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  1. Who can help me? I have to import a .CSV file which has a date on each record. The Date is in a US format but I have to change it to a European format ie "01/01/2005" the format could be "1/1/05 or 12/12/05". I was thinking of changing by saying Left charachters but I can not do this as there are sometimes one number for date sometimes two there are no leading zeros. How do I work around this problem? I tried just telling the system to change it in the format screen but I have found it isn't wirking correctly in all cases pprobably because it is in text format. Is there a way to
  2. Have we got a get table calculation in FM7? I know that I can get the file size but what I want is to be able to get is a size for a table in my application.
  3. Go to this site. I have used them in the past and have always found them to be helpful and patient when I didn't know what I was doing. http://www.peninsula-group.com/ They can give you a plugin that will create the barcodes, this is well doccumented, the manual is comprehensive. They also have scanners that will perform scripts before and after the scan. I would call this a very useful add on for any barcode system. Mark
  4. Thanks for all the help Paul and Steve, I have found the solution to the problem although I am still hanging the system more often than before XP. I have changed the memory allocation in the preferences window to 1500K. Basically it never used to hang before in all the years that I have used FM there was only one instance of it hanging and that was due to printer issues. I always keep all windows patches up to date. Mark
  5. I am using FM6. It always hangs when I do a search particularly when there are a lot of found records. This is driving me mad. I can not work at the moment.
  6. Having problems with windows XP. I am having a problem with my solution in Windows XP but not in other windows environments. Every time I run a find on a windows XP box the system hangs. If I do the same in Win 2000 or Win 98 or Apple OSX there is no such problem.
  7. Found the file! I can not explain why but when I went back to look for the file it was there. The thing is the last time I went searching there was nothing?!? Oh well at least I can continue working Mark
  8. Can't Find the server in my hosts box. Trying to set up a new PC. I am sure that I must be doing something basically wrong but can not figure it out. Mark
  9. I solved the problem. The problem is that Filemaker has never given me a problem before and I had to do something that I have not done in a long time. I re-booted my PC. The thing is that I have never done this in two years of Filemaker. Once I did it everything was back to normal.
  10. I am using FMserver on a Windows 2000 network. When I connect using mt Windows xp machine I am getting a database that is not responding. This does not happen on other machines only the Widows XP machine has anyone any ideas? I do not know where to go next I have just reinstalled FM6. I have never had a stability issue with FM before. FileMaker Version: 6 Platform: Windows XP
  11. Thanks For getting back to me Lee. but this is not a Global field. It is a text field. Although It is a lookUp Field But this is not a New record. It is the Same record that is changing. As you can imagine this is very disconcerting as when I find a changed value I worry that there will be others that I do not see, there are over 12000 records in this file, It would be a bit of a problem to put it mildly if the field values were to change willy nilly!
  12. I am having an odd problem. I have a style screen on my inventory database, on it is a field SupplierID which is created using a value list. My problem is that when I switch on in the morning the first thing I see is this style with the wrong supplier ID showing up. I do what most people do at this point and correct the value to what it should be but then when I go out to the main menu and return the value has changed back to the wrong value!?! I can not understand this as there is a lookup al right for this field but that can not be making this error. I just do not understand. I
  13. Thanks for that Detlev. I will get scripting immediately Mark
  14. I am trying to crate a script that will take the user to a specific field. If my Global field is set to status current field then I move out I want to be able to go back to that field by script. My problem is that I can only see a way to bring me to a specific field EG go to a set field given by the field chooser box and not go to field given by whatever is in the current field global. I hope that I have been able to make myself clear.
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