII codes (97,98,99,100,49,50,51, etc.) entered into the 'code' field - setup a file (TEST) with a 'data' text field -- this file has a 'relationship'... "TEST:data = ASCII Codes:cha
  4. Hi 'ep820', Quick answer... create a report layout with subsummary-COUNT (when sorted by: Y-N field). Hope this helps... Good Luck! Bob Kundinger bob@kundinger.org
  5. Hi Dan, Quick answer... take a look at the 'Status' functions... Status (CurrentPlatform) Status (CurrentScreenWidth) Status (CurrentScreenHeight) Status (CurrentScreenDepth) You could have a startup script that determines the platform & display settings... then automatically set your solution to go to an appropriate layout with the proper OS GUI & display setting. Hope this helps... let us know... Bob Kundinger bob@kundinger.org
  6. Dan, Looks good... you 'overcame'! Other idea... you could have the script look for the Quickbooks directory using a specific path name... if not found... error message... if found... PROCEED! In your script... seterror capture ON import(data.xml,"C:pathname") if error = ##
  7. Hi Lucky, You're lucky! You got an error code... "-3284". Most of the time, users won't show us an error code. I went to Apple's support site and entered "3284". It came back with a OpenTransport port error... very basic explanation. Are you accessing these files through a FireWall? You may want to check with your ISP. Also, you may want to 'play' with the OS-X FireWall software in 10.3 to see if you need to turn on any ports to allow communication with a FMP server. I have systems with OS-9/FMP Server 5.x with OS-9.x and OS-X 10.2 workstations... everything appears okay.
  8. Stanley, Sorry, I don't have experience with clients with large imageDB systems. You might be on the right track with the large and/or corrupted images. I know from experience that corrupted images on layout cause system crashes... then file corruption... ETC. Bob
  9. Dan, Sounds like you're on track to think this through... that's 'Learning FileMaker'! I've done my process (with specific user) through a Log-On system... it works good. I've never done what your looking at, but you seem to be going in the right direction. If not... thats how you learn a lot about FileMaker... go in different directions until you find the right path. Also... what is this script trying to do on a specific host? Archival/Backup? Later... Bob
  10. Hi Ron, Quick answer... you could do a scripted loop to take a list of 'find' items and paste (setfield) them into multiple find requests. The 'find' items could be in a global list and <return> delimited. I'm not sure of your FMP experience and training... this could be complicated for novices. Hope this helps... Good Luck! Bob Kundinger bob@kundinger.org
  11. Hi Dan, Quick answer... Host is the FMP software & computer who opened a specific file first (in multi-user mode). Here are some other senarios... - If the file is on a FMP Server, the server is the host... because the file was opened by the server. - If the file is on a workstation (no filesharing on), then this workstation will be the host when a user opens the file. - If the file is on a FILE server share-point, the host is the first FMP software & computer to open it. An idea to limit script access... Use script steps that look at the user/group na
  12. Hi Josh, Here is the basics of what you need... order.fp5
  13. Hello 'montenegro', Welcome to the FMForum... the greatest FileMaker resource available!!! And, of course... welcome to FileMaker... an experience you'll come to love and hate! That said... I would recommend that you spend time learning the 'ins & outs' of FMP relationships... take some of the sample solutions you recieved on the FMP CD and 'tear' them apart to understand them. Focus on learning... - Parent-Child Relationships - Trigger Fields - Portals What you are working on should be a 'simple' enough system for you to 'cut your teeth on'! I would start s
  14. Hi 'hartmut77', Quick answer... go to the FileMaker site, click Support, and KnowledgeBase, enter the error number. Good Luck! Let us know what you found. Bob Kundinger bob@kundinger.org
  15. HI All, I'm 'behind the times here'... people postin' while I'm writing my post. Anyway... another idea... SCREENSHOTS (cmd-shft-3) or (prntscrn)... then print to dot-matrix by shifting the pin-feeders to the right... that should give Paul the margins he needs. Bob
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