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  1. I already have existing Filemaker Pro database(s) using Filemaker Pro 4.0 running on a network. It's working out fine. Just got a "designated lease line" for internet use and would like to know what are my options in order to improve/enhance my solutions. I also need to connect/update some fmp [on remote computer]. Have been hearing web companion. what is it? and is it applicable with me.
  2. I would like to know if this feature is also supported in FMP 4.0? By the way, thanks for the info...
  3. I would like to know if it is possible to add or remove a plug-in with out going thru the "application pref" as it triggering it via script?
  4. Is there a way wherein you can make Filemaker to automatically play a .wav file even without pressing any "field" or button? As if it was invoked to do so... (i.e. when no key is pressed or idle for a certain time?) O/s: Windows 2000
  5. THANKS for the info... By the way, I would like to ask you guys for I am having trouble in displaying DATE FIELDS. I am using an ARABIC ENABLED Windows 2000 O/S. Date format dd-mmm-yy It is accepting this format BUT doesn't display it correctly... "text characters" I tried to SET SYSTEM FORMAT [OFF] but the format reverts to: mm-dd-yy Are there any plug-in or support for arabic enabled o/s to display the date value correctly?... when you SET SYSTEM FORMAT [ON]
  6. Sorry for the delay... As of now, was able o get rid of the error by re-installing FileMakerPro. BUT there are still times that I just can't explain it that my program gets terminated abruptly. I've already checked ALL scripts and other possibilities... Hope that by this time you aren't experiencing the problem anymore...
  7. I am using FM 4.0 and "bound" my files in kiosk mode. It seems that sharing and/or TCP/IP protocol is not supported in this mode... Is there any other way that I can still run my files in kiosk mode while getting data from host files? Furthermore, I noticed that in higher/newer versions of FM, the "binder" or kiosk is no longer being discussed. Is there other ways to eliminate the menu bar... as if running it in kiosk mode?
  8. O/S: Windows 2000 [Arabic enabled] FileMaker Pro 4.0 Running my program to Windows 2000-ARABIC ENABLED, I get "garbaged letters" on the date format when I use the SET SYSTEM DATE [ON]... I would like to know is there any "fix" to this or is there any font or any support for this. Date format dd/MMM/yr
  9. quote: Originally posted by Moon Mullins: Coupla more pieces the the puzzle I am experiencing. Client is running a copy of the FileMaker pro trial software from an installer sent on CD ROM from FileMaker (could not download from their website; neither could I) Some files in the suite open, others give the error. One of the files failing IS a clone, and all of the files are fresh out of development and run on Mac systems with no problems. Client's problems are on XP (which gives the ".e.exe" error; also fail to open on Windows Millenium, which give an error a
  10. I'ved been having error messages: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Filemaker pro.e.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You need to restart the program. An error log is being created. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- How can I know what was the error? and how can I fix it.
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