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  1. xoomaster

    "Go" and get it!

    Excellent work. I love both the iphone and Ipad versions. Thank you FM staff for coming through :)
  2. xoomaster

    FM 11 charts

    If you feed large amount of data to the chart function, it looks like Web viewer at work ! I think the Chart function is just Javascript used just as it can be done with the Web viewer. I hope filemaker staff have been busy working on another project like an App for Ipad or iphone, since they really don't have much to show with this version ( This is crazy though, to wait a whole year and get a slap on the face like this .
  3. xoomaster

    FM11 from my point of view

    I fully agree with you RodSierra. There is so little that is offered with this version that a lot of us are losing interest. I think FM as a company needs to learn from Apple. Bring in the ability to view records "itunes" style. Give us iphone version or something. It is shameful how FM still has not come up with any App other than Bento. I am having a hard time justifying yearly pay for so little return. While probably there are some who disagree with me, I see not much to get excited about in version 11, other than the new icon colors. Xoomaster
  4. Is there a way to assign a button to "Open file in Browser" option that is accessable by right-clicking on a Supercontainer ?
  5. xoomaster

    Unable to upload files remotely

    Thank you all for your help. The problem was my router and port access.
  6. A quick question. I am practicing with the latest version (2.5) The Demo, unregistered yet, but unable to upload files using IWP remotely. It says " For security reasons, you can not upload files remotely" : Is this my FMP server 10 setting or is this the Supercontainer server setting ?? any help is appreciated. I am playing around with the example file provided in the dowload "SuperContainer Example" . My FMS is 10, on mac. My remote machine is Windows XP. I am using IWP to access the DB to upload files. Thank you in advance.
  7. xoomaster

    R mouse click menu

    Hi all, Is there a way to change the Right mouse click items ?
  8. xoomaster

    HTML Editor

    Hi jfcarbel , How do you use or incorporate TinyMCE in the webviewer ?
  9. xoomaster

    Filemaker on Iphone

    Any news on if filemaker is ever going to make an iphone app ? I was told that "they are" by FM staff but then Bento for iphone came out. I still think not having an original filemaker application on iphone has been the poorest decision this company has made. We had to move more than 100+ users away from using FM as a result ( Still waiting !
  10. xoomaster

    Document management

    Unfortunately, when files are added by reference, others sharing your DB will not be able to get the file, since the reference address is interpreted and applied to the local computer. This is what I think is happening, and I have not been able to work it out. ? of if remote address could be used ?
  11. xoomaster

    Document management

    Thank you guys. I will look into your suggestions. I do agree, web viewer is the way to go. With container fields you can not review multi-page files at all. Thank you again.
  12. xoomaster

    Document management

    Hi everyone, I am working on a file management system for FMP 9. I like to keep all Jpeg / PDF / Text files on a drive connected to my Filemaker server computer accessible to all users of my FMP database. I like my users to pick a file name from a list and view it within my database, maybe in a Web viewer ? Any recommendations how to accomplish this ? I have been keeping the files within FMP, but the DB is getting too big and bulky. Any experience with this ? Thank you in advance. Xoomaster
  13. xoomaster

    Relinquish a Password?

    Sorry you feel that way, but regartless, "Anger" is not the way to go !
  14. xoomaster

    Relinquish a Password?

    Temper, Temper, Temper ! What is next, kicking the dog, because the TV is not working B)
  15. xoomaster

    Relinquish a Password?

    There is a difference between "Data" and the actual software. Big difference. Contract or not, data belongs to the institutions, but that does not automatically give them the rights to the software. Also if the company is interested to what you develop, then you need to be advised on the labor law and specifics in advance of your development. The other point is, if you are actually hired to do developing specifically. For example a lawyer develops a fine DB to keep track of his hours and daily routines, is his and not the company, but the names and the clients and their info probably is not. Now a lot of Universities and large institutions have specific, and clear notation in their contracts that states, any discoveries or developments of any products and "software" will be the property of the institutions. But as an employee you have the right to reject that clause and if accepted, then everyone is happy and you are hired! Lat point, no case is ever won by getting angry B)

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