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  1. After much troubleshooting and research I discovered that I must create the database I wish to use on the server that is sharing the database. Originally I had created the cdml pages and the fmpro database on a workstation using fmpro 5.5. I then copied the database to the server and it stopped working. I created a new database on the unlimited server and it works with no problem. Thanks
  2. Hi, I have searching around in the newsgroups and various forums and haven't been able to find the answer I am looking for. I have filemaker unlimited 5.5 running on a windows 2000 pro computer with the apache web connector running on an rh7.1 linux apache webserver. The linux server has the public ip address and works great sending requests to the unlimited computer with the lan address using instant web publishing. I have created custom CDML/HTML pages that work great on the LAN. I am not sure however how to configure the custom pages with the web connector. I found some very good instructions here: http://forum.filemakerworld.com/viewtopic.php?t=407 I have duplicates of the CDML pages on both the unlimited computer and the linux server. When I press the submit button on the page I get the error: Access Restriction: You do not have access privaledges to perform the action: new and bounces back to the CDML page. So my questions then are: 1. How do I configure this correctly? 2. Are my ports an issue since I am using two different computers? They are both on 80. 3. What does the Access Restriction error mean and why can't it perform the action? 4. Help? Thanks
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