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  1. Not sure what you mean. FileMaker is a wholly owned subsidary of Apple. FileMaker Company Page
  2. Are you certain that it's the redirect that is broken? Are you passing the username and password through the URL? (http://username:password@domain/FMPro?...) Microsoft's recent update doesn't allow this anymore. Here is the info regarding that issue. Microsoft KB Article 834489
  3. You can use John Caballero's suggestion: However, if your "Batch ID" field has text in it as well, i.e: "Batch 001", then you have to be careful how it will sort, and then you're still left with setting up a method of extracting the number value out of it. A simpler method would be to have a "behind the scenes" number field with only a numeric value, ie. 1,2,3,4,etc... which would allow precise sorting. Then if you wanted you could concatenate the "Batch" text with the numberic value and place it into the global field prior to import. (use Set Field) If I think of any ot
  4. You can create a global field to set the batch number PRIOR to importing the records. The batch number can be figured out many ways (counter, relationship, etc..) Scripted of course and simply attach that function to your import script. Then, set your Batch Number field to Auto-Enter data based on a calcuated field (your previously set global). Then import the records. All imported records will have the value that was set in the global. No looping required.
  5. Dark logos with Gradients also will not fax well at all. Not very impressive to fax someone a Quote or Invoice and your logo is a big black blob. Plus... try to get that logo embroidered on a shirt. The gradient will just not work. But if it's just for web use, I think it's very nice.
  6. Thank you Anatoli. That makes sense.
  7. To verify that I understand the referred thread: It is impossible to combine the OR and AND criteria, and must be done with smoke and mirrors by first finding all the OR criteria, and then on the results page use an IF statement to only show the records that meet the AND criteria. I haven't tried this yet, but is this how it MUST be done? What is the performance impact of finding roughly 1,000 records (the OR criteria) and then relying on the IF to reduce this set down about 25 records? (to satisfy the AND criteria) Also, in the referral thread, Keith
  8. How would I put this find criteria together using a CDML link? In FMP Client I think of it as: (Name=Joe AND Status=1) (New Request) (Name=Bob AND Status=1) (New Request) (Name=Mary AND Status=1) <a href="FMPro?-db=DB.fp5&-lay=web&-format=results.htm& [color:"red"][WHAT GOES HERE?][/color]&-error=error.htm&-Find">Find Joe or Bob or Mary where status is one</a>
  9. I somewhat miss the responses that would come out of the woodwork when statements like this were made.
  10. The method you provided would work if I had a go back link on the page, but I wanted it to work if they clicked the browsers back button. You got me looking in the right direction though. I came across this little gem that works perfect! <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!-- function go(url) { if (document.images) location.replace(url); else location.href = url; } //--></SCRIPT> <A HREF="javascript:go('http://www.somewhere.com/apage.html')">Got to a page</A> Now they can click the sort links, and the current h
  11. Sorry if this is a dumb question, Is it possible to sort the results on a single page one or multiple times (Using the [FMP-Link: s]), and then if the user clicks the back button on the browser, be returned to the original page that the query was initiated from instead of the previously sorted page? To the user it looks like they are on the "same" page, and only sorting the contents, but we know that these are new pages that the WC is creating. I'm just wondering if there is some trick out there to tell the browser not to include the sorted pages in the "back" history. Thanks.
  12. Ok, let me try again. Sorry I was not clear. I have an HTML table with 30 cells. In each cell is a name. I want to make each name a link that will trigger a search to generate a report based on a find using the name. I could hard-wire each link with the search criteria and name, but I'm asking if there is a better way, and if so, what direction do I need to head in? I'm using FileMaker developer 6. (Yes, I've been reading & using the CDML Reference & Tool, I'm just adept with it yet) If I was looking for specific answers I think at this point my question would be:
  13. Unable, the code is ugly. Made in Frontpage. There is no functionality other than displaying buttons. The "buttons" are not even buttons. They are colored table cells with names in them. But I am to use it to "plug-in" the FileMaker code. Anatoli, yes. There is no security required. The report created is a basic status report of projects the people are working on, and actually people may need to run other peoples reports.
  14. Hi, I'm completely new to CDML and have a few very basic questions. Here is what I am working on: I have a single file database and have been asked to create an online read-only report. The database is very simple, and the query will be the same except for the users name. I have been given an HTML template entrance page with 30 buttons on it with a users name on each button. They want to be able to click the name and be taken to the report with their data displayed. I need to know how to properly setup the files, or at least a nudge in the right direction and I'll com
  15. I thought I had found a bug, but it happens in version 5, 5.5 & 6 so I'm convinced it must be a "feature". Here is what happened. I was very carefully cleaning up a database that has way to many fields that are not being used. When I finished, I noticed that buttons have been removed from ALL the layouts in that file. Apparently Filemaker doesn't distinguish layout objects beyond their labels. If a button label matchs a field name, and the field is deleted (from the define fields dialog), so are all buttons that happen to match the name of the field that's being deleted!
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